He Found Out His Girlfriend Had Been Stealing From Him, So He Got Her a Valentine’s Present She’ll Never Forget

Reddit has a got a great story about a young man and his thieving girlfriend.

This guy is a college freshman, excited to start his new life on campus. He makes the classic freshman mistake of rushing into a relationship with a girl who lives in the dorm above him called, M. 

Everyone in the building hates her. But he’s blinded by love, or maybe just hormones, and ignores the red flags.

One day, the student gets a call from his mom saying there’s some suspicious activity on his bank account. 

He realizes that someone has been using his debit card to order food from Grubhub, and the receipts show that M’s name is on them. 

When he confronts her, she denies everything and starts cussing him out.

But that’s not the end of the story. M turns up at his dorm room, demanding her stuff back. 

The student has no idea what she’s talking about, but she starts banging on the door, shouting that she knows you’re “[] in there.” 

The door starts to crack as she slams against it repeatedly. He can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Eventually, M calms down, and he thinks he can put the whole thing behind him. But nope. 

The Title IX office gets involved and brings three misconduct charges against M: theft, threatening/violent behavior, and inciting an intervention by university staff. 

They even schedule the hearing for Valentine’s Day to make it extra memorable.

The student discovered she had found a new boyfriend, so he couldn’t help but smile, knowing that the Valentine’s Day disciplinary hearing had ruined her plans for a romantic evening.

The student came to the hearing alone, trying to figure out what to expect. 

Meanwhile, M arrived with her parents, who acted as her “character witnesses,” even though this wasn’t an actual courtroom. 

M’s folks also paid a lawyer to defend her, which was unnecessary since the board consisted of grad students.

The board offered him pro-bono legal representation from a junior economics major named J to level the playing field. 

J had already read his account of the events, and after seeing screenshots of Grubhub receipts, he believed there was a decent chance the charges would stick. 

But then the student revealed a secret: he had filmed the whole thing when M tried to break down his door.

Watching the video was like watching a movie where the villain gets their comeuppance. 

The courtroom erupted, everyone was yelling, and M’s parents couldn’t believe what they saw. 

M had convinced everyone that the student was a liar, claiming he gave her permission to use his account to buy food and that he had hidden her stuff in his dorm room. 

In her version of events, he was a sociopath hell-bent on destroying her reputation. But after seeing the video, the board members were floored.

The verdict was in, and M was found responsible for all three charges.

She moved to a different dorm building, probably for the best, given that her reputation was in tatters. 

She had already failed all her classes and dropped out of school when her parents finally pulled the plug on her education. 

What do you think? Did she get what she deserved?

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