10 of the Best Apps That Pay You Money in 2023

Are you interested in generating additional income? Perhaps you’re ready to start building your portfolio or simply looking for a way to earn additional cash with your daily purchases. 

If so, this list of 10 financial apps is for you. 

These days, robo-advisors and automated investment platforms are popping up everywhere. AI bill negotiators and automatic coupon appliers are available for those who know how to use them. 

These are all great opportunities to make some extra money. And what better way to use these tools than through the devices that are with us all day, every day? 

These apps will help you build your portfolio, learn more about investing, and automate investments. Some offer no fees, while others require a subscription to access a wide range of tools and support systems to grow your financial picture.


With over 2 million users to date, Stash is a popular app for investors in America. Marketed towards beginner investors, Stash is a robo-advisor platform that allows users to invest and get financial advice in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. Subscriptions are available for either $3 or $9 per month, with a $0 account minimum. 

Some of Stash’s features include automated recurring investments, dividend reinvestments, and Smart Portfolio, an auto-generated portfolio designed with your questionnaire responses in mind.

The Smart Portfolio feature is the main attraction for beginner investors, as it provides some guidance and support as users dip their toes into the investing world. 

Reviews are mixed on the Stash app, so users should research to ensure it’s a good fit before subscribing. 

Stash was established in 2015 and is based in New York.

This app is available for users based in the U.S. on iOS and Android. 

Download Stash in the App Store.


Robinhood offers users commission-free trading with zero monthly subscription costs, a $0 minimum account balance, and no hidden fees. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which makes it especially helpful for new investors, or folks just looking to save for retirement. 

This app offers trades for stocks, ETFs and options, and crypto trades. Robinhood stands out from other apps with its Initial Public Offering access.

It is one of few apps allowing users to participate in IPOs, a benefit most often reserved for financial institutions. It does not allow sales of naked options and does not offer mutual funds or bonds. Reviews flag customer support issues as a con for the platform. 

Robinhood Markets Inc. is based in Menlo Park, California. The Robinhood App was launched in 2015. 

This app is available for U.S. citizens only and is downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download Robinhood in the App Store.


Interested in investing in real estate but don’t have the large amount of capital required to acquire a property? DiversyFund app allows users to get involved in private real estate with a minimum investment of $500 by investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts, AKA REITs. 

This accessible app allows users to buy in at lower investment minimums and accepts non-accredited investors. 

Renovations and tenant management is done by the DiversyFund team, so all users need to do is invest the amount that works for them and be willing to leave that money in the fund long-term. REIT investments with DiversyFund are not liquid until the entire investment lifecycle is complete (5-10 years). 

With over 500,000 investors to date, DiversyFund is growing in popularity. 

This app currently serves the regions of Texas and California and is downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download DiversyFund in the App Store.


Fundrise is another option for real estate investing apps. With over 1.7 million users to date, Fundrise is one of the largest private equity real estate investors worldwide. 

Based in Washington, DC, Fundrise helps users invest in REITS and other products. They call their REIT products “eREITS” and offer them alongside “eFunds”, which act similarly, but use investment capital to purchase and develop land to ultimately sell. Fundrise also provides other investment products worth looking into if you download the app.  

A $10 account minimum and an annual 1% platform fee are required to use this app. Like other REIT investing apps, users should expect to leave their money in the investments for many years. 

This app is available for U.S. citizens only and is downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download Fundrise in the App Store.

HappyNest Invest

Similarly to Fundrise and DiversyFund, HappyNest Invest helps non-accredited investors get some skin in the real estate game through a crowdfunded investing model. HappyNest owns the REIT, and users invest in shares of the REIT. 

HappyNest offers a low buy-in with $10 minimum accounts and the ability to link credit cards to round up purchases and grow your investment. 

The properties in HappyNest’s REIT are typically single-tenant net-leased and deliver a combination of dividends and appreciation. They put a particular emphasis on choosing businesses that are pandemic and internet-resistant.

HappyNest was created in 2017 and offers a smaller portfolio than some of the older REIT apps. 

This app is available for U.S. citizens only and is downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download HappyNest Invest in the App Store.


Acorns is a micro-investing app that has supported over 10 million customers with over $15 billion in investments since it was established in 2012. 

Acorns has a $0 account minimum and a monthly fee of between $3 and $5, which makes it very attractive for beginner investors. Like HappyNest, Acorn has integrated round-up software that allows users to opt-in to have their purchases rounded up and the surplus cash invested. 

The portfolios available on Acorn include ETFs and are overseen by experts at Vanguard and BlackRock. 

This platform is easy to navigate and provides many financial products, including retirement accounts, day-to-day banking, and vendor top-ups. Acorns also offers educational articles for users to explore and learn more about financial management and growth. 

This app is available for U.S. citizens only and is downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download Acorns in the App Store.


A 14-day free trial with Trim will allow you to experience Trim’s bill cost reduction bots in action. It identifies recurring charges by linking Trim with your bank accounts (data securities are in place to protect your information). It asks you via text whether you would like them canceled. It also negotiates bills on your behalf for a fee!

The Trim bot also works as an AI virtual assistant that lets you know how much you spend on current bills via text conversation. 

Once your trial runs its course, Trim charges a $99 annual subscription fee. 

Trim saves, on average, $213 per customer per year and has served over 2 million users. To date, Trim reports providing over $86 million in savings. 

Savings accounts and other financial products are offered through Trim. 

This service is available for users in the U.S. only.

Register online for Trim’s text messaging and web browser tool

Rocket Money

Similarly to Trim, Rocket Money finds recurring bills in your bank history and helps you negotiate reductions on or cancel those bills. 

They are alike in their concierge-style bill negotiation service on your behalf but differ in fee structures. Rocket Money offers a basic free account with limited features and provides a premium account on a sliding scale from $35.99 to $47.99 annually based on what you think is fair.

Rocket Money gets the job done with over $245 million saved for clients and over $155 million just in canceled subscriptions. 

Other features of Rocket Money include:

  • Tracking your credit score.
  • Building your budget.
  • Habit recognition for saving the right amounts.
  • Spending insights. 

This app is available for U.S. citizens only and is downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download Rockey Money in the App Store.

Top Cashback

Founded in the U.K. in 2005, Top Cashback has recently made its way to the U.S. and is dominating the cashback game. For free, users can download the app or install the browser plugin that reminds them to shop online through Top Cashback and earn money on their purchases. 

When you purchase anything through one of over 4,400 supported retailers, the app will credit your account. Some retailers give a 2% cash back, while others will be upwards of 15%. 

Depending on your needs, you’re paid out in cash or via gift cards. 

You can also get paid by referring a friend and getting payout bonuses. 

Note: this app is not useable for in-store purchases. 

Regional versions of this app are available in the U.K., the U.S., and Canada and are downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download Top Cashback in the App Store.

Be Frugal

Be Frugal is another cash-back app offering a browser plugin for ease of use. Users can purchase online at over 5,000 retailers and get cash back on their purchases. Cash back options at Be Frugal are as much as 40% with select retailers. 

With Be Frugal, users can also access a catalog of coupons to use on purchases. 

To withdraw funds, users must earn a minimum of $5.01, excluding bonus rewards. You can be paid out by check, PayPal, direct deposit, Venmo, Zelle or Gift Cards. 

Be Frugal was founded in 2009 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

This app is downloadable on iOS and Android. 

Download Be Frugal in the App Store.

Start Making Money Today

As you work to build your financial future, one of these apps may be a good fit for your needs: from investment platforms, to bill negotiation and cash-back opportunities, there is something for everyone. 

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