DeSantis Criticized for Gun Policies in Wake of Jacksonville Shooting – Veteran Expresses Concerns

Republican Presidential hopeful and Florida Governor DeSantis Under Mounting Pressure following the Jacksonville shooting. Jacksonville News Conference Took a Wrong Turn At a recent news conference in Jacksonville, DeSantis faced criticism for a racially motivated deadly attack in the state. DeSantis’ Policies Allowed “Immature People” to Access Weapons An African American veteran who sat in … Read more

Airbnb Guest Utilizes Loophole in California Law to Avoid Rent for Over a Year

California’s new Just Cause Ordinance protects an Airbnb tenant who has refused to move out after more than 500 days past her original agreement. Here’s the whole story.  Long-Time California Resident Sascha Jovanovic is a 61-year-old periodontist who lives in Brentwood, California. He moved to California from Amsterdam in 1990 and, five years later, purchased … Read more

Outrage Over History Cartoons: PragerU’s Controversial Depictions of Slavery and BLM Sparks Debate

A series of educational cartoons have left viewers concerned, featured in PragerU’s ‘Leo and Layla’s History Adventures’, retelling America’s historical moments in a controversial fashion with one video even referring to slavery as a “compromise.” History Rewritten in Shocking Fashion PragerU’s ‘edu-tainment’ cartoons have ignited a storm of controversy with their bold retelling of historical … Read more

Eric Trump’s Startling Claims: Did the Trump Family Truly Enrich Themselves in the White House? The Evidence Speaks

Former President Trump’s Son Eric Trump has insisted that the family didn’t enrich themselves from his father’s presidency in response to recent allegations. A Daring Denial Former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, made a shocking assertion, denying allegations of enriching the family during their White House tenure. A Helping Hand? Eric Trump admitted to … Read more

Can You Flush Hair Down the Toilet?

flush hair toilet

The ongoing debate revolves around what should and shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. While many may not realize it, the bathroom doesn’t double as a garbage can. In fact, what we choose to flush down the toilet can significantly impact the sewer system and the environment as a whole. So, you’ve probably been pondering … Read more