Learn About Sydney’s DIY Pink And Teal Nursery

Check out mama Heidi’s amazing nursery for her new baby girl. It is amazing to see the elements of pink, grey, and aqua chevron room were all DIY and purchased on Craiglist.

This nursery proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a stunning room for your new baby!

How did you decide what theme or style you wanted for the room?

I searched for a long time for color inspiration all over the internet.

It was a difficult decision since I kept going back and forth on a decision between pink and grey and pink and aqua until one day, I decided to mix the three.

It was a pretty combination so why not? I was pregnant and was basically sitting at a desk all day, so I had LOTS of time to scour the internet and come up with a plan.

I even did a mock room in Photoshop to see if I like what it looks like.

What are the main colors?

The three main colors that were being used were pink, teal, grey, and white.

How did you bring it all together? Inspiration boards, Pinterest…all in your head?

The main inspiration for the room was a piece of chevron fabric that I found and a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

A free stencil of my choice was sent to me to review for their website (check it out on MSW!) and when I saw this damask pattern, I fell in love with it! It was the one for the nursey! How could it not be!?  Now – to pick what color the stencil would be…

There were many ideas I had. I pinned up all the different ideas I had and went nuts for this project. I started looking for old or vintage-y frames that I wanted to paint.

I was able to find another pink and aqua fabric to go with the chevron. There were so many ideas that were popping inside my head that I hope I could put them all together when the time come to do the room.

As for the gallery wall – I collected so many old frames and lined them up on my floor in different variations. I would re-arrange and switch them around until I found an arrangement that worked. Then, I just started hammering nails into the wall and hoped they were in the right spot!

Where did you find the key elements?

Honestly, most of the things that I found were through Craigslist and thrift stores. On Craiglist, I saw a brass chandelier, so I had to snatch it right away and paint it.

As for all the frames and mirrors that hang over her dresser, they were found at thrift stores and garage sales. Most of them were ugly brass or wood before. However, I painted them. It’s amazing to see how paint can change their look.

One of my favorite finds was the dresser, which was another Craigslist steal. I was planning on using an old dresser we had in our basement, but when I saw someone selling this baby on Craigslist – how could I pass it up!?

It was definitely old and cracking, but once I painted it, it turned into such a cute, shabby little piece. It definitely made a difference in the room.

The crib bedding is handmade. My mom sewed the bumper, and I made a no-sew crib skirt because I am definitely not a sewing expert!

I ordered two sets of curtains by accident, but they were cheap anyway. I just kept the second set and turned it into a little canopy above the chair.

How did you keep your room budget-friendly? 

The power of thrift stores and Craigslist saved me hundreds of dollars with this room! I wanted to DIY a lot of things and was willing to put some work into this room. Not only to save money but to add personalize the room myself.

From the crib bedding, the dresser, and the chandelier, to the frames… they were all DIY projects. There was an amazing crib bedding set online that was SUPER expensive, and I knew my husband wouldn’t let me go for it.

So I found a similar chevron fabric and ordered it, along with a few other pink and teal fabrics for the bumper my mom made. When I did this, I saved about 300 bucks on that alone!

What do you love most about the room?

It’s so hard to pick one thing because I love everything that I put together. I just love that I was able to bring my ideas to life. I love that the stencil is the first thing you see when you walk into the room.

The bumpers my mom sewed are just phenomenal! I LOVE how the dresser gives the shabby room a complete look.

Of course, I do go overboard with all the ideas and get carried away. However, that is what creativity is all about. It might be a lot and overwhelming to some people but I love it overall. Hopefully, my daughter does too!

Did anyone else give any input on the room? If so, what?

I gave my mom and sister some ideas I had. My mom and dad were my superheroes since they were helping me a lot. I was eight months pregnant so I needed all the help I can get.

My dad was my handyman since he had to get on the ladder with his tape measure to hang the chandelier. While dad was working on that, my mom and I worked on the stencil.

Everything we put in was full of love. I even asked my husband for his opinions, but he said it wasn’t his forte.

What advice would you give to other mamas about how to make their dream room a reality?

Nothing is impossible! Find ideas you like, and don’t settle with the first thing you see. If you love something expensive, you can probably DIY to cut costs.

DIYing a room does take a lot of work and time, but if you are willing to put in a little effort, you will be amazed at how crafty you can be. Everything can be bought these days, but if you were to order everything new, it would be expensive. If you can find something old and ugly and revamp it to something new, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Overall, I am so in love with the room because I personalized it myself. The room turned out to be a masterpiece. I am obsessed with DIY-ing! I might as well be a DIY queen! Give it a shot or ask for help! And most importantly, have fun with it!

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