Connecticut Residents Lead the Country in the Search for Higher Income and Alternative Ways to Make Money

As Americans continue to face the threat of rising prices at the gas pump, checkout counter, and mortgage hikes, many are turning to the internet to explore alternative means of making money. 

According to a recent study, residents of Connecticut have been increasingly interested in how to make money quickly, with a massive spike in searches this past month. 

As part of their recent merger with Thrify Guardian, Mama Say What?! carried out research revealing that over 57,000 Americans searched for ways to make money quickly in the last year.

In this research study, Mama Say What?! analyzes which states’ residents are the most interested in making quick cash by assessing Google search data on Google Trends and Ahrefs and ranking the states by total volume of searches. 

States Searching for Quick Money-Related Terms Most in the Last 30 Days

Mama Say What?!’s study reveals that Connecticut is leading the charge with the highest rates of quick money-related terms searched in the last 30 days, with an overall score of 217. Their interest reflects a much larger ratio than other top states, with a gap of 15 points over the second-place state of Indiana, earning 202 points for search volume. 

Other noteworthy spreads include the gaps between second-place Indiana and third-place Missouri, who scored 202 and 191, respectively. 

In fourth place is South Carolina, with an overall score of 178, followed by Alabama in fifth, scoring 175. 

Sixth and seventh place are awarded to Tennessee and Idaho, respectively. Tennessee scores 171 points, and Idaho clocks in at 154 overall points. 

In eighth is Wisconsin, showing a high degree of interest in quick money-related queries with a score of 146. 

Georgia and Arizona secure the two remaining slots on the top ten list for 30-day search query volume. Georgia earns 145 points, and Arizona is not far behind, scoring 144 points overall. 

Perhaps most interesting of all the information in the given data points is Connecticut, which ranks number one in the 30-day list but doesn’t appear at all in the top ten list for states with high search volume over the last year. This difference indicates a substantial spike in interest for quick ways to make money in the state. 

Top States Searching for Quick Money-Making Terms in the Last 12 Months

In contrast to Connecticut’s recent spike in searches is the state of Oklahoma, which ranks first on the list of top states searching for quick money-related terms over the last 12 months. The fact that Oklahoma has dropped off the list in the past month indicates that the state has decreased overall interest in earning money quickly. This shift in interest can be due to several factors, and its rationale is difficult to speculate on. 

The states of Indiana and Missouri are in second and third places again, scoring 271 and 267, respectively. These states’ continued presence in the same rankings demonstrates an unwavering interest in searching quick money-making related terms. 

Also appearing on both lists are the states of South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia, which rank fourth, sixth, and eighth, respectively. Their consistent interest in these terms has varied slightly in the most recent month, but the volume has been significant enough to land them among the top ten in both instances. 

In fifth is Kentucky, with a score of 262, a mere four points behind South Carolina and only one point ahead of sixth place Alabama. 

The most significant score gap is between Alabama and North Carolina, where a spread of 22 points separates their sixth and seventh-place rankings. 

Completing the top ten for 12-month search volume are Michigan and Ohio, tied at 228 points overall. 

Terms Americans Are Searching for Online

For each of the states in the country, Mama Say What?! analyzed specific search terms to create their rankings. The three search terms assessed were:

  • How to make money – which yields an average of 43,000 searches monthly.
  • How to make money fast – which generated 57,000 searches monthly.
  • How to make money fast online – which yields 3,100 searches monthly.

This information reveals that Americans are interested in finding fast ways to make money but aren’t necessarily looking for online opportunities to do so. The large gap in search volume between “how to make money fast” and “how to make money fast online” reinforces this claim. 

As Americans continue to face elevated rates of inflation affecting mortgage rates, groceries, gas, and many more living costs, it is no surprise that search volume for these terms is significant. 

There are several avenues for pursuing additional income sources, whether online or in person, to help individuals achieve their financial goals.

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