25 Shopping Hacks That Will Change Your Life for Under $100 – You Won’t Believe What Made the List!

On a recent post on a Reddit subthread, Redditors shared their top shopping hacks for life-changing purchases for under $100!

#1. A King Sized Blanket for a Queen Sized Bed

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With the most votes, Redditors suggested buying a bigger blanket for your bed was a big bonus. One user wrote, “I got a king for a double bed. Best decision ever! The double sheets fit the bed, but I couldn’t snuggle completely under them without curling up. Now I can hide completely under the duvet stretched out. Best thing ever in the winter!”

#2. Dash Cam for Your Car

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It’s one of those things where you wish you had it when it’s already too late. Having a dash cam for your car can protect you when you’re in a bind.

A Reddit user said, “A dash cam for your car can protect you from wrongful claims, also vandalism and theft.” FrostyDog wrote, “My Mom had a dash cam in her van for years. When she got into a bad accident with an 18-wheeler, we could use that to our advantage.”

#3. A Good Pillow

Image Credit: Shutterstock / DMITRII SIMAKOV

May seem like an easy thing to cheap out on, but everyone says the difference between a cheap pillow and a nice one makes a BIG difference. 

Someone responded, “It is amazing the change in body aches, and sleep you see when you have a good pillow that fits you.” 

#4. A Shop Vac

Frustrated housewife doing household chores at home: she is wrapped in cables, screaming and cleaning up a messy room
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Seems like something you wouldn’t typically have, but a few users swear by it, and many people agreed!

One person said, “You will not believe how many uses around the house you’ll find for it.

Cobweb removal, water removal, gravel removal, vent cleaning, soot trap cleaning (after a good scrub since it’s likely dirty from other tasks), car vacuuming, dust-sucking, and the list goes on. Seriously, if you plan to buy or already own a home, go get a shop vac.”

#5. Motion Sensor Night Lights

Image Credit: Shutterstock / FotoHelin

People seem tired of being the thing that goes “bump” in the night. Whether you want them for your bedroom or halls, it seems like they could go anywhere. 

One Redditor advised, “Get a motion-activated toilet bowl light. They’re amazing. Don’t kill your eyes in the middle of the night when you gotta pee.”

#6. The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock / Look Studio

It’s easy to buy discount products when shopping, but users urge readers to opt for the more expensive hair products.

“I use this super girly looking stuff called love beauty and planet, and my hair is glorious and I love putting my hands into it. And other people like putting their hands in my hair too.”

#7. Sharp Knives

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Mladen Mitrinovic

It might seem like a no-brainer to some, but with quality knives being expensive, it’s easy for lots of people to glaze over them for a cheaper version.

One user said, “Makes chopping stuff up faster, easier & safer.”

#8. A Weighted Blanket

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Alina Kruk

Change the way you sleep with a weighted blanket. They recently came onto the scene, and people have been loving them.

Someone said, “In my opinion, definitely a weighted blanket if you have a hard time sleeping at night or have anxiety. They have some at Target for $25 currently.”

#9. Sunscreen

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Adulwit Natheetavesak

With every passing year, more research emerges outlining the damaging effects sun exposure has on our skin. Putting on sunscreen can change your life.

Frammingatthejimjam warned, “I’ve had multiple skin cancer surgeries. Wear your sunscreen, kids”

#10. A Quality Showerhead

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Peter Kotoff

Seems like not all showerheads are created equal. Spending a few extra bucks on a better showerhead can enhance your showering experience.

One user agreed, “Cannot stress enough how a high-quality showerhead can turn getting clean into an utterly zen, 30-minute self-healing and relaxation session.”

#11. Buy 3-5 Packages of the Same Sock

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Vladeep

Tired of matching your socks? Seems like everyone else is too! 

This Redditor commented, “Enjoy a life without ever having to match socks again.”

#12. Pressure Cooker

Image Credit: Shutterstock / BearFotos

This kitchen gadget saves time and makes delicious food. One user wrote, “I can’t imagine my life without a pressure cooker.

It makes rice, meat, lentils, pulses, beans almost everything in less time.”

#13. An Electric Toothbrush

Image Credit: Shutterstock / The Faces

Does it make a difference? Redditors seemed to think so!

One believer said, “I’ve been using one for years, so I don’t even remember how big the difference was,” but recently I convinced my bf to buy himself one, and he was like “My teeth never felt so… brushed.”

#14. A Bidet

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Dmitrii Pridannikov

Some cultures use them regularly while others don’t, but Redditors seemed to love using their bidets. 

#15. Air Compressor

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Soloviova Liudmyla

“An air compressor to air up your tires. Got one off Amazon for 30 bucks,” as one user bluntly put. Save money and time going to fill up your tires!

#16. A Hammock

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Tatyana Soares

The perfect excuse to get outside. Hammocks are relaxing and come in various styles.

One user said, “You can literally post up anywhere and everywhere, and it will encourage you to go outside a lot more.”

Another wrote, “Hmmm, should I stay inside and lay down? Or shall I go outside and lay down?”

#17. A Glass Breaker on a Keychain

Image Credit: Shutterstock / robypangy

Safety first! Another device that you’ll want to have when you’re in a bind. 

Cheeseandhambagel said, “Push it against the glass of your car window, and it shatters immediately, helping you get out of a car underwater, broken door, etc. Super cheap and life-saving.”

#18. A Library Card

Image Credit: Shutterstock / nampix

People seem to forget that in today’s digital world, there are still opportunities to get out there and support your local library. 

Iggycat agreed, “Every time I bike over to get my stuff, it’s like my birthday and Christmas combined.”

#19. A Rice Cooker

Image Credit: Shutterstock / New Africa

Why get a rice cooker when you can just cook it on the stove?

Well, users seem to agree this can take your rice cooking to the next level!

#20. Airfryer

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Casezy idea

Millennials are especially obsessed with this kitchen gadget, which can make any fried favorite a healthier meal. 

One user wrote, “For the first time, frozen French fries taste like French fries. We cook anything we possibly can in ours.”

#21. A Kitchen Scale

Image Credit: Shutterstock / fasphotographic

Not sure how many grams something is? Stop guessing! Redditors seem to find this contraption an important investment. 

One Redditor said, “Completely changed my food consumption since I could easily measure portions. I learned what they actually SHOULD be, not what we in the US act like they are.”

#22. Tongue Scraper

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Jacob Lund

Adding this device to your dental hygiene routine seems to be a game changer. 

This person responded, “I brush my teeth often and floss, and could still say my mouth felt yucky even a few hours after waking up and eating nothing sometimes.

But a tongue scraper is great. You scrape your tongue when getting ready in the mornings, and after you eat it, it makes your mouth feel fresher than mouthwash sometimes.”

#23. Exfoliation Gloves

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Dean Drobot

If you struggle with any skin issues or acne, this could be a cheap solution, instead of spending loads of money on expensive products. 

One user said, “They’re easily $3 and they have gotten rid of so much of my acne! I feel like my skin is actually clean when I get out of the shower, and they’re pretty thin and easy to dry, unlike loofas and similar products.”

#24. A Menstrual Cup

Image Credit: Shutterstock / stomach pain

This one is for the ladies. People who use them seem to swear by them! Wishiwasmegmccaffrey testified, “I’ve saved a lot of money in the long run by not having to buy pads and tampons all the time.”

#25. Cast Iron Skillet

Image Credit: Shutterstock /Brent Hofacker

Although it seems like something you could live without, users seem to agree it takes your cooking up a notch. One person said, “It will change how you cook and how your food tastes. Keep it seasoned and cleaned correctly, though. Can go on a grill or into the oven or just on the stovetop.”

What is missing from this list? What did you buy for under $100 that changed your life?

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