E & R’s Rainbow First Birthday

This mama wanted to do something fun and awesome for her twin boys’ first birthday. She didn’t really want a theme other than color, and she totally made it all work.

She made lots of cookies, baked a beautiful six-layer cake, DId TWO beautiful stats chalkboards, and had lots of fun doing all of it (usually while wearing one of her boys on her back).

I love this party. I love all the colors and the amazing chalkboards. I hope it will inspire some of you!

What Inspired the Theme of the Party?

A rainbow cake of course! I have always loved blog stalking local photographers, one of them photographed a rainbow birthday cake and I fell in love when I saw it.

This was before Pinterest was popular, but I decided to keep the theme of COLOR even though everyone was doing it.

What was One Element of the Party that You are Particularly Proud of?

One? There are a few! LOL

The cake and cupcakes. I nearly killed myself over the cake. My foggy mama brain was making it way more complicated than it needed to be.

It wasn’t my first time baking a large cake but you would have thought it was! I tripled the recipe, then divided the batter into my bowls.

I dyed two of them, poured them into my baking pans then realized I had divided the batter in to five pans instead of six. Total fail.

I made chalkboard signs with their one year stats and favorites. I’m not really great with freehand drawing but they turned out way better than I expected! Now they hang in their bedroom. 

I’m also pretty proud of the shirts my boys wore, I sewed fabric onto their shirts, spelling out “one,” and I also sewed the “happy birthday” banner. They were my first sewing projects ever.

Did You Work With Any Vendors? If so, Who? What Did You Love About Them?

I used This Little Piggie Bank, an Etsy vendor, for the piggy bank sign-ins. She was fabulous! I didn’t want anything too “kid-like”or themed. I wanted a modern but classic font for their names so they could grow into them and she nailed it

I used A Fête Beckons, an Etsy vendor, for the cake bunting. She was great as well. I wanted color but not “rainbow,” just very fun and whimsical without being gender biased. She totally got my vision, was quick with communication and made me the perfect bunting.

I worked with Alex of Alex Tebow Designs to design the birthday party invitation. I knew I wanted a subway style look to have printed on balloons and she was quick and easy to work with.

She designed the card stock I used to tie the balloons and favors onto as well, since I couldn’t find what I was looking for at any craft stores. She also designed a little line-drawn coloring page that was attached to each favor.

What Was Your Favorite Moment of the Party?

Unfortunately my little guys were sick for their birthday and their party. R got to play a little but E was miserable and slept on my back most of the time. But as soon as it was cake time, he perked up and made a huge mess of the frosting on his cake. He loved it!

What Were the Birthday Boys’ Favorite Moments of the Party?

E definitely enjoyed his cupcake. He was covered in frosting, he has such a sweet tooth! R enjoyed playing in the ball pit. Balls are his favorite toy so he was in heaven being surrounded by them.

Is There Anything You Wish You Would Have Done Differently? If so, What?

Not really. I wanted something very low key and low stress. I think I was pretty successful with that… although, I would probably skip favors next time.

Any Advice You Would Give to Mamas Who are Planning a Party for Their Little One?

Don’t go overboard, this is your day too. The anniversary of becoming a mama. The anniversary of becoming a family. And the anniversary of surviving a crazy sleep-deprived year!

As a photographer it was hard for me to ask a friend to take cell phone pics when a part of me wanted to take photos of the cake smash myself, but it was more important to me to enjoy that moment with my boys. So even if you have to let go of some things, do it. You won’t regret it.

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