SoftBums Echo Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

I contacted SoftBums about reviewing their AI2 named the Echo. They have been wonderful to work with, shipped quickly, and the diaper is adorable!

An AI2 (all-in-two) has a snap-in soaker that can stay attached in the laundry. So easy! This particular set came with a “one-size super dry touch pod” soaker (called a pod by SoftBums) in both newborn and full size.

I thought that their “slide to size” system was borderline genius! It can fit from 5 lbs to 35 lbs. Essentially, there are two sliders attached to the leg elastic inside of the diaper, giving a completely custom rise fit.

This has always been our problem with the fit on other diapers, as my son is too little to have the rise on diapers fully open, yet too big for them to snap down.

We either get gaps or they pinch my son’s skin… but not with the SoftBums Echo. It was SO easy to size on him! Below is a side by side view of the rise at its smallest and then its largest.

The inner part of this diaper is so soft, as is the pod that snaps in. My little guy is an extremely heavy wetter and I love that the pod doubles over and snaps to itself, essentially doubling its absorbing power.

I also flipped the newborn soaker over and snapped it to the underside of the full size soaker.

My little guy is prone to leaks and this system has kept him from leaking. When I opened the diaper, his skin was dry to the touch! This diaper totally won me over at this point.

The diaper is surprisingly trim, even with essentially three layers of soaker pads snapped in.

I’m thoroughly impressed. I LOVE this diaper and have plans to buy more. It has become a go-to diaper for us and I would recommend it to any other cloth diapering mamas.

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