Romantic Gestures: 16 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive

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Healthy Communication: 21 Tips for Resolving Relationship Conflicts

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Divorce After 50: Is Gray the New Black?

Long-term marriage vows were once seen as unbreakable, yet people over 50 are increasingly parting ways. This surge in ‘gray divorce’ presents challenges and implications extending well beyond the couple.  Grey divorce refers to the growing number of older couples, usually over 50, getting divorced. The term is becoming far more commonplace as the rate … Read more

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Is Your Partner Gaslighting You? The Dark Truth About Relationships

Gaslighting is a type of manipulation where someone gives fake or incorrect information to make them doubt their memory, perception, and mental capacity or sanity. Perpetrators of gaslighting can also use it as a tactic to control or exploit another person. The term “gaslighting” originates from a film adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play Gas Light. … Read more