The Best Non-fiction Dinosaur Books for Kids

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If your kid loves dinosaurs and reading about them as much as mine, you will want to pick up a few of these books! While we love picture and story books, especially when they were younger, we also appreciate non-fiction dinosaur books. It’s important to us as parents that our children love reading fiction and non-fiction; reading about dinosaurs is a great place to start!

The Best Non-fiction Dinosaur Books for Kids

To say my 7-year-old is dino-obsessed would be a serious understatement. I could not guess how many dinosaurs are currently in his playroom. However, it’s safe to say that number is over 100. That said, who can blame him – dinosaurs are awesome! I also credit his passion for dinosaurs in playing a big role in his reading ability at an early age. You foster a love of reading by providing your child with books on things they’re passionate about. It’s also important to give them non-fiction books so they learn early on to enjoy reading on multiple levels.

Non-fiction Books to Teach About Dinosaurs

Everything You Need to Know about Dinosaurs – the title says it all! This book is perfect for kids aged 7 to 10, but I think it’s great for all ages. It’s chock full of images, timelines, and anything a dinosaur-obsessed child might want to know. It does a great job combining realistic-looking photos with colorful, almost comic book-like elements. This is a fan favorite for sure!

The Big Book of Dinosaurs is one of the very first books I picked out for my son. The cover alone is eye-catching and intriguing. It is jam-packed with detailed artwork and photographs of realistic models. It’s a book that will keep children entertained for hours and one that they’ll keep coming back to, year after year. If you’re only going to pick one book from this entire list, I would very much recommend it be this one!

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia is similar to The Big Book of Dinosaurs in that your kids will return for years. It’s an updated edition because, believe it or not – new dinosaur discoveries are still happening today! It’s a great book for younger kids as it’ll keep them captivated while allowing for additional information they’ll grow into. This is also fun to read at night, as it’s broken into small bite-sized sections.

World of Dinosaurs is a hardcover book that’s perfect for kids around the ages of about 4-8. It teaches many of the basics of not only dinosaurs but also nature and science in general. It’s beautifully illustrated and overall very educational, but still very fun.

I Am a Dinosaur is also great for that Preschool/Kindergarten to 2nd grade age range. The colorful pictures keep the younger ones entertained, while the easy-to-understand facts teach older kids (and even some adults!) things they may not yet know about dinosaurs. The book has a wide range of dinosaurs included, so there may even be a few that the most dinosaur-obsessed haven’t heard of. I also love that it’s a longer book, so you feel like you get your money’s worth and then some!

Books for Little Dinosaur Lovers

T.REX from Head to Tail (Smithsonian Kids First Discovery Books) by Patrica J. Murphy is an excellent book for younger dino lovers! What I love about this one for toddlers and preschoolers is the visuals to keep kids engaged. It’s short and to the point without skimping on being educational.

Touch and Feel: Dinosaur – DK Board Book isn’t necessarily a typical touch book. I feel like many touch-and-feel books all have very similar, soft textures, so it’s nice that this one is a bit different! Your child can touch a T-Rex’s sticky tongue, the triceratops’ smooth horns, or the rough, textured scales of a Giganotosaurus. It’s a short book, perfect for repetitive learning and easier object recognition.

Crash! Stomp! Roar! Let’s Listen To Dinosaurs! – Soundbooks have always been a favorite of mine. They’re perfect for keeping kids engaged in the entire book. This one has super fun sounds while also sharing fun facts throughout. It’s a wonderfully vibrant book, and I very much recommend it, even as a baby’s first dinosaur book!

My Big Dinosaur Book (My Big Board Books) is a great introductory book for little kids. It’s got a large format and is ideal for babies and toddlers. It’s well made, so you know it’ll last, even for kids who tend to be rougher with their books. I love the bright colors and that the images look more realistic, not cartoon-like.

Books on Paleontology for Kids

Jurassic World Dinosaur Field Guide by Dr. Thomas R. Holtz Jr. and Dr. Michael Brett-Surman is great for those looking to learn from actual paleontologists. Even if you’ve not seen the movies (whaaaat?!), your kids are sure to love this one. It includes all sorts of information on periods, how bones are found, and information on all kinds of different dinosaurs. It also comes with a beautiful poster as a bonus!

Fossils for Kids: A Junior Scientist’s Guide to Dinosaur Bones, Ancient Animals, and Prehistoric Life on Earth by Ashley Hall is fantastic. This book is filled with gorgeous photos and well-written facts. It teaches budding paleontologists how fossils form, where they’re found, and how to identify them. If you have a child with questions about dinosaurs, this is THE book to buy.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Gutsy Girls Go for Science: Paleontologists by Karen Bush Gibson. While my 6-year-old daughter isn’t quite as into dinosaurs as her 7-year-old brother, she’s still a fan! She also couldn’t stand the thought of her brother outsmarting her on a topic. That aside, this isn’t a book just for girls; I’d encourage all genders to check it out! It introduces us to five brilliant female paleontologists who have all made incredible dino discoveries. I especially love that this book includes STEM projects to take learning beyond just the words on a page!

What’s Your Favorite Dino Book?

If your child (or you!) has a favorite dinosaur book, please comment below and let me know. We’re always looking for new books to check out, especially in the world of dinosaurs.

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