Here’s a Great Idea for a DIY Smart Phone Holder to Use in Your Car

If you’re like most moms, you’re constantly on the go and frequently use your smart phone in the car, if you’re like me, I always use Google Maps for directions!

So, having a smart phone holder for your car makes makes it a lot safer while driving.

Here’s a great, cheap DIY phone holder that you can make with a couple of items in your house.

I have to give the full credit to my husband, who got the idea from a random tech blog and has been using it ever since.

He has given them to co-workers and friends. These holders are inexpensive and easy to make, so I figure this can be handy for busy mamas like you.

DIY Smart Phone Holder for Your Car

Materials Needed:

  • 2″ soft grip binder clip
  • two hair rubber bands
  • pliers


  • With a pair of pliers, grip the curved ends of the binder clip and bend them slightly so they will easily grip your smartphone. You may need two to get the job done depending on your grip strength.
  • Wrap the rubber bands around the handles until they are snug. How many times you wrap will vary on what size rubber bands you have. If you use thick rubber bands, you can get away with just using one.
  • Attach the binder clip to a vent in your car.
  • Attach your phone when needed. Your phone will be close by in case you need to keep it plugged in. Using Google Maps or Waze tends to drain my iPhone battery. You can pivot your phone the way your vent will allow.


You can use regular rubber bands and metal binder clips, but from trail and error, here is what we discovered why hair rubber bands and soft grip clips are better:

  • With the metal binder clip, you will need to cover the handles with something soft to prevent from scratching your smartphone or phone case. Soft grip binder clips solve that problem.
  • The regular rubber bands don’t last very long when exposed to very hot conditions. When we tried hair rubber bands, they seem to last longer.

This quick and cheap DIY car phone holder works like a charm when we are driving and need to use the navigation system on the phone.

Even if you already have a built-in navigation system in your car, the phone holder works great when playing music.

We all know how frustrating and helpless it is when your little one gets cranky during a car ride. I often put music on to soothe my three-year-old.

Watch out:

If the vents in your car run vertically, this may not work for you.

Also, if you have a phone that’s much larger or smaller than the standard iPhone, it may not work for you either.

We know from experience that it will hold some of the new iPhones and Android phones, as well as the big Samsung Galaxy phones.

If it doesn’t work for your phone or car, you can give it away to someone who could use it.

Heck, make a dozen and give them as stocking stuffers!

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