Clara’s Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

I don’t think that there are too many movies that are as timeless as The Wizard of Oz. From the whimsy to the bold colors, it is a great inspiration for those of us who love to throw a great party. Kelly was no exception and chose this awesome theme for her daughter’s second birthday.

The cake was amazing and the invitations were so adorable. I absolutely love Kelly’s attention to detail. And how cute is the little birthday girl?!  

What Inspired the Theme of the Party?

While searching for ideas on Pinterest, I came across an adorable Wizard of Oz themed birthday. I thought it would be so much fun with all the details and ideas out there. I knew it would have been perfect.

What was One Element of the Party That You are Particularly Proud of?

The thing I was most proud of was her birthday chalkboard. It was a labor of love. It took weeks to make, with all the mess ups and erasing with Q-tips just to get it perfect! I love how it turned out. I don’t have the heart to erase it, and I don’t know if I ever will.

If You Worked With Vendors, What Did You Love About Them?

The only vendor we used was my dear friend’s cake business – Cakes by Staileen. It is a husband and wife team, and they are so amazing at what they can do. I think the cake stole the show!

What was Your Favorite Moment of the Party?

My favorite moment had to be seeing Clara have so much fun playing with friends and family. It was just a great day all around.

Is There Anything You Wish You Would Have Done Differently? If so, What?

If I could go back to that day, I wish we would have catered the food. I also wish I would’ve planned some activities for the kids.

We had a lot of kids here that day, and it would’ve been nice to keep them occupied with some fun things to do.

What was the Birthday Girl’s Favorite Moment of the Party?

Clara’s favorite moment of the party had to be the cake smashing. She went to town! I don’t blame her either, the cake was delicious!

Any Advice You Would Give to Mamas Who are Planning a Party for Their Little One?

My advice for planning your child’s birthday is to make sure you don’t procrastinate. I am a huge procrastinator, and I really felt pressured to get a lot of things done at the last minute.  

Cardboard stand ups: Oriental Trading

Birthday Banner: Calladoo Paper Craft

Gift tags: Sassaby

Custom Invitations: Alex Tebow Designs

Birthday girl’s shirt: AddieKatShop

Cake and cupcakes: Cakes by Staileen LLC

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