Discover the Best Way of Cutting a Watermelon (Like a Mama!)

I almost feel embarrassed about writing a post about how to cut a watermelon. I’ve always cut my watermelons this way, but as it turns out (told by my friends), it’s pretty unique. So, if you are looking for a way to cut watermelons that creates a minimum mess and is easy for little ones to eat, this post is for you.

Why You Should Cut Watermelons My Way

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Last summer, we hosted my son’s 2nd birthday party. As I was preparing some watermelons in the kitchen, the next thing I knew, a crowd gathered around me. Some looked curious, some were laughing, and my mother-in-law looked worried.

After cutting them, I picked up a piece and handed it to my son, who was next to me. “That’s genius!” someone finally spoke. If you are like our family, watermelon is one of our favorite summer fruits. We eat a lot of them in those hot summer months. It’s sweet, juicy, and cools you down like no other. Then, my friend Jessica even shared a Pinterest pin on choosing the perfect watermelon.

Seeing the reaction from my friends and family at my son’s birthday party, I thought it might be worth sharing my “strange” way of cutting the watermelon.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Cut a Watermelon My Way

Who says watermelon needs to be cut into triangles if it means it is less messy and easier for the little ones to eat?

If you have a giant watermelon, I suggest cutting yours as Fifteen Spatulas did. My method works the best for those small to medium-sized watermelons:

Step 1: Cut the watermelon in half.

This is the first crucial step. By halving the watermelon, you create a stable base for further cutting, which helps in minimizing mess.

Step 2: Take one half and face the cut side down. Slice it into sections vertically, about 1 to 1.5 inches thick.

Positioning the cut side down ensures the watermelon doesn’t wobble, making it safer and easier to cut.

Step 3: Cut 1 to 1.5 inches thick horizontally to create 1-inch squares. You can also rotate the watermelon or the chopping board 90 degrees to cut vertically.

By making horizontal cuts, you create manageable pieces that are perfect for little hands and avoid the juice mess that typically comes with larger slices.

Step 4: Pick out the end pieces that are mostly or all skin and rind before you serve.

Removing the less desirable pieces ensures that every bite is juicy and delicious.

Step 5: Enjoy!

I’ll be honest: this is probably not your typical watermelon-cutting method. Indeed, your little one biting into a giant wedge of watermelon with juice dripping everywhere makes a much cuter picture. However, these odd-shaped watermelons make much less mess and are easy for the little fingers to pick up. Give it a try and be the judge yourself!

Why This Method Works

One of the main reasons this method works so well is because it makes watermelon pieces more accessible and less intimidating for children. Large wedges can be cumbersome and often result in sticky, messy faces and hands. Smaller, square pieces are easy to handle and reduce waste, as kids are more likely to finish their pieces without discarding half of them.

Moreover, this method of cutting watermelon is perfect for gatherings. It allows guests to easily grab a piece without the need for plates or utensils, making it an ideal finger food for parties and picnics.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Watermelon

Before you start cutting, it’s essential to choose a good watermelon. Look for one that is symmetrical and free of bruises. The field spot, where the watermelon rested on the ground, should be a creamy yellow color, indicating ripeness. A ripe watermelon will also feel heavy for its size and produce a deep sound when tapped.

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