10 Slang Words That Drive People Insane

Are you tired of constantly hearing slang words from friends or even kids and not understanding what they mean? Or do you get lost in online conversations filled with modern jargon? Fear not; you’re not alone. Redditor, MeetingImmediate7744, who obviously was pretty tired of slang themselves, asked, “What slang word/term that drives you insane?”

The question seemed to hit a sore point with many. Here are the top voted responses

1. “Hack” – 41.8k Votes

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AWorldRider replied that, “People claiming a ‘hack’. No, it’s a tip.” Contactdeparture added, “Life hack – drive to work so you get there on time. Wtf….”

Croquetica also replied saying, “My boss told me about this really complicated eating schedule and routine he has and said it was something new called Biohacking. It’s just a diet. Just tell people you are on a diet.”

2. “This” -23.4k Votes

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Keir_sucks contributed by saying, “I don’t know if this counts, but I can’t stand people replying ‘this’ to comments on here.” EddieMurphyFellOff replied, in very Reddit language, “Or, ‘take my upvote'” and ChipTheOcelot added, “That’s literally what the upvote button is for.”

3. “Today years old” – 20.7k Votes

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ViridianKumquat’s response probably appealed to Excel geeks, “I dislike ‘today years old’, partly because as an Excel user it means ‘44937 years old’.”

Emmgeedubya’s opinion on the phrase was, “The thing that p****s me off more about this phrase is that it is usually associated with some kind of “”””LIFE HACK””””” about how you are “supposed to” use a certain product.

No, Becky, the Juicy Juice company never intended on you unfolding the top of the juice box to make little handles, it’s just a coincidence, so stop pretending it’s a feature you just now discovered.”

4. “Yas” – 18.7k

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AquachickCupcake4ce contributed, “Started saying “yas” ironically. So it’s a word I use now. But, boy did I use to give my little sister hell for it. Still not quite sure how I got here.”

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Gestalto thought that, “Saying things ironically is a dangerous game! Before you know it you’re in a work meeting saying ‘yas queen that shit be bussin’ to your boss. Then, when confronted with a look of disgust, replying with “no cap, the way you looking at me is low key sus…not gonna lie.”

5. “Preggers” – 17.8k

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UpvoteForPancakes simply said, “Preggers”, to which I_dont_shine replied, “I was always a fan of calling myself “fat with child” when I was pregnant, because it made people uncomfortable for some reason.”

6. “Sus” and “cap/no cap” -17.0k

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Persieri13 offered that, “As a middle school teacher – “sus” and “cap/no cap” drive me bananas.” Helpfully, they went on to give some definitions: sus – suspect/suspicious, cap – bulls**t/you’re lying, no cap – telling the truth.

7. “UwU” – 15.7k

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Azsunyx said their least favorite slang word was, “UwU speak. Even ironically, it hurts my soul.”

8. “And GO!” – 15.0k

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Ardentvix’s contribution was, “When someone asks for advice or asks a question on social media and says ‘and GO!’, ‘Restaurant recommendations in Brooklyn.. and GO.'” The_Intel_Guy replied in agreement, “Yeah I hate it too, very demanding and impolite.

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9.  “Hooman” -14.0k
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Slick_Tuxedo offered, “I personally can’t stand when people are voicing for animals and say ‘hooman.’ Drives me f***ing insane, I hate that I even had to type it out for this.” Polite_as_hell replied, “My fiancé often uses this for our cat. I keep telling her (fiancé) that she (the cat) will never learn how to talk properly if she keeps it up.”

10. “Hubby and Wifey” – 13.5k

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Yayaudra contributed that, “I still get icked by hubby and wifey.” Siderinc responded to this saying, “And even more when they get preggo, preggers or all the stupid variants of pregnant.”

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