91 Outdoor Activities for Kids They’ll Love

Winter is here, but there is still a heap of activities for you and your family to enjoy at this time of year. Plan for now and the coming seasons with this fun list of outdoor activities for kids of all ages!

It’s hard to get kids out and away from their devices, but if they have activities to do, they can rejoin the world and leave the screens behind!

Winter can be brutal because it’s cold, and no one may want to go outside, but it’s a great time to explore! Keeping your mind in a positive place is hard when it gets colder and the days get shorter. Find ways to stay upbeat and explore your winter wonderland with your family too.

We started the list with exciting winter activities since that is the season we are going into. Still, we included activities that can be done in the other seasons because why not plan for the warm summer days? They are not as far away as you think!

Winter Outdoor Activities for Kids

1. Snow Dodgeball

Snowball fights are a classic activity when fresh powder is on the ground. But why not take it to the next level and turn it into a game of dodgeball using snowballs? Get a big group together to make it more fun!

2. Snow Angel Contest

Making snow angels is great for kids and adults alike, so why not make it a contest? Whoever makes the best snow angel gets the first cup of hot chocolate when you go inside!

3. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the winter wonderland. Clear your head, have fun, and get some exercise ice skating at an outdoor rink or, if it’s safe, on a frozen pond!

4. Ice Block Building

Building with ice blocks can be done with blocks of all sizes. You can build mini structures with typical-sized ice cubes or find ways to make oversized ice blocks. The cold winter air will allow you to be creative and have fun. You can build an igloo or ice castle!

5. Ice Painting

Ice painting is an excellent activity for kids to express creativity and immerse themselves in sensory play. All you need is tempera paint, ice cubes, and popsicle sticks. It will be wet, messy, and fun for the whole family. The grownups will appreciate doing this activity in the open air as it won’t make a mess inside.

6. Snow Castle Village

This is another creative and fun, hands-on activity. You can all design and build one snow village or turn it into a competition and see who has the best snow skills! The family wins with fresh air, active brains, and hands-on exploration.

7. Skiing

Have you been thinking about trying skiing? Or are you an avid skier and last went a while ago? Hit the slopes and enjoy the crisp winter air! Even if you’re on the bunny hill, everyone has to start somewhere, and skiing is great exercise.

8. Snowboarding

Like skiing, snowboarding is another exciting outdoor winter activity the whole family can enjoy. Learn it from scratch or touch up your skills, but have fun no matter what!

9. Tubing

Tubing is an activity that you can enjoy for two seasons. You can go down snowy hills and float down rivers, depending on what season you are planning for. Try both and decide which one you like the best.

10. Bird Watching

Bird watching is a fun, educational, and relaxing way to spend a day. You can see what birds live near you, or take a road trip and see what birds live in different places you visit! Take pictures of the birds you see and make a family bird-watching book. It will be filled with fun memories and help the whole family learn more about these beautiful creatures. Best of all, you can do it all year round. Take notice of how the bird populations change with the seasons.

Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

As it gets warmer, you can add more outdoor activities for the kids. So plan ahead and see what will be best for your family.

11. Remote Car Race

Set up a race course in the driveway or an off-road path in your backyard or at the park. The kids will have fun racing their tiny cars, and a little competition is fun!

12. Remote Plane Race

Car races are fun, but what about planes? These races can be done in cold and hot weather. As long as it’s not too windy, get racing!

13. Fly a Kite

You can fly a traditional or stunt kite and try some new moves. It is a fun family activity that will get everyone outside and enjoying themselves. All you need is some wind, and you’re good to go!

14. Gardening

Creating a small family garden can be fun to get the kids outside. It’s a great educational activity for kids to learn about plants, and you can even grow veggies and fruits. Enjoy your yard and the healthy produce you will be growing there.

15. Zipline

Ziplining is fun and exciting! Take a trip to a park that has a zipline and enjoy the sites.

16. Picnic

You can have a picnic at home, the park, the beach, on a trail, or at any other fun outdoor place you can think of. Enjoy the scenery and the company with a great meal.

17. Play Tag

Playing tag is a great way to exercise and have fun outside. Let the kids run around and enjoy the outdoors.

18. Sprinkler Play

Sprinklers are a great way to cool off and enjoy the heat. Play some games under the water and have fun in the sun!

19. Slip & Slide

Like sprinkler play, slip and slides are a fun, refreshing way to cool off and enjoy the outdoors!

20. Pool Day

What’s better than a relaxing pool day? Cool off from a hot summer day, let the kids play, and enjoy the unplugged outdoor time. You can combine two items from our list and have a picnic while you’re there.

21. Beach Day

If you live near the beach, it is a great warm weather option for a fun day to play in the sand and the ocean. If you live far, plan a trip for it. The beach is perfect for enjoying the weather, relaxing, and having fun!

Walking on the boardwalk is a great way to enjoy the beach when it gets colder. Have you ever seen snow on the beach? It looks wild!

22. Bubbles

You can never get too old to enjoy bubbles. They are fascinating, inexpensive, and take very little planning to have fun with. Just pick up a bottle and enjoy!

23. Bounce House

You can have a bounce house at home or in the park. There are opportunities to rent or buy one. Set it up and enjoy! Everyone loves jumping in a bounce house. It’s an enticing way to get the kids unplugged and outside for a while.

24. Water Balloon Games

There are so many variations of games you can play with your kids when using water balloons. Do a partner toss, dodgeball with water balloons, or an old-school water balloon fight. There are so many other options you can choose to do as well. Just keep your imagination handy and have fun!

25. Obstacle Course

Building the obstacle course is half the fun. Set it up, get the kids, have them get friends and family, break up into teams and go for it. The winning team gets ice cream!

26. Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is both enjoyable and helpful. Clean your unwanted stuff, have fun, and make some extra cash. Where’s the downside?

27. Car Wash

Having a carwash can be just for friends and family, or you can set it up with a larger group to raise money for something. No matter what, it’s a fun outdoor activity the whole family can get involved in.

28. Tye Dye Party

If you ask any mom, tye dye is best done outside because of the mess it will make in the house. Pick out the kids’ favorite colors, grab some rubberbands and whatever you want to tye dye, and head outside to make some beautiful things.

29. Have a Bbq

Barbecues are yummy and fun. You can play yard games with the kids or invite their friends over, and you relax while they play. Everyone will have a great time, and no one will go home hungry!

30. Paint a Mural

Pick a wall or a driveway. You can use other mediums, such as salt and chalk. You can also use oversized paper if you need a surface you want to design. Let the kids’ creativity fly.

31. Squirt Gun Painting

You can set up a large mural paper or easels and let everyone make their own! Everyone gets to be outside, get creative, and who doesn’t like finding another way to use water guns?

32. Botanical Garden Walk

Get out for a walk in a garden to enjoy some flora (and maybe fauna) with the whole family. Try having the kids bring a sketchbook so they can try to draw some of the flowers for added fun.

33. Sensory Sand Play

You can set up a traditional sandbox or try out kinetic sand for the kids to explore and have fun with. Make different creations with the sand, or have a sandbox scavenger hunt! The possibilities for outdoor play in the sand are endless!

34. Crayon Melting

This messy but enjoyable activity is a great outdoor craft for any season. Choose a design, draw it out and help the kids start melting. If you like your plan, you can hang up the kids’ artwork at home later!

35. Fruit Picking

There are fun options for fruit picking in the summer, but it also makes a great fall activity. Why not take the family and make a day of it? The kids will enjoy picking their snacks, and everyone will get fresh air to keep their minds clear and relaxed.

36. Scavenger Hunt

You can set this up or find things in nature, but make a list, invite friends and family to join, and see what you can find! Everyone will enjoy discovering the items on their list, and you can make teams to see who will win.

37. Family Walk

Going for a walk can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend some time outside on a nice day. Who says only the dog can enjoy a walk around your neighborhood? You can also go to a park or the beach for a nice walk the kids will enjoy too.

38. Body Painting

Body paint can vary from face painting to kids painting their whole body. It’s a fun outdoor activity that will allow creativity and fun; all you have to do is hose everyone down at the end!

39. Unfreeze Your Prize

This is a creative way to enjoy a hot day outside. Freeze some small items in ice cube trays ahead of time, and let the kids figure out how to get them out of the ice! They will enjoy breaking and melting it without damaging the toy inside. After they get it out, they can keep playing with their prizes. It’s a win-win!

40. Go Bouldering

Take a class on how to start bouldering, or teach the kids what you already know! It’s a fun activity the whole family can enjoy together, and it’s great exercise.

41. Go Rock Climbing

Similarly to bouldering, this is a great way to get the kids involved in a fun outdoor activity you can try with an instructor or on your own if you have experience. This activity can be a fun way to explore and enjoy nature!

42. Activities Jar

Plan an activity or craft and place everything you need in a jar with instructions. The kids can take it outside and go to town, making their creations with everything you have provided in the jar.

43. Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure-hunting map, and hide the clues and treasure. Invite some of the kids’ friends over and let them go! They will have fun following the clues to find the treasure and have fun outside!

44. Go to The Zoo

Going to the zoo is fun for the whole family. Take a nice walk and enjoy seeing animals with the family.

45. Sea Shell Art

You can buy shells to do crafts with or go to the beach and collect some. Bring them home and see what the kids come up with. Let their creativity fly!

46. Go to Craft Fairs

These fairs show up in the summer and fall. They are a fun way to take a walk and enjoy the weather with your kids while also looking at some fun things to buy if you want!

47. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables for later while taking a nice walk with your family.

48. Outdoor Movie Night

Let the kids invite friends or host a family movie night in the yard. You can pick a movie, make some snacks and enjoy the evening outside!

49. Create a Family Picture Journal

This can be an ongoing activity. Take some walks, day trips, and long weekends together, and have the kids take pictures as you enjoy the sites. You can print the photos with them later and create a picture journal of your explorations outside.

50. Make an Animal Feeder

You can set up a squirrel or bunny feeder in your yard and let the kids help build and decorate it–then enjoy watching the animals use it. It’s a great activity for learning and outdoor enjoyment.

51. Flower Pressing

Collecting flowers and pressing them is a fun way to save beautiful flowers! The kids can learn about the flowers they press and enjoy doing it all while spending time outside.

52. Water Table Play

Water tables are primarily for the little ones, but they are a fun way to explore the water safely. They can play independently or with a group, but they will have fun no matter what!

53. Rock Painting

You can buy a set and have the kids paint the rocks outside, or spend some time finding rocks and then paint them on your own. The kids can make rock creations and have fun doing it.

54. Play I Spy

I Spy doesn’t have to be confined to the car.  It is an easy, fun “on the fly” activity that gets the kids outside for a while.

55. Go for a Hike

Hikes are a fun way to get out and explore. Have some fun, and see what you find outside with the kids.

56. Play Volleyball

Go to a beach or park volleyball court to play and have fun with the family. You can even set up a net at home and play with a balloon for fun and less intensive play.

57. Go Fishing

Enjoy a day out on a boat with a fishing charter, or find a place to fish on shore. Have some fun and enjoy time catching dinner!

58. Go to The Aquarium

Go spend a fun day watching the fish. Aquariums are indoor/outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy.

59. Play Handball

You can go to the park and play with the kids or watch them play independently! Handball is a fun way to stay active and get outside.

60. Community Bike Wash

Get the neighborhood together and wash away. The kids can have fun getting soapy together and then go for a ride on their clean new bikes.

61. Play Aqua Limbo

Turn on the hose and see who can go the lowest without getting wet! This fun activity will keep the kids cool and provides an opportunity for fun and laughs.

62. Make a Sprinkler

Get their creative juices flowing and have the kids make their sprinklers out of water bottles. Before hooking them up to the water, talk about where the water will go when it’s connected. See if they were right, and have fun doing it!

63. Climb Trees

Climbing trees can be a fun “on the fly” activity for the kids when you go to the park. Or if you have a great tree in your yard, it can be an ongoing activity to see who can get higher!

64. Go to a Game

Spend a fun day at the ballpark and enjoy the weather while you watch the game. The whole family can join in and have fun, or you can bring friends!

65. Play Sports

Get a group together, set up teams, and play some sports. Why not go back to this classic outdoor activity for kids and watch them have fun?

66. Play Mini Golf

Mini golf is always a fun and challenging way to spend time outside.

67. Go Horse Riding

Go to a horse farm or trail and enjoy the scenery while enjoying the company of your horse, family, and friends. The kids and adults will have a blast with this activity.

68. Build a Fort

You can get some sheets, rope, and clothes pins to hold it all up. The kid can build and play in it for an exciting day outside.

69. Go on a Road Trip

Road trips are so much fun! Why not throw the family in the car and take the scenic route to a new destination? Roll the windows down if it’s nice out, and enjoy the weather on your adventure to your new outdoor destination.

70. Make a List of Parks and Visit Them

Speaking of road trips, why not choose a park you have always wanted to explore and road trip there? Sit down with your family and choose the places you want to visit. This way, you can make it a new family experience each time you go! You can also do a photo journal or a scrapbook with your family’s journeys. It’s fun and a great way to bring the family together outdoors.

71. Go Stargazing

Your kids can use their imaginations and draw pictures of the stars, finding constellations and new patterns in the sky! If you live in the city and can’t see enough stars, go for a road trip and enjoy the beautiful night sky with your family. It changes all year round, so this is a great activity to repeat when you want to see the differences in the patterns in the sky.

72. Have a Hula Hoop Contest

How long can you hula hoop? Your kids will love trying to go as long as they can to try to beat their family and friends! Will they win a prize? Who will win? It’s an exciting, simple game you can play any time of year. It gets a group together and gets everyone outside.

73. Go Cloud Gazing

Like star gazing, this activity allows your kids to be creative and find what they see in the sky. A great book to pair with this activity before you head out with your little ones is “Looks Like Spilled Milk.” It’s all about finding shapes and items in the clouds. It helps the little ones open up their imaginations to see it in a story first, so add it to the activity!

74. Have a Bonfire

Bonfires are fun when you have a safe location to have one. Get a big group together, and let the kids enjoy the warm fire and the company!

75. Play Capture The Flag

This classic is always a great option if you can get a big group of kids or kids and adults together!

76. Make Wishing Rock Stacks

Test your child’s ability to balance things. Wishing rock stacks are fun, and it’s exciting to make a wish at the end.

77. Make Sandcastles

A day at the beach is never complete without a sandcastle! Haven’t been to the beach in a while? Make a trip and enjoy it. If you live too far to go spontaneously, try making a sandcastle in the sandbox. The kids will enjoy it either way!

78. Join a Race

Running or walking is up to you and the kids, but joining a race can be enjoyable and great for you. It doesn’t have to be a traditional race, either. There are tons of fun obstacle course races and color races now to fit everyone’s interests!

79. Make Playdough

There are great recipes online for homemade playdough. It’s so simple, and you only need a few ingredients. Set it up outside and see how many colors they can make!

80. Stamp Playdough With Nature

Using the playdough, have the kids search the yard, the park, the beach, or anywhere else you can go. They can make stamps in the playdough with items such as leaves, rocks, shells, branches, and coral. Let them dry out, or take pictures, fold them back up, and make more prints! It is up to your kids how they want to be creative with this fun outdoor activity.

81. Draw With Sidewalk Chalk

This classic activity is excellent to keep around the house, so you can use it when you need something for the kids to do outside. It washes off, it’s a great creative outlet for them to play with, and it’s fun!

82. Play Kickball

Kickball is a classic team sport to play, and it’s so much fun! Plan an afternoon to get your children’s friends together so they can play.

83. Play Dodgeball

Dodgeball is another classic outdoor activity for a large group of kids. You can change it up by using water balloons if you want to!

84. Have a Campfire and Make Smores

Camping or not, a fire is always relaxing and fun! If you have a safe place to have a campfire, why not make some smores and enjoy the evening with friends and family?

85. Make a Butterfly Feeder and Butterfly Watch

Watching butterflies is relaxing and enjoyable. They are so pretty! Your little ones can have fun making a butterfly feeder, and the fun can continue when they watch them eat.

86. Go to a Concert

An outdoor concert is a fun way to spend an evening with friends and family. Enjoy some live music together!

87. Make Puff Paint and Create a Masterpiece

Puff paint is messy, which is why it’s an excellent outdoor and sensory activity. Who doesn’t love playing with shaving cream as a kid?

88. Have a Backyard Game Night

Game nights are a great way to get everyone together, so why not bring it outside? You can all enjoy a night under the stars and play games together!

89. Have a Field Day

Why not have a backyard or park field day? Another good reason to get friends and family together to have fun outside. You can do a barbeque also and enjoy a nice meal together!

90. Design and Build a “Fairy Village”

This imagination-based activity is a beautiful way to have kids be creative with nature.

91. Make a Scrapbook

Document all the fun activities the kids are doing and make a scrapbook while you all sit outside and enjoy the weather on a nice day!

The Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Kids

Keeping a positive attitude and mindset can sometimes be challenging. Doing fun outdoor activities with your kids is a great way to promote positive thinking, enjoyable family time, and outdoor integration. These are essential for everyone’s mental health and wellness. Make some new memories and enjoy the outdoors!

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geek and has been republished with permission by Mama Say What?!

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