The 10 Commandments of Life: Unwritten Rules Everyone Should Follow

We all know the Ten Commandments, right? Thou shalt not kill. Honor thy mother and father. But have you ever stopped to consider the Ten Unwritten Commandments of Life? They’re much simpler rules we can choose to follow that could profoundly improve our lives – if only we’d take a moment to think about them!

The idea of Life Commandments came up in a recent Reddit thread when u/shadow_2116 asked their fellow Redditors, “What are some unwritten life rules everyone must know?”

The question got thousands of responses, here are the top 10 ranked by up votes.

#1. Not Everybody is Your Friend – 16.1k Votes

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Psyclopsus gave the top voted contribution when they said, “Not everybody is your friend, be careful who you vent to. Many people only want juicy gossip and don’t give a s*** about you or your problems.”

OneObi agreed, “A good sign of this is where your friend brings you dirt or juicy stuff about someone else that likely was said in confidence or probably shouldn’t have been communicated out. If they do that, your info is equally being dished out.”

#2. Bad People Don’t Won’t Always Be Punished – 15.7k Votes

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Sadstupidpigeon gave the second highest up voted response. They said, “Horrible people wont always be punished for hurting others and it sucks.”

Commercial_Yak7468 added, “ I will also add, that a good number of times the horrible person will be rewarded.”

#3. Beware of Some Family Members – 9.1k Votes

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Lo-Fi_Kuzco’s contribution was also popular. They said, “That just because someone is family, doesn’t mean they’re a good person.”

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In reply, Sayor1 said, “Its so wild how people call you a bad person for avoiding your family despite knowing nothing about their family. ‘It doesn’t matter what they did you were in the wrong because they’re family’ makes zero sense to me but other people look at me like I’m the lost one.”

#4. Don’t Be Nosey – 8.4k Votes

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Back2Bach advised, “If someone gives you their phone to look at a picture, don’t swipe next to the other pictures.”

#5 Admit When You’re Wrong – 8.1k Votes

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_Space_platypus_ thought that one of the rules is to, “Admit when you’ve done something wrong.”

But they also warned, “Just because you apologize doesn’t mean the other party has to forgive and forget.”

#6. Your Best Friend May Not Feel The Same – 8.1k Votes

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Swatguy06 response was to say, “Your best friend may not consider you their best friend.”



#7 Good Mental Health is Down to You 7.2k Votes

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-Lighght-‘s contribution saw a good number of votes. They said, “Your mental health isn’t your fault, but it is your responsibility.”

HisFaithRestored added, “In the same vein, your feelings are valid, your reactions may not be.”

#8. Under Promise and Over Deliver – 6.1k Votes

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Ballistic-jelly’s suggestion was to, “Under promise and over deliver. People will think you are a genius.”

James2603 replied giving a word of warning, “If someone wants a task done within 3 days and it takes you half a day to complete, deliver it at the start of day three or next time they’ll want it done in half a day.”

#9. Life Can Suck – 4.3k Vote

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Manofredgables response was, “Life actually sucks a lot of the time. If you expect to be happy all the time, you will be sorely disappointed and lost. Instead, work up a resilience to the hard times and take your time to enjoy the good times.”

Happydanksgiving2me added, “Took a long time for me to understand this.” Manofredgables gave a reply to this saying, “Yeah because no one really talks about it, and for some weird reason the only accepted default state is ‘happy’.”

#10. Beware of Your Strong Opinions – 4.2k Votes

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The last of Reddit’s top 10 was from Heatherfeatherpigeon who said, “Don’t have strong opinions about something you know nothing about.”

02K30C1 added, “But I want to be angry!”

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