6 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of a Curry Smell From Your House

If our taste buds could speak for themselves, they would undoubtedly confirm that few things leave a more lasting impression than curry dishes. However, there’s one aspect we don’t appreciate when using curry powder or spices in our cooking: the lingering aroma it imparts throughout the house.

So, if your cravings for spicy food have led you to embrace curry powder, and everything went according to plan—adding a delightful kick to your meal—you might be confronted with an unexpected issue.

Despite enjoying your meal and even doing the dishes, the problem persists: the pervasive smell of curry still permeates every nook and cranny of your home. This article will explore effective methods to rid your house of the lingering curry scent.

How to Eliminate the Curry Smell From Your Home

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s important to note that eradicating the curry smell isn’t the simplest of tasks. Nevertheless, with some extra effort, you can eventually restore the freshness to your home. Below are some helpful tips you can employ:

1. Take Immediate Action

The process of removing the pungent curry smell should commence before you even start cooking. Ensuring your house is well-ventilated before the aromatic molecules start dispersing is essential.

Open all your kitchen windows to facilitate air circulation. If you have a kitchen fan, turn it on at a high setting to dissipate the scent. Additionally, close all doors leading to other rooms to contain the smell within the kitchen.

2. Keep Your Hands Clean

Curry leaves its scent on your hands, which can transfer to your clothes, especially if you habitually touch your apron while cooking.

To prevent this, consider washing your hands thoroughly or using lemon juice, vinegar, or coffee grounds to neutralize the odor.

3. Utilize Odor Absorbers

Ventilation and hand cleaning may not always suffice to eliminate the smell entirely. In such cases, consider using odor absorbers. Baking soda is a natural option that effectively absorbs odors.

Place a bowl of baking soda in areas where the curry smell is prominent, which will help neutralize it. Alternatively, air purifying bags, charcoal bags, or air purifiers can also be effective.

4. Simmer Lemon or Fragrant Elements

Lemon is known for its versatility in various household applications, including neutralizing odors. Simmering lemon wedges with water and optionally adding cinnamon sticks can help reduce the lingering curry smell in your home.

You can also boil sweet-smelling flowers, leaves, vanilla extract, or Kewra leaves to mask the odor with their pleasant fragrance.

5. Embrace White Vinegar

White vinegar is a versatile household product that can be particularly helpful in combating curry odors. Place bowls of white vinegar near your cooking area to capture odor molecules. You can also create a white vinegar solution (two tablespoons of vinegar per glass of water) and spray it on affected areas to neutralize the scent.

6. Employ Air Freshening Products

Air freshening products such as air diffusers, plug-ins, deodorizing sprays, and scented candles can help mask the curry smell, making it less overpowering.

Keep in mind that this method may incur some ongoing expenses, so consider its appropriateness based on how frequently you prepare spicy dishes.

How to Remove Curry Smell From Clothing

To ensure that your house smells fresh, removing the curry smell from your clothes is essential. Here are some tips for accomplishing this:

Steam: If you discover that your apron, jacket, or other clothing items carry the curry smell, one effective method is to steam them. The heat will help eliminate scent molecules and any microbes present.

Freeze: Alternatively, you can freeze the affected clothes by placing them in a plastic zippered bag and leaving it in the freezer overnight. The cold will help neutralize the smell.

Baking Soda: Another option is to use baking soda. Mix a cup of baking soda with four cups of hot water, soak the clothes in the solution, and leave them for four hours before washing. Repeat the process if necessary.

Don’t Mix: Avoid mixing clothes that carry the curry smell with other garments, as it can transfer the odor. Treat the affected clothes separately, even during washing.

How to Remove Curry Smell From Carpets

Once you’ve addressed clothing, it’s essential to tackle the curry smell in your carpets to ensure a completely fresh home environment. Follow these steps:

Sprinkle baking soda on the affected carpet and let it sit for an extended period, preferably overnight.

Then, vacuum the carpet the following day to remove the absorbed odors, including the curry smell. Ensure that children and pets stay away from the carpet while the baking soda is in place.

Consider steam-cleaning your carpet, using a steam cleaning machine or seeking professional carpet cleaning services if you don’t have access to one. Borrowing a machine can also be a cost-effective solution.

Alternatively, you can explore the use of an ozone generator to eliminate the curry smell. However, this method can be expensive and may present health risks due to prolonged exposure to ozone gas. It’s advisable to exhaust other options before considering this approach.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can successfully eliminate the curry smell from your home by following the provided tips. While it may require patience and extra effort, persistence will ultimately lead to a fresh-smelling house, clothing, and carpets.

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