Is InstaGC as Instant as Implied?

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Is InstaGC worth my time, or is it just another scam survey site? Let’s discuss…

As you hopefully already know, I wrote about how to make money via InboxDollars. I made over $50 in just about an hour with minimal effort. $50 might not be much, but it’s this month’s internet bill to me. Recently, though, I came across a site promising instant money. INSTANT money? I have to see it to believe it…

I decided to try out InstaGC today, this site that will supposedly provide instant money through gift cards. When I originally signed up, I’ll be honest in that I never did anything beyond that initial sign-up as it seemed intimidating, and I wasn’t sure it’d be worth it.

InstaGC Review

Once I dove into it, though, it turned out to be quite worth it!

Here’s the breakdown of my first actual experience with it:

InstaGC Surveys

I enjoy that these surveys seem to give you at least a preview of what they’re looking for. Little annoys me more than spending 15 minutes on a “pre-survey” only to find out I don’t qualify and have wasted my time. After just under 15 minutes, I made $7. Okay, so maybe it’s not INSTANT money, but that’s a pretty nice figure for just 15 minutes. Of the four surveys I attempted, I only failed to qualify for one. Compared to other survey companies I’ve dealt with, this is fantastic. I’m usually lucky to qualify for one out of four, not the other way around!

InstaGC Videos – A Waste of Time?

Watching the videos definitely isn’t worth it (looking at maybe 1 cent for every 20 minutes – yikes!), but if you’re bored and just surfing around anyway, then checking these out might work for you.

I also checked out the Facebook subcategory and completed six offers for a total of .08 cents in about 30 seconds. That doesn’t sound like much, but if I could do that consistently, it’d be nearly $10/hour.

I toyed around with some of the other avenues (including creating this review post) and this site has definite potential.

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