Nomadic Families: Raising Kids on the Road

Imagine packing your life into an RV or a sailboat and setting off to explore the world with your spouse and three kids. Does the idea of combining education, work, and family life on the move sound exhilarating or overwhelming? As someone who’s been on the road for years, I’ll walk you through how we … Read more

Why We Chose to Go Off the Grid for a Month

Sometimes the most profound changes come from the simplest decisions. What could stepping away from all your modern conveniences for a whole month teach you about life, resilience, and family? 1. To Embrace Minimalism Living off-grid forces you to use only what you need, fostering a minimalist lifestyle that emphasizes quality over quantity. This shift … Read more

The Unexpected Benefits of Family Counseling

Family counseling was something I was skeptical about at first, but it has brought a plethora of benefits I never expected. Breaking generational trauma and fostering a healthier family dynamic has been just the beginning. 1. Improved Communication Counseling helped us develop better ways to communicate, allowing us to express our feelings without fear of … Read more

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry: What Worked for Our Family

Navigating sibling rivalry can be daunting. With three boys aged 3, 5, and 7, our journey through jealousy as our youngest transitioned into toddlerhood has taught us that it’s tough, and we don’t always get it right. But here are some tried-and-true tips from our family to yours. 1. Establish Individual Quality Time Each child … Read more

How We Turned Our Home Into a Sanctuary of Calm

Ever felt like your home is more chaotic than calming? We did too, until we decided to transform it into a sanctuary of peace. Here’s how we created a serene, tranquil space with 16 simple changes. 1. Decluttered Every Room We started by ruthlessly decluttering each room. Getting rid of unnecessary items instantly made our … Read more

21 Hilarious Family Moments Caught on Camera

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in other families’ homes? These moments will give you a peek into the hilarious chaos that happens when the camera is rolling. 1. Baby’s First Taste of Lemon You wouldn’t believe the face our little one made when he tasted lemon for the first time. His wide-eyed … Read more

10 Ways My Family Survived a Tech-Free Weekend

As a parent of three rambunctious boys, taking on a tech-free weekend felt like a monumental challenge. But we decided it was necessary for our sanity and family bonding. Here’s how we managed to pull it off. 1. Setting the Ground Rules We started by setting clear rules: no phones, no tablets, no TV. The … Read more

Summer Reading List: Books Our Family Loves

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained during the summer? Check out our family’s favorite books! These selections are perfect for readers of all ages and levels, including those who might need a little extra encouragement to pick up a book. 1. For Toddlers: “Little Blue Truck” by Alice Schertle This charming book with … Read more

Creative Ways to Celebrate Back-To-School Season

Scrolling through Instagram, I was bombarded with picture-perfect back-to-school photos of kids posing on porches. Feeling overwhelmed, I reached out to those around me, to gather their unique traditions. Their inspiring, quirky ideas transformed how we celebrate the new school year, making it truly special for our family. 1. Create a Back-to-School Countdown Calendar My … Read more

Pet Safety Tips: How We Keep Our Kids and Pets Safe

After dealing with postnatal anxiety, I became hyper-aware of potential dangers around every corner. It wasn’t just my kids I worried about—our pets were part of the equation too. Now that I’m in a better place, my risk radar is fine-tuned to the real threats. Here are the safety tips I’ve learned to keep our … Read more

Internet Safety Hysteria: Are We Overreacting to Online Dangers?

Parents, while it’s crucial to educate your children about the internet’s dangers, how do you ensure your protective instincts don’t morph into overreaction? Current events constantly remind us of the very real risks online, but there’s a thin line between being cautious and being controlling. 1. The Reality of Cyber Predators Recent FBI warnings highlight … Read more

Healthy or Helicopter? Striking the Balance in Family Wellness

Parents, it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror. Are you really promoting wellness, or are you hovering so closely that you’re smothering your family’s chance to thrive independently? Let’s dissect how you might be mistaking obsessive control for healthy concern, and how to adjust your approach for true family wellness. 1. You’re … Read more

Unplugged Chaos: Reclaiming Family Time Without Losing Your Mind

In a world saturated with digital distractions, reclaiming quality family time can feel like navigating a minefield. Are you ready to take charge and bring real, human connection back to your household? Here’s how you can turn off the screens and tune into each other, creating a healthier, more connected family environment. 1. Establish Tech-Free … Read more

Teenage Drama: Are We Coddling Our Kids Too Much?

Every day, it seems like teenagers are less equipped to handle the basic realities of life. Are you, the parent, inadvertently turning them into delicate adults who can’t stand on their own feet? 1. You’re Removing Real-World Obstacles By solving every problem for them, you’re preventing your teens from learning how to tackle challenges themselves. … Read more

Tech-Savvy or Tech-Obsessed? Navigating Kids’ Screen Time

In today’s digital age, parents often find themselves relying on screens to keep their kids occupied. But are we nurturing tech-savvy children or creating a generation of tech-obsessed zombies? 1. The Digital Babysitter Using tablets and smartphones as a substitute for parental interaction is becoming the norm. Parents need to recognize that screens can’t replace … Read more

Parenting in the Digital Age: Should Kids Have Screen Time?

In this era of rapid technological advancement, screen time has become a hot-button issue for parents. Are you navigating this digital landscape effectively, or inadvertently setting your child up for challenges?  1. Developmental Delays Excessive screen time can lead to developmental delays in younger children. Are you monitoring the hours spent in front of a … Read more

Unplugged and Unhinged: Radical Ways to Reclaim Family Time Without the Distraction of Devices

Feeling like screens have hijacked your family time? It’s time to break the cycle and rediscover the joy of being together. Here are 20 ways to reconnect with your loved ones while acknowledging that devices are a part of our lives. 1. Device-Free Dinners Make mealtime sacred by banning all screens at the table, encouraging … Read more

22 Thrifty Parenting Hacks: Entertaining Kids Without Breaking the Bank (Or Losing Your Sanity)

Keeping kids entertained doesn’t have to drain your wallet or your energy reserves. Here are 22 budget-friendly hacks to keep your little ones engaged and happy, while keeping you sane and your finances intact. 1. DIY Craft Supplies Save scraps of fabric, buttons, and old magazines for craft projects. A glue stick and a little … Read more

The Power of Playtime: Fun and Games or Grounds for Mayhem?

Managing children’s playtime effectively involves balancing supervision, allowing freedom, and planning structured activities to maximize developmental benefits. Both spontaneous backyard play and organized classroom games are crucial for a child’s growth, as they contribute to development in various ways. 1. Enhancing Cognitive Development Unstructured play encourages creativity and problem-solving skills. Kids who engage in free … Read more

Tech Tyrants or Savvy Supervisors? The Debate Rages on About Tracking Your Teen’s Every Move

Navigating the waters of modern parenting, especially when it comes to the use of technology, is no easy task. By considering both the benefits and drawbacks of tracking your teen, you can make a more informed decision that respects their growth while ensuring their safety. Are we protecting our kids or just policing them? 1. … Read more

20 Sleepless Nights and Sanity Saviors: How to Tame the Bedtime Beast and Reclaim Your Zzz’s

Bedtime with kids can feel like a chaotic battle. Whether it’s tantrums or figuring out what works, it can be exhausting. Here are 20 tips to help you tackle those tough nights and transform turmoil into tranquility. 1. Establish a Routine Consistency is crucial. Having a predictable nightly routine can help signal to your child … Read more

Exploring Trends and Traditions: Navigating American Family Life

Uncover the latest trends shaping American family life, from tech-savvy parenting to flexible family structures, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of households across the nation. Tech-Savvy Parenting: Digital Family Dynamics In today’s digital age, technology plays a prominent role in family life. From screen time limits to digital communication tools, parents navigate the challenges … Read more

Nurturing Positivity: A Guide to Raising Children Without Negativity

Raising children without negativity is both achievable and crucial for their overall well-being and development. By fostering a positive and supportive environment at home, parents can help their children thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. This guide will explore practical strategies for promoting positivity in parenting and avoiding negative interactions with children. Embrace Positive Communication Use … Read more

Brightening Childhood: Positivity-Boosting Toys for Children

Toys play a crucial role in childhood development, shaping children’s cognitive, emotional, and social skills. By choosing toys that promote positivity and creativity, parents can foster a nurturing environment that supports their children’s well-being and growth. In this guide, we’ll explore a selection of toys specifically designed to reinforce positivity in children’s play. Positive Affirmation … Read more

Nurturing Positivity: A Comprehensive Guide to Raising Children in Positive Environments

Raising children in a positive environment is essential for their overall well-being and future success. Studies have shown that children who grow up in nurturing and supportive environments are more likely to develop strong social skills, emotional resilience, and academic success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore key strategies supported by research to foster positivity … Read more

Effective Parenting: 15 Strategies for Raising Happy Children

Parenting is both a privilege and a responsibility. As parents, we play a crucial role in shaping our children’s happiness and well-being. Here are 15 effective strategies, supported by research and expert recommendations, to help you raise happy children: Unconditional Love and Support Research shows that children who feel loved and supported by their parents … Read more

Navigating Family Dynamics: 18 Tips for Positive Communication

Embarking on a journey to navigate family dynamics requires evidence-based strategies supported by research to foster positive relationships and resolve conflicts effectively. Here are 18 research-backed tips, along with actionable steps to implement them, for cultivating constructive communication within your family: Practice Mindful Communication Incorporate mindfulness techniques into your communication style, such as deep breathing … Read more

Quit Stalling With These 17 New Year Hobbies for Better Health


Research supports that regular leisure activities can reduce blood pressure, cortisol, or stress levels and even decrease your BMI. Leisure activities can include different hobbies that challenge you, excite you, and may even make you sweat a little. In addition, hobbies can help you make money, increase your home value, allow you to serve others, … Read more

15 Alternatives to Candy for Goodie Bags

Mama Say What?! is the new name for Thrifty Guardian.

Putting together a child’s birthday party is a lot of work. Even if you’re not being super extra with the decorations, you still have an exhaustive list of stuff to plan. One of the things I dread most is goodie bags, and maybe not for the reason you’d think.

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Best Spooky Bedtime Books for Kids Who Love Scary Stories


My kids love scary stories, even at bedtime! They’re in first and second grade, so while we’re still very mindful about what’s read to them before bed, they love spooky books. Both my husband and I grew up with the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. If you’ve been on my site, you’ll quickly realize we love Halloween just a bit. While our kids love spooky books, we didn’t want to traumatize them with the Scary Stories series, as it’s for far older kids.

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