10 Issues That Shouldn’t Be Debated Today, But Still Are

Can you think of an example of something that has been considered controversial but, in your opinion, shouldn’t be? Some examples that come to mind are breastfeeding in public, not circumcising a child, and food preferences such as gluten-free. A Reddit user recently asked, “What are some things that are controversial but shouldn’t be?” These … Read more

30 of the Best Baby Carriers

best baby carrier

When it comes to carrying your baby, a suitable baby carrier can be a game-changer. It allows you to have your hands free while keeping your little one close and secure.  When choosing a baby carrier, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider your baby’s age and weight. Some carriers are … Read more

Twist In The Story of a Wife Angry With Husband For Missing Emergency Because of a Tech-Free Weekend  

On Reddit, someone recently asked the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subthread whether they were wrong for missing an emergency since they had turned off their phone on a tech-free weekend. The Original Poster (OP) explained that he and his best friend have a traditional yearly weekend trip away, and it’s phone free. They’ve been … Read more

37 Things You Won’t Believe Baby Boomers Still Do

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, there are many things that younger generations might find surprising about the way they live their lives. From their love of traditional media to their reliance on certain products and habits, there are certain things that Baby Boomers still do that might seem outdated or strange to … Read more

12 Life Lessons Millennials and Gen Z Don’t Want To Hear

Do you believe today’s teenagers aren’t ready to hear the life lessons you have to offer them? You have company. Redditor Slight_Weight_7053 asked, “What are teens today not ready to hear?” The question attracted close to 25,500 comments from Redditors, and it saw twice as many upvoted to give you these 12 valuable life lessons. … Read more

12 Disgusting Things That Will Make You Want to End a Relationship

Love is an amazing, beautiful thing — until someone does something so disgustingly gross that it makes you want to end the relationship altogether. Sure, everyone has a different sense of humor and different “gross-out” barriers, but some things are just SO disgusting they almost have a universal agreement as being too much. If you’re … Read more