Lucas Luggage Reviews (2023) – What You Should Know Before You Buy!

If you want a blend of luxury and affordability, then look no further than Lucas Luggage. The Lucas brand luggage sells reasonably priced luggage and has a wide range of suitcases for customers to choose from.

In this Lucas luggage reviews 2023, we explore the brand’s offerings, its different Lucas luggage collection and their unique features to help you evaluate if Lucas luggage is most suitable for your needs.

Lucas Luggage Overview

Lucas Luggage is a travel brand owned by 24/7 International LLC. The same Lucas brand Luggage also offers many additional luggage labels, including Andiamo, Pathfinder, Ciao, Steve Madden, Nicole Miller, Caribbean Joe, Rosetti, Lily Bloom, and Kathy Van Zeeland.

According to the little information accessible online, 24/7 International LLC was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Pine Brook, New Jersey. Essentially, the organization only designs and sells the Lucas luggage, while the whole manufacturing process is outsourced.

Primarily, the 24/7 International LLC business model is business to business (B2B) as opposed to business to customer model (B2C), meaning that Lucas lovers will only purchase the suitcases from other online and retail stores like Amazon, who buy them wholesale.

Lucas has a blanket of ten products under Lucas’s collection. These products include electronic accessories, spinner checked luggage, large checked luggage, medium checked luggage, mini backpacks, and soft side checked luggage, amongst others.

The Lucas luggage is the optimal choice for those in search of lightweight, efficient, and transportable luggage! The bag is versatile enough to be used for both shorter and longer journeys.

Lucas Comparison Table

Image Product Features Price
LUCAS Ultra Lightweight Carry On - Softside LUCAS Ultra Lightweight Carry-On – Softside
  • Product Dimensions 20 x 8 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight 5.8 pounds
  • Colour: Black
  • Department: Unisex-Adult (luggage only)
  • Model Number: N/A
Lucas Luggage Sport 4-Piece Expandable Lucas Luggage Sport 4-Piece Expandable
  • Product dimensions:
    • Gym duffel: 20 X 12 X 10 inches
    • Small upright: 21 X 13.3 X 10.2 inches
    • Medium upright: 25 X 15 X 11.5 inches
    • Large upright: 29 X 16.5 X 12.5 inches
  • Weight:
    • Gym duffle bags: 1.5 lbs
    • Small upright: 7 lbs
    • Medium upright: 8 lbs
    • Large upright: 10 lbs
  • Colour: Blue
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Model Number: 10487271
Lucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase Lucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Carry-on: 21.8 X 13.5 X 9 inches
    • Medium: 25.8 X 16.7 X 10.3 inches
    • Large: 30.1 X 19.6 X 11.2 inches
  • Weight:
    • Carry-on: 7.1 pounds
    • Medium: 8.2 pounds
    • Large: 9.6 pounds
  • Colour: Purple
  • Department: Unisex
  • Model Number: N/A
Best Checked In Luggage

Lucas Outlander hard case 24

Lucas Outlander hard case 24″ Expandable
  • ABS (abrasion-resistant plastic) exterior
  • Rotating wheels provide 360 degrees
  • Storage Capacity 60 liters
Lucas Luggage 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase Lucas Luggage 3-Piece Rolling Suitcase
  • Product dimensions: 34.5 x 21 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 28.9 pounds
  • Colour: Stratus Olive
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Model Number: N/a


Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score
Lucas Treadlight 20 Inch Carry On Luggage Collection -Expandable Scratch Resistant 7.3 6.8
20 Inch Spinner Carry-On Luggage Suitcase Expandable Travel Bag With TSA approved Locks Lucas Luggage 7.5 7.0
Lucas Designer Luggage Carry On Collection – Expandable 20 Inch Suitcase – Durable 7.7 7.2
Lucas Luggage ABS Carry On Hard Case 20” Rolling Suitcase With Spinner Wheels 7.9 7.2
Lucas Designer Luggage Collection Durable Softside Expandable Suitcase Black New 8.4 7.9
Lucas Designer Luggage Collection Durable Softside Expandable Suitcase Black 8.6 8.1
Lucas Designer Luggage Collection – Expandable 28 Inch Softside Bag – Durable Large 8.8 8.3
Lucas Designer Carry On Luggage Collection – Lightweight Pattern 22 Inch Duffel Bag 9.1 8.6
Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On – Softside 20 Inch Expandable Luggage – Small 9.6 9.1
Lucas Designer Luggage – Expandable 24 Inch Softside Bag – Durable Mid-Sized 9.8 9.3

Lucas Top Products

There are plenty of luggage types on the market, including hard and soft liners for travel. Travel products are grouped by categories carry-on luggage, checked luggage, softside luggage, spinner wheels luggage, rolling luggage, lightweight luggage, luggage sets, suitcase scooters for kidsRolling kids backpackluggage for older travelers, travel duffel bags, and under seat carry-on.

The majority of the Lucas luggage customers are repeat buyers who have used Lucas suitcases for years, spanning over a decade in most cases.

While many customers agree that the Lucas products are not suitable for a frequent traveler, the majority still opt for the luggage and continue to purchase Lucca’s products because they are cheap and durable enough to last a few years.

Below we look at some of Lucas top products across all the categories.

1. Lucas Softshell Luggage

Lucas has a number of softshell suitcases, all available for sale on Amazon for a bargain.

Lucas softside luggage collection delivers great durability together with a fashionable design.

While their prices differ, they are all affordable and working budgetary considerations.

LUCAS Ultra Lightweight Carry On - Softside


The expandable luggage provides lots of packing space for your personal belongings; Helps you adhere to airline weight restrictions and avoid unneeded airport fees, making it the best suitcase for domestic and international travels.

Special features

  • The ultra-weight carry-on comes in three colors: diva, old-school navy, black, and royal blue.
  • The 8-spinner wheel system allows smooth, 360-degree movement over any rough terrain for complete mobility and free-weight rolling.
  • The storage capacity is approximately 36 Litres when it is not expanded
Lucas Luggage Sport 4-Piece Expandable


The Sport Lightweight range from Lucas provides a high-end vacationing experience. The durable polyester construction will keep your belongings safe in any situation. The uprights conceal cushioned backpack straps for use in the great outdoors and rough terrain.

The gym duffel bag has two zippered compartments on the front and two huge zippered compartments on the sides, both open in a U-shape. The baggage is lightweight and compact, so you can always look good on the road.

Special features

  • The Sport Lightweight collection comes in a value set, which includes two suitcases, a load, and a regular duffel bag.
  • The suitcase is made from polyester fabric to protect your belongings.
  • The uprights have hiding padded backpack straps that are convenient for outdoor activity and tough road environments.


2. The Hardshell Suitcases

For Lucas hardshell luggage, the color is one of their major distinct features. The hardshell suitcases can be grouped into Treadlite and Outlander hard-side collections.

Lucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase


Lucas’s hard side collection, particularly the Treadlite suitcases, look like everyday hardshell suitcases. The Treadlite luggage has a perfect balance between lightweight and durability. The aircraft-grade aluminum handles are extra lightweight while maintaining a high standard for shock absorption.

Special Features

  • The luggage is made of Scratch Resistant textured hard side shell (ABS) to protect your belongings while travelling.
  • This suitcase comes with a ribbed shell, and the exterior of the luggage has a composite polycarbonate shell and PC Film. Films made from PC have excellent puncture resistance, low scratch, and solvent resistance.
  • The Treadlite collection features three suitcases – a 20-inch carry-on and 24-inch and 28-inch checked suitcases.


Best Checked-In Luggage
Lucas Outlander hard case 24-inch Expandable

In terms of portability and durability, the Lucas hard side series is unparalleled. Aircraft-grade aluminum was used to manufacture the grips. It is a lightweight suitcase, a hardside suitcase and highly shock-absorbing four spinner wheels with interior polyester fabric.

The suitcases have an ABS (abrasion-resistant plastic) exterior with a textured surface to prevent scratches. Unique structures are also built into the corners and around the sides to make the area more secure.

The rotating wheels provide 360 degrees of freedom to roll smoothly in every direction while also eliminating the need to use your arms. The Ergonomic handle grips allow for maximum control of your suitcase while traveling and moving through crowded airports

Lucas suitcase review claims that the dimensions of the Lucas suitcase with wheels and handles are 25.8 X 16.7 X 10.3 inches. While the Outlander hardshell is not a carry-on, there is a carry-on version of it available in the same style and build.

The storage capacity is approximately 60 liters, and the weight of the luggage is approximately 7.7 lbs.

Lucas Luggage 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase


The Lucas hard-side line is ideal for the style-conscious traveler who appreciates the finer things in life. The ABS + PC construction of the body is intended to safeguard your possessions to the greatest extent possible.

The handles are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making them very light yet meeting rigorous stress absorption specifications. The directional spinning wheels allow for upright rolling in 360 degrees and numerous directions, considerably reducing the strain on your arm. Just relax and enjoy the ride with Lucas.

Special features

  • The interior is fully lined with multi-use organizational pockets, making it easy to pack clothes.
  • The telescoping push-button locking handle adjusts to multiple heights for comfort when rolling the case.
  • The wheel design allows for 360-degree rotation for the light, effortless maneuvering
  • The Lucas hard-side luggage set includes three sizes of the suitcase: 20 inches 27 inches, and 31 inches.


Lucas Luggage Top Features

Lucas Luggage offers an affordable brand. However, Lucas luggage has the basic features of any other Suitcase within its price range. Below, we highlight Lucas Luggage top features

Lightweight Construction

We compared the average weight of empty suitcases and found out that a carry-on is 7.9 lbs. That’s where Lucas shines against other brands. The lightweight construction of most Lucas luggage makes them suitable for travel.

They are a good brand of luggage for domestic and international adventures because many airlines have strict carry-on weight restrictions; therefore, saving a few pounds on your carry-on can be invaluable.

The Lucas Ultra Lightweight carry-on weighs just 5.8 lbs, and the Lucas Outlander Hardside carry-on is just 6.5 lbs. Lucas offers some of the most lightweight suitcases on the market.

Expandable Zippers

The majority of Lucas luggage features expanding zippers. Sometimes, budget-friendly companies omit them in order to reduce expenses, but if you tend to overpack, having one is imperative.

In essence, the expandable zippers enable you to widen the bag by 2-3 inches, adding about 25% more packing capacity. Sometimes carry-ons with open extensible zippers are wider than allowed, necessitating that you check them.

Luggage Space

The packing possibilities in both the carry-on and checked Lucas luggage are few. On the outside, soft-sided suitcases often have one or two exterior pockets for easy access to papers and other necessities, while on the inside of Lucas hardside luggage bags, you’ll find a similar number of inside pockets for organization, as well as compression straps to keep your clothing in place.

The 16-inch Underseat Cabin Bag is also equipped with a removable makeup case and a padded compartment for your laptop.

Double Spinner Wheels (two wheels)

Some of the Lucas collections, like the Lucas Ultra Lightweight luggage series, come with double-spinner wheels. When compared to single wheels, double wheels are preferable because they are stronger, the rubber coating lasts longer, and they roll more smoothly.

Some of the Lucas bags, however, come with standard wheels, therefore, we recommend going for the models with eight wheels rather than four.

Ergonomic Design

When compared with other affordable luggage brands, it is safe to say that Lucas has put in quite an effort into the design. Although the majority of their suitcases appear simple and down-to-earth, some of their models come in vibrant patterns that will stand out among the other bags on the luggage conveyor belt.

In all, the Lucas luggage is built for comfort and convenience and is easy to drag along. Its ergonomic handle provides easy maneuverability because it has a natural and comfortable grip. Luggage with Ergonomic handles instantly hooks onto most rolling luggage, folding carts, shopping bags, rolling backpacks, carry-on items, and more for easy movement.


Wide wheel positioning provides better balance and resistance from falling forward/ unique base structure – specially developed cases provide additional strength and stability.


The Lucas luggage is good travel luggage and can serve as gym bags, sports bags, overnight luggage, weekend bags, backpacks,  airplane carry-ons, and other multi-purpose luggage.

It also can be used in hospitals, such as a bag for nurses and bags for labour and delivery. Also, check out our guide on the Best Backpack for Doctors to discover options ideal for your medical gear and daily needs.

Scratch Resistance

Lucas textured hard side shell is made of a thermoplastic known as ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), many of which are scratch-resistant to help protect customers’ belongings while traveling.

Pros And Cons

Lucas Luggage is an affordable luggage brand compared to other luggage brands. The brand is suitable for lightweight travelers and traders across all levels. The brand is suitable for different categories of travelers, however, some may appreciate Lucas luggage more than others.

Before we take a deep dive into the Lucas luggage reviews, let’s highlight some of its benefits and limitations. Here are some Lucas Luggage pros and cons:


  • Lightweight:  Lucas has many ultralight luggage options. Comparatively, the Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry-On weighs in at only 5.8 pounds, whereas the average carry-on weighs about 8 pounds.
  • Affordable: Priced at less than $70, a Lucas carry-on is reasonably priced. While it may not be the cheapest luggage brand, Lucas is still rather affordable compared to many others.
  • Positive Lucas luggage review and ratings: Lucas has received favorable ratings. Some of Lucas luggages have gotten less than stellar feedback, but overall, the collection has been quite well received, with most luggages receiving  4.6 ratings or above out of 5.


  • Not suitable for frequent travelers:

Lucas lightweight luggage may very well be an advantage to some; however, it is considered a disadvantage to others. Travelers who take five or more flights every year should look further than Lucas suitcases because they are not the target audience and may need something more hard-wearing.

On the other hand, leisure travelers who only travel once or twice a year will find Lucas luggage very handy and may utilize the luggage for up to three to five years without wearing the luggage out.

  • Inefficient Warranty:

The Lucas luggage warranty is valid for a period of time. For Lucas’ suitcases, there is a limited warranty of 5 years. Some other products only have a 2-year warranty, however, the brand only has a very basic warranty that only covers manufacturer defects. Generally, damage caused by a vehicle, transport accident, or aircraft is not refundable.

  • Basic features

It would be unreasonable to expect a low-priced bag to contain frills like a TSA-approved lock or a separate compartment for toiletries. Lucas delivers the essentials required of fully functional luggage for its price tag.

  • Advertised specifications do not tally with the realities of the customers:

Many Lucas luggage reviews have complained that the bags are slightly heavier than advertised. The Lucas Ultra Lightweight carry-on lacks proper side handles.

Lucas Luggage Reviews — At a Glance

Quality Material

As earlier mentioned, Lucas is not suitable for frequent travel, thanks to the cheaper materials used for production.  The Lucas fabric suitcases are made from polyester fabric, and the hard side suitcases are made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

For context, the above-listed materials are the cheapest materials in the market, and as expected, they are also the least durable. For Lucas’s hardside luggage, durable materials like polycarbonate and thermoplastic olefin (TPOs), like polypropylene, are often used because they are more durable.

When it comes to fabric bags, nylon is a favored option. For Lucas luggage, the material used on the lightweight is often too thin. While this allows for more interior room and weight specifications to carry more items, however, the quality does not permit the luggage ample durability.

In addition, the zippers and materials used for some wheeled Lucas luggage are not of high quality, falling off and giving way at every slight pressure. The material of a piece of luggage is a telltale sign, so it is best to keep an eye on the materials when purchasing a suitcase. A soft shell case with a greater density is better made.

User Experience and Ratings

Based on the 201 global ratings and customer reviews of Lucas luggage on Amazon, Lucas has an overall 4.6-star rating on Amazon, with many users praising its functional design and how lightweight yet sturdy it is. 77 percent of customers rated the luggage five stars, while 4 percent rated the luggage 1 and 2 stars.

Overall, the brand is touted to have great designs, be reasonably priced, and be of good quality. However, the lack of warranty and poor zipper quality were the major complaints.

Customer Service

Lucas has poor customer service, to the frustration of its customers. Lucas’s customer service is notoriously hard to get in touch with, slow to respond, and unwilling to reimburse shipping costs or provide a refund for damaged or defective products under warranty.

In such a circumstance, it is more convenient for them to just buy new luggage rather than fix the old one.


Lucas luggage warranty terms are pretty vague, however, the warranty covers various other suitcases ranging from 2 years to five years. The Warranty is not full coverage as only manufacturing defects are covered.

Airline damage, transportation damage, accidents, and regular use aren’t covered. To recover a damaged Lucas luggage, the customer needs to present a copy of the receipt or invoice with the 11-digit serial number.

The customer is also required to take responsibility for part of the shipping cost, which is around $15 by check or $20, depending on the location.


Lucas luggage price varies, depending on whether they are soft-shell or hard-shell suitcases. However, here are the price ranges for Lucas luggage:

$60-$100 for a softside suitcase.

$70-$100 for hardside suitcases.

$180-$250 for a luggage set.


What does the Lucas luggage warranty cover?

Any functional issues with your Lucas baggage are covered by their warranty. This includes damaged wheels, zippers, ripped fabric, and broken handles. Aesthetic issues like scratches, stains, and color fading are not compensated for.

The Lucas luggage warranty is great since it does not matter in what way the new bag was damaged.

Are plastic suitcases better?

When subjected to bumps and bangs, hardshell luggage will be able to absorb the force, whereas a soft suitcase would not. Fabric bags are more susceptible to damage from use than plastic ones, although this may sometimes be a problem since it reduces the bag’s useful life.

Is polypropylene better than polycarbonate?

Polypropylene’s compact construction and long service life make it the superior choice. When it comes to weight, luggage made from polycarbonate is often heavy and studier and often a more portable option.

How much should I pay for a good suitcase?

An over-priced designer luggage costs between 1,500 to 2,000 dollars. Many other luxury brands can be gotten for 200-400 dollars.

Durable and high-quality suitcases cost between 150-300 dollars. However, there are other affordable pieces of luggage that cost far less, and it all depends on how much you are willing to spend and how long you intend to use the suitcase.

How do you measure luggage?

When taking a measurement of your bag’s dimensions, you should always keep the handles retracted and the bag flat on the floor. The height of the wheel’s handle would likely be the highest position, so that’s where you should start measuring.

What is the best checked luggage size?

Most commonly used check bags are 25 – 29 inches long and vary in length. Medium-sized checked baggage measures 25 – 26 inches long with an average width of 18 x 20 inches. The average carrying bag weighs 8.4 pounds, and Lucas lightweight bags have a capacity of 5.8 kg.

One large suitcase usually contains enough for a week of vacation, and they are easy to use.


If you want a luxury travel experience with a lightweight and affordable suitcase, visit Amazon to get the different Lucas luggage. Lucas suitcase review suggests that they have an excellent luggage brand selection with TSA locks that is worth looking at.

Most Lucas suitcases are super lightweight and give an incredible feeling to travel worldwide. They may not be the most durable brand out there, but they sure provide excellent designs and options for frequent travelers.

Also, check our article, the comparison between Lucas Luggage Vs Samsonite Luggage.

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