Baby Carrier Review and Comparison: Ergo, Beco & Líllébaby

If you have tried babywearing, I know you love it. If you are considering it, you will love it. I have always loved my old Beco carrier, which stood the test for both my husband and me.

We used it well into toddlerhood, probably to the max recommendation of 4 years. 

Now on my second baby, I have added many new carriers to my impressive haul, and I love trying out new ones.

I recently reviewed one of my latest favorites, the Líllébaby Complete Organic carrier. I have to say this is a go-to for me as I grab one to leave the house.

The latest Airflow edition from Líllébaby gets a redesign with new features, which I can’t wait to try. Such as easy-to-adjust straps for both front and back carry, and it even has a pocket.

Things without pockets don’t make sense. I think I am going to love it.

I was also lucky enough to get my hands on an Ergo360. These two carriers often go head to head as they are the leaders in carrying your baby facing out.

To top it off, I added a third option in the review, as three is often the magic number. This 3rd option is from my much-loved brand Beco. I certainly loved its predecessor. So how will the new Beco Gemini win me back?

The key feature they all have in common is the ergonomic design that allows you to carry your baby facing forwards or backward. In this review, I will give my thoughts and summarize some of the pros, and cons of all three.

Ergo, Beco & Líllébaby Reviewed

In case you were wondering, I would say I am slightly taller than average, average build, and my baby is a typical weight for his age, ten months as I write this.


Ergo is a pretty famous brand for soft-structured baby carriers. I have tried out the Organic and Sport versions in the pas,t and found both pretty comfy. 

So it comes as no surprise that the latest redesign, the Ergo360, should be a carrier you seriously consider.

This latest version brings the option to carry your baby in four ergonomic positions.

When you first pick up the Ergo360, you instantly notice the quality fabric that feels sturdy and durable. Not the softest, but you know it will take anything you throw at it.

Then get thrown on the washer and come out ready to go again.

The section at the top of the carrier provides excellent support for your baby’s head and neck. Then as your baby grows, it continues to support your toddler’s back. There is also a handy rain/sun hood stored inside.

However, I can’t help but feel that I won’t use the hood that often, instead just using the sun hat I chose for the day – or not taking my baby out in the rain. Instead, this would have made a great pocket for my wallet or phone (when on silent).

This section does use buttons for closure, and at first, I was like, seriously? Just fit a zipper. But the size and openings are well thought out, and I could use them with one hand.

Adjusting the seating area is also easy, using the same well-thought-out buttons. Once you have gotten used to it, you can make these adjustments without removing the carrier.

The carrier’s design is for use with babies above fifteen pounds. Still, if you feel strongly and want to use the carrier earlier, you can buy a separate insert.

The overall size is smaller than the others, so it might not stretch as far into those toddler years, but I base that on my size. The weight limit is 35 pounds, so lucky petit mamas might be fine.

If you want to use a carrier for as long as possible, this might not be the carrier for you, especially with the higher price tag.

The most noticeable difference for the Ergo was the velcro waistband and a small security buckle. It feels comfortable but doesn’t feel as robust, and if you use the carrier frequently, I am worried the Velcro won’t last.


  • Velcro has to be aligned. If not, it catches any suitable material that comes near you, eventually building up, so it no longer attaches.
  • Taking off a large Velcro strap is noisy – babies tend not to like noise.
  • It’s impossible to make minor adjustments like you would with a strap and buckle/clip. Instead, you have to peel the whole Velcro strap off and re-wrap yourself. All while taking great care of the alignment, as mentioned in the first point. 

Unfortunately, I can’t get over the Velcro waistband, so it rules out the Ergo360.

Beco Gemini:

Beco was my first baby carrier love, truly my favorite soft-structured carrier. The Butterfly 2 (no longer available) seemed perfect for my husband and me.

So I was excited to try one of the newer versions – the Gemini, which seems to carry all the current features, beautiful colors, and fabric patterns.

When you first put the Gemini on, it feels reasonably comfortable. Still, after a while, you wish it had a little more padding as the straps start to dig into your sides—causing you to start wiggling and adjusting the straps a little higher or lower.

It’s a similar story with the shoulder straps. They just don’t take the padding far enough down the straps, so it starts to dig into your underarms. It’s just not as comfortable as the Ergo 360 or Líllébaby Complete.

The buckles and straps are well designed, easy to wear, and give you a real sense of security with the x-strap design. Compared to many carriers which just use a standard backpack shoulder strap.

The x-strap design gives excellent support for more extended periods (please refer to the guidelines for the time your baby can be in a carrier). This design also works well with a smaller, petite frame.

Flipping between forward-facing and backward-facing is super easy. Unclip the two flaps, fold them over, and re-clip on the front. You can do this while wearing the carrier, but not with the baby still in there 🙂

I can’t decide on the Beco buckles. On the one hand, they feel super secure and robust due to the tri-lock feature, but you need two hands to undo them. It might be just me, but I often only have one free, so needing two frustrates me.

There is no infant insert required for the Gemini, maybe as this is relatively small so that it can support from a young age. The seat and depth of the carrier are certainly a couple of inches smaller than the Líllébaby.

The Gemini is an excellent option for the more petite among us, but you might struggle with how long you can use the carrier.

Líllébaby Complete

Líllébaby is the new kid on the block for me, but I instantly loved the Líllébaby Airflow.

The head and neck support is a great design. It is taller than the Ergo 360 and Beco Genini, a great feature. But it also attaches to the shoulder straps, with elasticated supports that make it look so comfortable for your baby.

This feature is perfect for when your baby is asleep. It stops their head from wobbling around and allows them to find comfort. So you don’t have to grocery shop with one hand on your baby’s head while grabbing items from the shelf and juggling your phone.

Seat adjustment for front-facing is a little more challenging than the other, but not that difficult. You do, however, have to take the carrier off.

Every Mama needs pockets, and the Líllébaby does not disappoint. The latest carriers have two pockets, perfect for carrying your phone and wallet. You can even convert the hood storage compartment to another pocket if you remove the hood. Three pockets!

Now let’s talk about the Airflow feature. Anyone who has used a baby carrier will know they have had a sweaty back and front after wearing it.

The airflow design goes a long way to fix this due to its breathable mesh design, which is perfect in warmer weather. It doesn’t have built-in AC, so you will still sweat when it’s over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but the improvement is pretty good.

Líllébaby has listened to feedback on comfort, adding a removable lumbar support. So you can get the carrier as comfy as possible and avoid that lower back ache you get with almost every front carrier after a while.

Finally, the shoulder straps are excellent, providing two adjustment straps per shoulder strap. It is easy to make minor adjustments to get the perfect fit while wearing the carrier. Whether it’s when you first put it on or after a certain someone has wriggled into a new position you never thought could be comfortable.

This pic shows just how far down the shoulder strap padding extends, making it super comfy.

In terms of value, the Líllébaby can take the most weight and has the widest seat, so you can use this well into toddlerdom compared to the Ergo360 or Beco Gemini.

So at the start, I said I think I am going to love the Líllébaby Airflow – and I do.

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