American Citizens Concerned About Budgeting in the Last 12 Months vs. 30 Days

In this study, Mama Say What analyzed Google search data to see which US states showed the most interest in learning how to budget.

  • Learning how to budget has become essential for Americans struggling with the cost of living crisis and the soaring rise of interest rates.
  • Over 64,000 monthly searches are conducted by US citizens for the budgeting queries analyzed in this study.
  • Utah was most concerned about how to budget in the last 12 months; however, concern declined in the last 30 days.
  • Missouri showed the most interest in the last 30 days, rising from 6th place in the 12-month list.
  • Massachusetts showed major concern in the last 30 days compared with the last 12 months.

With a cost of living crisis in full swing, more Americans are learning how to budget, whether that means using apps or more traditional worksheets and templates. 

Missouri was the most interested in budgeting over the last 30 days, whereas Utah topped the list for the last 12 months.

Mama Say What?! conducted this study by using Google search data from Google Trends and Ahrefs, aggregating the volume of searches from each state based on related keywords and phrases.

By analyzing certain keywords and phrases, Mama Say What?! was able to use the data to score each state from 0-400, with 400 being the highest volume of searches for that state’s population.

The following keyword phrases were used to conduct the research:

  • Budgeting apps – 15,000 monthly searches
  • Best budgeting apps – 14,000 monthly searches
  • Budget worksheet – 9400 monthly searches
  • Budget template – 26,000 monthly searches
Top 10 in the Last 30 Days
Rank State Score
1 Missouri 231
2 South Carolina 215
3 Massachusets 173
4 Wisconsin 167
5 Oregon 166
6 Colorado 157
7 Virginia 148
8 Arkansas 143
9 North Carolina 142
10 Washington 136


Missouri scored the highest volume of searches in the last 30 days, scoring 16 higher than South Carolina in second place. 

The difference between second place South Carolina and third place Massachusets is a staggering 42, showing that this month, Missouri and South Carolina have made significantly more searches than the other states.

Missouri is at its peak in search volume for “Best budgeting apps,” whereas South Carolina is most concerned about “Budget worksheets.” Both states scored a perfect 100 for their respective queries.

Top 10 in the Last 12 Months
Rank State  Score
1 Utah 314
2 Colorado 260
3 Minnesota 247
4 North Carolina 227
5 Missouri 224
6 Tennessee 222
7 South Carolina 218
8 Wisconsin 216
9 Virginia 211
10 Georgia 208


Utah tops the 12-month list by a considerable 54, scoring a total of 314, the only state to score over 300 in this study.

Interestingly, Utah does not appear on the 30-day list despite this large difference at the top of the 12-month list. Suggesting that Utah declined in its interest for budgeting over the last 30 days.

Tennessee and Georgia also showed a decline in interest in the last 30 days, as they only appear on the 12-month list.

Utah is currently at its highest search volume for “Budgeting apps” and “Best budgeting apps,” scoring a perfect 100 in both queries in the last 12 months.

Missouri, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina all showed consistent interest in budgeting queries throughout the year, as they appear on both lists.

More states searched for “Budget template” than any other query.

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