7 Surprising Ways to Get Rid of Lizards in Your Garage (And What Attracts Them)

Lizards are often looking for ways to access your garage because these dimly lit areas provide ideal hiding places where they can thrive.

For many people, encountering a lizard in their house is a less-than-pleasant experience, often leading to startled screams. Managing these reptiles can be challenging due to their swift movements and the fact that some can change colors, making them hard to spot after undergoing this transformation.

Lizards can sometimes be considered pests because they can lay their eggs in dark corners, leading to infestations and an increased population.

Lizards are deemed unwelcome guests in our homes, causing both fear and embarrassment when they make an appearance, especially in front of guests. With that in mind, this article aims to provide tips and tricks on keeping lizards out of your garage. 

What Attracts Lizards to Your Home?

Among the creatures you might encounter, lizards are generally harmless. However, their presence in your garage can be bothersome, so finding ways to remove them is essential.

Before we discuss methods for dealing with these reptiles, let’s first understand what draws them to your residence.

Crawling Insects

Most lizards are insectivorous, meaning they primarily feed on insects like snails, caterpillars, spiders, and other small bugs. If your home becomes infested with these insects, lizards may invade your space in search of food.

Keep in mind that lizards only consume insects smaller than themselves, so larger insects are not on their menu.

Flying Insects

Lizards also prey on flying insects such as crickets, mosquitoes, and winged termites.

Due to their ability to cling to walls, they can catch flying insects and consume them. While this can be a natural pest control method, lizards can become a nuisance when they unexpectedly drop from ceilings or leave droppings.

Fruits and Plants

Lizards also consume fruits and plants, especially vegetables and bearded dragons. This can be problematic if you have a garden nearby, as they may damage your growing vegetables.

Additionally, nibbled fruits can pose health concerns due to the bacteria lizards carry on their bodies.


Like humans and other animals, lizards require water for survival. Water makes up about 75 percent of a lizard’s body weight, so they are naturally drawn to water sources.

Ensure there are no water leaks or uncovered water containers in your garage, as lizards will be attracted to any available water.

Why Are Lizards Frequently Found in Garages?

Garages often contain darker, less frequented areas, making them appealing to lizards. Since garages typically see less human activity compared to other parts of the house, lizards find these spaces ideal for habitation.

Many homeowners do not regularly clean their garages since they remain relatively unoccupied throughout the day. This further enhances the attractiveness of garages to lizards, who prefer undisturbed locations.

Once a lizard gains access to your garage, it won’t take long to find a quiet hiding spot and start reproducing. Over time, their numbers can increase, turning a single lizard into a family.

Lizards do not require substantial amounts of food to survive, so they can comfortably reside in a garage as long as they find a food source, particularly if you have a trash can.

Understanding these factors should explain why lizards are drawn to your garage. By addressing these issues, you can prevent or manage the presence of lizards in your garage.

Are Lizards Harmful?

Most lizards are harmless and pose no direct threat to humans. However, if lizards that feed on fruits enter your garage, they may venture into your house in search of food.

Lizards can nibble on uncovered fruits, and since they carry bacteria on their bodies, consuming food they’ve touched can be risky.

Apart from this, there is usually little cause for concern when it comes to lizards. While some people may find them frightening, lizards are less dangerous than snakes.

It’s essential not to handle lizards with your hands, especially their tails, as their tails can easily detach. If you accidentally come into contact with a lizard, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water before eating anything.

Additionally, lizards may bite to defend themselves, particularly if they feel threatened.

Avoid directly disturbing lizards, as this could lead to them biting you. Instead, use the methods outlined in this article to remove them safely. Here are seven effective ways to get rid of lizards in the garage:

1. Tobacco and Coffee Balls

Consider this home remedy before using chemical methods. Create balls by mixing tobacco and coffee and place them in dark corners of your garage where lizards are likely to hide.

Ensure these balls are out of reach of children and pets, as they are toxic to lizards. Leave the balls undisturbed for several days to reduce the lizard population.

2. Naphthalene Balls

Another effective method involves using naphthalene balls. Place them in drawers that are rarely opened in your garage.

The odor of naphthalene repels lizards and keeps them at bay. Alternatively, you can create a solution from ground pepper and spray it around your garage to deter lizards.

3. Eggshells

Lizards are repelled by the pungent smell of eggshells.

Break eggs into halves and scatter the eggshells around your garage to disperse the odor. Lizards may also perceive eggshells as a threat and avoid areas with them.

4. Onions and Garlic

Lizards are sensitive to the sulfur smell found in onions and garlic. Place slices of onions or garlic in dark areas of your garage to discourage lizards. You can also dilute onion or garlic juice with water and spray it throughout your garage.

5. Pest Sprays

If you want to eliminate lizards in your garage, consider using sprays designed to kill various insects and pests. Apply these sprays directly to lizards or in areas where they typically gather.

6. Organic Granules

Organic granules are toxic to lizards. Place them in dark areas of your garage, keeping them out of reach of children and pets. Lizards are attracted to the smell of these granules, and if ingested, they will perish.

7. Electronic Pest-Repelling Devices

These devices emit waves that repel lizards when activated. Position them in your garage, especially in the attic, where lizards often hide. These devices can help deter lizards from entering your garage.


In conclusion, taking preventative measures is crucial to keeping lizards out of your garage. Ensure there are no open water sources or uncovered trash cans.

If lizards have already invaded your garage, use the methods outlined in this article to remove them safely. Avoid getting too close to them to prevent bites, and always handle lizards with care.

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