Pretty Baby Naturals Review & Giveaway!

Like most mamas, during my first pregnancy I spent a lot of time researching baby products. I definitely knew I wanted to use a more natural, possibly organic, line of baby care products.

A few weeks after my daughter was born, we traveled back home to New Jersey. My best friend, Lindsey came to visit and brought along a goodie bag of items for my new baby.

In the bag was a line of baby products from Pretty Baby Naturals. Lindsey and her family are pretty much family with the owner of Pretty Baby Naturals, and I remembered her talking about her “Aunt’s soap company” back when we were in college. So, I was very excited to be able to try out their products.

My husband actually ended up stealing the bar of baby soap before I got to use it on Annabelle. Let me tell you, this totally changed our outlook on soap products!

My husband has super sensitive skin, and since first trying that bar of soap two and a half years ago, we haven’t gone back to using conventional soaps.

We have gone through quite a few bars of the Baby Bar Soap on Anna. It is soft and gentle and it has a light, subtle smell that I really enjoy.

It leaves her skin soft and does not dry her skin out. She definitely inherited her daddy’s sensitive skin, and we have had no problems using Pretty Baby Naturals baby soap on her.

The only word of caution is that this soap is not tear-free, so just be careful not to get it in your little ones’ eyes. Their soap runs $5.50 a bar or five for $22.00.

I haven’t used very much of the baby powder, in fact I still have the bottle Lindsey gave me when Anna was a newborn.

I used it a handful of times at diaper changes, but I used it a lot when we went to the beach to get sand off of Anna’s body.

I do like the fact that it is Talc-free and cornstarch based. We just aren’t a big baby powder using family, but I totally trust and believe in the safety and effectiveness of their products.

The Talc Free Baby Powder comes in a small and large size. The small size costs $5. The large size costs $13 or you can get two for $22.00.

My absolute favorite product in the baby care line is their Bottoms Up Baby Butter Balm. I could seriously sit and smell that stuff out of the tube for hours (should I talk to someone about that?).

It smells AMAZING! It is soft, gentle, and creamy. It just glides over your skin. There are two main things I love about this bum cream.

The first is the fact that it is cloth diaper safe and the second is that it is naturally anti-fungal. Both of these things were a huge deal for us when Anna was in diapers.

We dealt with yeast rashes more times than I could count, and this cream would clear up her diaper area very quickly. The Bottoms Up Baby Butter Balm runs $19 per 5.75oz. tube or you can get two for $32.

Pretty Baby Naturals is a fifth generation, family-run soap making company based out of North Carolina. They make natural and organic products for the entire family; men, women, children, babies, and fur babies!

They have an online store and you can also find them in retail stores in 15 states across the U.S. They also have a full schedule attending craft shows, you can check here to see if there is one near you.

Their shipping is pretty reasonable if you order a few things at a time. They have a flat rate shipping fee of $7.50 and orders over $100 ship free.

There are only a couple of minor negatives that I can think of about Pretty Baby Naturals. The first is that the only ship within the U.S. and they have a minimum order fee of $25 when you order from their website.

I can’t say anything negative about their products though, because every single product I have tried (different hand soaps, hand sanitizer, chap stick, shampoo, face wash, and foaming soaps) have all blown me away.

If you are looking for a natural, organic alternative for you and your family, I highly encourage you to check out Pretty Baby Naturals on their website and Facebook page.

Pretty Baby Naturals has generously offered a Bath Time Baby Bag to be given away to one of our lucky readers.

The bag includes two 4oz bars of baby soap, one tube of Baby Butter, one large container of Baby Powder, a super soft wash towel and a tubber ducky.

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