Stop! 15 Simple Things You’ve Probably Been Doing the Hard Way

In our daily lives, we often fall into the trap of doing things the hard way without even realizing it. Many simple yet effective solutions can save us time, effort, and even money, from household chores to work-related tasks. The topic came up on a Reddit thread when Felis_disapproves asked the question, “What’s something you … Read more

5 Reasons We’re Seeing Falling Housing Market Prices

housing market prices

We all know the story. The pandemic hit the world, leading to lower mortgage rates and a greater desire for people to have their own space. As a result, we all rushed to buy properties, causing one of the tightest property markets of recent years. But fast forward to more than two years later, and … Read more

How to be Frugal Without Being a Cheapskate

Have you ever thought about living a more frugal lifestyle but feared it would mean becoming a cheapskate? The truth is, there are many ways to save money and still maintain your sense of style and personal values.  From learning what to do with discounts when they arise, finding creative cost-cutting solutions for home decorations, … Read more

What a Parent-Friendly Workplace Looks Like

parent-friendly workplace

Like many systemic issues in the U.S., the question of how parent-friendly workplaces are falls along classed, raced, and gendered lines.  Unlike most other wealthy nations, the U.S. does not have federally mandated paid parental leave or medical leave, deferring instead to the discretion of companies and private workplaces, as well as states, to decide these … Read more

Don’t Miss These 6 Signs That Warn of a Housing Market Crash

housing market crash

Many cities have seen a significant increase in home prices in the past year, up 20% or more. The rapid growth in the economy has made some experts question whether the boom will last or whether we will see another bubble (and then burst) like the one preceding the 2008 housing crisis. A bubble occurs when the … Read more

Early Pregnancy Warning Signs: 39 Indicators You Need to Know

Early pregnancy is an exciting and delicate time, but it can also be a time of uncertainty and anxiety for many women. Being aware of the early pregnancy warning signs can help ensure a healthy pregnancy and avoid potential complications. In this article, we’ll explore 39 indicators that can be early pregnancy warning signs. Missed … Read more