How We Make Our DIY Family Toy Story Costumes

We always have so much fun dressing up for Halloween as a family, and this year is no exception.

My son has chosen to be Woody from Toy Story, and my husband and I are going to dress up as the other characters from the movie.

We wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive, so I came up with some easy DIY costumes for less than $20 even without sewing!

My Son’s Woody Outfit

I found a Woody outfit that was on sale. To be honest, the price of the fabric would have been more than what I paid for the entire outfit. That was the easy one!

My Jessie the Cowgirl Custome

I picked Jessie the cowgirl to accompany my son Woody.

For my outfit, I already have an old button-down dress shirt, a pair of flared jeans, a pair of brown boots and a brown belt. To finish the outfit I bought these items for $15.

  • One yard of red yarn
  • One yard of white yarn
  • a half yard of yellow fabric
  • a fabric glue, a hat,
  • a half yard of cow print fabric

First, I lay the yellow fabric over the top front of the white shirt to outline the shape I wanted. Then cut the shape and glue the yellow fabric over the white shirt. Next, I used the red yarn to glue down the red lines.

For the yellow details on the cuffs, I utilized plastic cups with the bottoms removed and wrapped some of the yellow cloth around them before gluing them down.

For the details, I used a small brush and dipped in some red craft paint to paint on the small swirls. The cups slip right into my wrists and look just like Jessie’s cuffs.

I bought the red hat from a party store for $5, and wrapped the brim with some white yarn to look like Jessie’s hat.

For the hair, rather than making a full wig of red yarn hair, I cheated by gluing them to the hat.

So, I took a wide headband that I use when cleansing my face. Then, I stretched it around one of my son’s bouncy balls to secure it while gluing the yarn in place.

To make the yarn braid, I simply glued it down in rows, leaving long tails at the end. Then I braided the tails and tied them with a yellow ribbon. 

Whe I put the hat on, it makes me looke like i had a full red yarn hair. 

For the bottom half of the costume, I picked a pair of blue flare jeans. I cut out the cow print fabric in the shape of chaps and pinned each with some safety pins.

To complete my Jessie’s cowgirl look, I put on a pair of brown boots and a belt.

Buzz Lightyear Costume for My Husband

My husband went for the Buzz Lightyear this year.

To keep it inexpensive, he already has a basic white top and bottom from his previous costume. I only need a couple of large diaper cardboard boxes around the house, some purple fabric, craft paints, and a sharpie.

First, cut a circle out of the first cardboard box for the head and an upside-down U shape for each arm. Then I painted the details with craft paints and used a sharpie marker for the final accents like his name tag.

Use the second box to make the shape of the wings. Then paint the detail and hot glue to the back of the first box.

I used a quarter yard of purple fabric and cut it into the shape of the hood on each side before hot gluing it to each wing.

We finished the outfit by wrapping the half-yard of black fabric around the waist and pinning in the back.

I’m pleased with how all our costumes came out without spending much money. I can probably put many more details into it, but that’s not the point.

The entire process was stress-free, and we all had so much fun trick or treating with our family Toy story costumes.

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