21 Strange Things Men Do That Women Will Never Understand and Sometimes Actually, Hate

It’s no secret that men and women are vastly different creatures with different thought processes, emotions, and behaviors.

While we may bridge the gap between the sexes by going on countless dates and forming relationships, many things about men seem to elude us.

No matter how many men we date, there are some things that we can’t seem to understand. Here are 21 things we’ll never understand about men.

Why Don’t They Ask for Directions?

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No matter how lost they are, men have a built-in aversion to asking for directions.                                                                     

How Can They Be So Clueless About Certain Things?

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Not noticing when we get a haircut to not picking up on our subtle hints, sometimes men can be completely clueless.

Why Do They Love Sports So Much?

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While women enjoy sports too, there is a special kind of obsession that men have with their favorite teams.

Why They Have Such a Competitive Nature?

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Whether it’s a game of pickup basketball or a friendly game of cards, men always try to one-up each other.

Why Can’t They Multitask?

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While women are known for their ability to multitask, men struggle with even the simplest of tasks when they have too much going on.

Why They’re So Afraid of Commitment?

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While not all men fear commitment, it is a common theme among many.

Why Can’t They Express Their Emotions?

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Men are often told to “man up” and hide their feelings, but why is this such a societal norm?

Why They’re So Obsessed With Their Cars?

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From spending hours cleaning them to constantly tinkering with them, men seem to have a special relationship with their cars.

Why They’re So Fixated on Physical Appearance?

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While women are often scrutinized for their looks, men also place a high value on physical appearance, sometimes to the point of obsession.

Why Don’t They Like to Talk on the Phone?

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While women often enjoy chatting on the phone, many men seem to avoid it like the plague.

Why Can’t They Remember Important Dates?

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From birthdays to anniversaries, men have a knack for forgetting important dates.

Why Are So Many Obsessed With Video Games?

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Whether it’s console games or online gaming, many men seem to love video games.

Why They’re So Competitive About Their Facial Hair?

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From growing a beard to shaping a mustache, men can get very competitive with their facial hair.

Why Do They Always Have to Be in Control?

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Men often need to be in control of every situation, even when it’s unnecessary.

Why Are They So Obsessed With Gadgets?

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From smartphones to smartwatches, some men have a special love for gadgets.

Why They’re So Fixated on Sex?

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While women also love sex, men seem to have a particular obsession with it.

Why They’re So Afraid of Vulnerability?

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Men often see vulnerability as a weakness, but why is this the case?

Why Can’t They Seem to Relax?

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Men often have a hard time relaxing and letting go of their worries.

Why Can’t They Seem to Remember to Put the Toilet Seat Down?

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It’s a simple task, yet many men also seem to forget.

Why Can’t They Communicate More Effectively?

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Men often struggle with communicating their thoughts and feelings, which can lead to misunderstandings and frustration.

Why Can’t They Express Their Love in Words?

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Men often struggle to express their love in words, which can be frustrating for many women.

While we may never fully understand all the quirks and behaviors of men, it’s important to remember that they are complex individuals with their own unique perspectives and experiences.

By striving for open communication and understanding, we can bridge the gap between the sexes and create stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

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