Bummis Sun Line Swimwear Review and Giveaway!

It is finally summer! For mamas of little ones, that means making lemonade, coloring with sidewalk chalk and, of course, swimming at the pool!

Bummis has recently come out with a super adorable ‘Sun Line’ which includes sun caps, UV-protection tee-shirts and tankinis, and swim diapers. I was sent a sun hat, a tankini and a diaper for my almost-two-year-old daughter.

I think the coolest thing about this line is that you can choose either a turquoise or an orange shirt or tankini and it will match any of the cute prints they offer. To top it off, the prints on the hats match the swim diapers so your little one can swim in style!

I showed my little girl, C, the print options and she immediately chose the “fishies” print called Koi Pond. I agreed— I know her little brother will look good in this print too when she outgrows it and he’s big enough to wear it.

Cute gender neutral prints are a huge plus for our family! We also chose a tankini in turquoise; my son won’t be wearing that in the future, but that’s okay.

I was really excited when they came in the mail. We had an exceptionally long winter here in Germany, so we tested these out at the indoor pool.

I love how adorable C looked in this outfit! She was definitely the most stylish little kid at the pool with her matching outfit— and she was delighted to wear her “fishies.”

The Swimmi diaper is polyester mesh on the inside and cotton on the outside. It’s designed to hold messes in, but not to absorb urine.

However, you can line the diaper with a doubler if your kiddo wants to play out of the water for a while and you’re concerned about leaks!

The good part about that, though, is the already-thin diaper stays nice and trim and doesn’t soak in any pool water. It has a hook-and-loop closure so you can easily adjust the fit.

My only complaint about the Swimmi is that it truly didn’t get tight enough for my 24-lb daughter. She is tall and has a really tiny waist, and even set as small as it could go, I had to overlap the diaper wings.

The wings don’t have hook-and-loop on them, so they kind of stuck out a little. Still, it served it’s purpose just fine!

The matching sun hat is my favorite part of the Bummis Swim Line. As I mentioned before, the hats match the prints on the Swimmis to complete your kiddo’s outfit. You can choose from two styles— floppy wide-brimmed, or flap baseball-style.

It has a UPF of 50 to protect your baby from harmful ultraviolet rays, which I love. We have the floppy wide-brimmed hat.

The brim is longer in the back so it covers the back of your little one’s neck providing lots of sun protection. Another great thing about this hat is that there is elastic around the back part of the head.

It makes the hat fit perfectly, and I imagine it will fit continue to fit still as she grows because of it. Believe it or not, C kept the hat on as she ran around playing, so it must be comfortable too!

The tankinis and the tee-shirts are also UPF 50, providing lots of sun protection. As I already mentioned, they’re available in turquoise or orange and they match every single one of the available Swimmi/hat prints.

The tankini we have, which is size 18-24 months, is a halter top with three size-adjustable clasps. It’s made of swimsuit material so it’s soft and stretchy and it’s designed not to fade from sun or chlorinated water.

While this set supposedly runs a little big according to Bummis, the tankini fit well on my daughter, if not a bit small. Her little tummy kept sticking out of the bottom of the tank.

Though it’s not a huge problem, and certainly wouldn’t keep her from wearing it, I’d rather keep her stomach covered completely on a hot summer day.

Did I mention how incredibly cute C looked wearing this set?

The diapers come in four sizes based on your child’s weight. The hats come in three sizes: 3-6 months, 9-12 months and 18-24 months. The shirts and tankinis are sized as well.

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