19 Masterful Parents’ Responses to Their Children Coming Out

Coming out as gay can be a nerve-wracking experience, and nobody knows this better than the parents of LGBTQ+ individuals. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but it needs to happen for everyone involved to move forward with their lives.

And while some parents may react poorly or harshly when their child comes out, others respond with humor and love. Recently on Reddit, Expert_Recover3061S asked the community, “What’s the best response to, ‘Dad, I think I’m gay?'”

Some of the responses are so funny that we decided to compile the best responses, from dads being proud of their children to moms reacting with shock and awe and finally understanding why all those Barbra Streisand records were lying around the house.

These stories will make you laugh until you cry (happy tears). So grab a tissue box, and let’s get ready for these hilarious reactions from loving parents!

1.  I Don’t Like Guys Either – 48.9K Votes

Wafflemaker9093 gave the top voted contribution. She said, “Lesbian here. When I came out to my dad he said “that’s ok honey, I don’t like guys either.'” Redditor, Katanakid13 replied, “Just like your old man!”

Blastmanager recalled, “When my sister came out, my mom basically just said ‘understandable, men are highly overrated’ while looking at me and my brother…”

2. My Love Won’t Change – 33.4K Votes

KeyboardRoller response was to say, “My stepdad, who I consider my dad, was the man that raised me, and he’s a big redneck steel worker. I came out at 18 and he sat me down and said ‘son, I’ve loved you like you were my own for the past 14 years. Why the hell would I stop now?'”

3. Worried That You Didn’t Realize – 32.8k Votes

Third on the list of the most upvoted Reddit responses is from, DifficultAccident9. They said, “In the 90s, when my girlfriend finally told her traditional Italian mom and grandma at 19, they sighed in unison and grandma said, ‘Oh thank baby Jesus, I was worried that I was going to have to tell you.'”

4. Still Wear a Condom – 31.6K Votes

Ginchy1971 said that when they came out to their parents, they responded, “You still have to wear a condom.”

Manwithoutcountry replied, “For me this is the most real ‘dad’ answer. Doesn’t question what you’re doing, just wants to make sure you’re doing it right.”

5. What’s It Like?“ – 28.6K Votes

The next highest upvoted contribution was from SweetCheesecake40. They said, “My college roommate told me that when he came out to his mother, she asked ‘So what is ****sex like? Your father keeps pressuring me for it.'”

Madgick added, “My brother came out and my sister said she thought it would have been me, despite my girlfriend.

We asked why and she said: because he always orders pizza really late. To this day we haven’t a ******* clue what that even means.”

6. Explains Why You Don’t Like Mushrooms – 26.6K Votes

Narnababy’s contribution was to say, “’So that’s why you don’t like mushrooms’. At least that’s what my friends dad said to him when he came out. We still don’t know what he meant by that.”

HumanPerson1089 helpfully added, “Can confirm. I’m gay and don’t like mushrooms. It tracks.”

7. You Still Have to do Chores – 24.4K Votes

1beerattatime’s parents reply to them coming out was, “I want you to know that no matter who you love, I still need you to take out the trash. It’s full. And replace the ******** liner this time.”

HalfShellH3ro added, “No matter who you get hot for, don’t touch the damn thermostat!”

CheesingMyB gave a similar response, “Don’t care what color light you have in your room, shut it the **** off when you leave.”

8. Hi Gay, I’m Dad – 20.5K Votes

FizzlePopBerryTwist simple contribution was to say their dad said, “Hi gay, I’m Dad.”

9. Match. Their. Energy – 17.9K Votes

Mettpawwz thought that the best parental response to coming out was, “The best answer is, and will always be: Match. Their. Energy.”

They went onto say, “If they’re serious take it seriously. If they’re really nervous then show them you love them and reassure them that they’re perfect the way they are.

If they just throw it out there like it’s no big deal then don’t make a big deal out of it. There’s no one way to react to someone coming out. You have to use your emotional intelligence, and read the room a little.”

TheHammer5390 added, “This is the most complete answer here. Just playing it off like no big deal might actually be really invalidating to some kids who worked themselves up to do it.”

supbraAA went on to say, “Eh, except you want to avoid saying things like “I still love you anyway”, which is well intended but hurtful nonetheless. 

Basically avoid anything that tells your kid deep down they aren’t what you had hoped for/they have some defect and you’ll have to love them in spite of their sexuality.”

10. They Already Knew – 17.3K Votes

The tenth most updated response was from, 0Diamond0 who said, “One of my friends from high school was gay, and when he came out to his family his Dad literally didn’t look up from his newspaper & told him his sister didn’t need to tell him she was straight so why would he need to explain that he was gay? He’s known him his whole life and already knew that.”

Co_snarf told the story about a friend telling their mom they are gay, “So he walks into her office and I’m outside the door, he is obviously nervous and fidgeting. She looks up and goes, ‘Oh good, you’re out of the closet.’ Gave him a quick hug and told him to go buy something she needed for dinner.”

11. You Can Get STDs From Girls Too – 16.9K Votes

Psychological-Run679 said, “I was getting ready to go to a sleepover with a girl I was totally crushing on and my mom was like ‘you look like you’re getting ready for a date!’ And I paused and was like ‘would it be okay if I was…. Going on a date with a girl?’ My mom just said, ‘Of course just remember to practice safe sex. You can get STDs from girls too!’

Haimarrr relied to say, “Your mom is awesome.”

12. Thought It Was Bad News – 16.5K Votes

LongjumpingCake1924 said their granny was way ahead of her time; The Reddior’s uncle came out in the 1970’s and his mom’s response was “I thought you were about to give me bad news! Don’t scare me like that!”.

Suspicious-Brain-521 added that, “This was my literal response when my brother came out to me. He said, ‘I’m gay.’ ‘I know that! I thought someone had DIED.'”

13.  Tell Me If Anyone Hurts You For Being Gay – 14.5K Votes

Winterpegs recalled the time when they told their dad, “When I came out to my dad when I was 16 I thought he would disown me. He said: ‘Son, If anyone ever hurts you for that, I’ll ******g **** them.’ In that moment I realized that I had the best dad in the world.”

Winterpegs gave a similar story. They said their dad, “…wanted to make sure I still knew I was responsible for my non immutable traits lol. If people hurt you because you’re being an *****le, you’re probably being an *****le. And thanks, I was pretty ******g happy that day. Total weight of the world off my back and it made me grow closer with them.

14.  Known Since You Were 10 – 14.3K Votes

Ashtar-the-Squid recalled, “This story does not involve a dad, but it involves a very religious grandma. One of my friends was very nervous about telling his grandma that he was gay, and put it off for a long time.

But when he turned 18 he decided that he had to get this done. When he told her she just looked at him calmly answered ‘of course you are. I have known that since you were 10.’ At the age of 10 he didn’t even know it himself yet.”

bluvelvetunderground added a reply, “A friend of mine told me he knew his son was gay because around that age his son always pointed out how strong road workers were whenever they passed them on car rides.”


15. As Long As You’re Happy, I Don’t Care – 14.1K Votes

OneMorePotion told their story saying, “Well… My dad said ‘I know… And I don’t care. As long as you are happy, I’m also happy for you.’ and then asked me if I wanted a beer or scotch to celebrate that I finally had the confidence to tell him.”

16. Twice As Many Can Turn You Down – 14.1K Votes

Tahquitz84 said her daughter took a long time to make the announcement. “She finally said that she was pansexual. I just looked at her and said “that just means twice as many people that can turn you down for dates now” and she busted out laughing as I went back to cooking to finish dinner.”

Dude_Hold_My_Bear replied to say, “My dad told me, ‘son, you’ve got a face for radio and a voice for writing. I’d suggest being bi. It’ll open some more options for you and you’re gunna need all you can get.'”

17. Obvious Signs – 13.8K Votes

Indraga informted that, “I drunk-dialed my dad my freshman year of college in a sobbing mess and told him I was Bi.” 

18. ‘So Am I – 12.3K Votes

It’s not clear whether Fluffy_Sky_865’s response actually happen or just that they thought its a good response to the question. They said, “So am I”

Tsurja replied, “Let’s go tell your other dad” while karmawhore132  added, “The person that you thought was your mom, removes the ultra realistic mask and reveals his true nature.” Thethirteantimes went on, “…and says, ‘and I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!'”

19. Nothing Changed – 12.0K Votes

Open_Action_1796 Offered, “…when my son came out I just said he was my son and it changed nothing between us other than I was happy he was discovering himself and growing up. Any man who would abandon or shun his own son for being gay is no man at all.Lunnaa1 I can’t believe I had to scroll this far down for the dad joke I was damn like where is it.”

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