Wink Diaper Review and a Giveaway!

I was thrilled to be given the chance to review Wink Diapers for our readers! These are some of my favorite diaper covers, plus they’re affordable and made from organic materials!

I originally came across Wink Diapers through a Facebook giveaway a while back, and later I looked at their products in their Etsy shop. I’ve cloth diapered my daughter in Cotton Babies, Bumgenius 4.0, Freetime, and FLIP diapers.

My best friend at the office mentioned a Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM) brand that she liked that was really affordable so I started shopping around.

I tried a couple of other diaper cover brands, and eventually found that Wink Diaper covers had all the things I liked about other brands, all wrapped up in one!

Wink makes a fantastic diaper cover that can be used with their organic inserts, disposable inserts, fitteds, prefolds or your favorite brand insert.

They are interchangeable with many brand-name hybrid and cover/fitted systems. Front and back flaps inside keep the insert in place.

They offer all the benefits of a pocket diaper with no stuffing. Hip snaps will keep the diaper from shifting, twisting and the dreaded “wing droop.”

The design is well-thought-out, and the construction is obviously quality. The patterns, not to mention, are adorable. And they are made and sold by an independent business, which is always a plus in my book.

Wink diaper covers are made of a material called TPU. Unlike PUL, which is chemical bonded, TPU is heat bonded. It contains fewer chemicals and is made using a safer, more environmentally-friendly process than PUL. 

I was not familiar with TPU until I started using Wink, but I haven’t noticed a difference in quality between PUL and TPU covers. I haven’t had any leaks to date and have been using these covers for about four months.

Wink covers have several features that I think are essential for cloth diapering with inserts or prefolds.

  • Dual flaps
  • Double leg gussets
  • Back elastic
  • Hip snaps
  • Snaps for 3 sizes in 1
  • Fits 8-35 lb

I particularly like the dual flaps on this diaper because you have the option to overlap them for babies with smaller waists to get a snug fit.

The back elastic is a plus and also assists for a snug fit. The double leg gussets are on my must-have list because my daughter has had blowouts through the legs or some leaking, depending on the consistency of baby poo, while wearing diapers that don’t have double leg gussets, like FLIPS, BumGenius 4.0s, and Freetimes.

At first, I didn’t understand why hip snaps are needed on a diaper, but in use, I’ve found that by having them, you don’t get the extra “wings” hanging out the sides of the diapers that you sometimes get with disposables or other flaps with only two snaps per flap. 

Finally, sizing is important to me. I don’t cloth diaper newborns for the simple fact that I honestly don’t want to change a newborn poop diaper 15 times a day and then go ahead and wash that batch of newborn diapers so often. (Props to my mama friend Michelle for pointing that out to me before I invested in a ton of newborn cloth dipes!)

However, Wink offers newborn sizing and older baby sized diapers. They have the appropriate rows of snaps to adjust to three different sizes.

If you compare a Wink cover (cow print on the left) to a FLIP cover (solid cover on the right) the Wink has longer flaps, more snaps, back elastic, and double leg gussets that the FLIP doesn’t offer.

I like the fit because it is snug on my little one. My FLIP inserts, newborn doublers and Chinese prefolds fit inside nicely. I like a trim fit for M now, but needed extra padding when she was little.

She was chunkier and needed wider waist and thigh room. Even though it is trimmer, the cover is generous and I have no doubt that it would fit a chunkier baby just right.

All of the elastic portions are soft and I imagine would be comfortable for the little kiddo.

I bought my first cover from Etsy in the cute Moo Cow print. When I saw it I knew I had to buy it for my little farm girl— especially so, since we have about 15 calves on our immediate farm and her grandpa has a midrange cattle operation.

It was too cute to pass up! This past week I noticed Wink had ‘seconds’ up on Etsy and I had to pick them up too.

I was concerned that the defects would effect the use, but looking at them they are simple stitching errors that I don’t believe will be a problem. Score!!

I went ahead and ordered one of Winks regular diapers in stock to compare quality. I purchased the Mean Green solid diaper and ordered two neutral covers.

I didn’t get to pick the print/solid with the seconds. What I really loved is that Wink put some love and thought into my order and sent me color coordinating covers! A neat orange cover and a cute Polka Spots print came to my door!

I recommend their covers to any mama who cloth diapers!

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