Mother Daughter Date Ideas for the Winter

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Are you looking for free mommy/daughter date ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Fortunately, many of these ideas will also work for Father/Daughter dates, Mommy/Son dates, or whole family fun!

As another year draws to a close and winter fully sets in, it can be hard to want to get up and go. Trust me, I get that — it’s due to be -16 °F as I write this!! Rather than setting your kids in front of the TV while you hide under blankets and cry over your holiday budget gone awry, why not use this quieter time of year and plan out a few Mommy/Daughter dates?

When planning out Mommy/Daughter dates, the best ones are free and easy. While it can be tough to find things to do during the winter, these are a few experiences I’ve used to ensure we don’t go stir-crazy during the cold months. They’re not always completely free, but they are done with frugality in mind.

Mother Daughter Date Ideas for the Winter

Mommy/Daughter Picnic

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t picnic! My husband and I received an AMAZING picnic set for our wedding. While it’s undoubtedly much fun to use during the summer months, I occasionally allow it to be used for a fun indoor picnic. My daughter and I will pack it up from our snack cart and fruit drawer, then march around the house, singing “Teddy Bear Picnic” while searching for the perfect spot to lay out our blanket. It seems silly, but it always ends with full tummies and giggles (*psst* don’t tell her, but it’s also a way I “trick” her into eating more fruit!)

Read a Book at the Library

I’m sure library visits are probably already on your list of rainy-day ideas, but how often do you sit and read at the library? Find a cozy spot in the children’s section and take half an hour to read whatever books your child brings your way. With few distractions, it’s a great way to spend quality time together while also enjoying peace and quiet.

Hot Cocoa Party

Tea parties are so old hat; a hot cocoa party is where it’s at! Serve a mini-buffet of candy canes, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and anything else your little one might like to top her cocoa with, and then let her at it. Don’t forget to set up a place for the teddy bears and dollies, too!


When was the last time you let your child pick out your clothes or do your hair? Probably never, right? But I bet they’d love it! Let your child be a “salon owner” and give you a complete head-to-toe makeover – clothes, makeup, you can even let them brush your hair! Little makes my daughter happier than when I hand her a brush to brush my hair…and honestly, she’s gotten pretty good at it, so it’s a nice relaxing time for me, too!

Fun Photo Shoot

And after the makeover, why not do a fun photo shoot?? Better yet, why not dress in matching outfits and set it up so you can both be in front of the camera?

I’ll admit that before I had kids, I thought Mommy/Daughter outfits were a bit weird, but then I had my daughter, and – she’s a mini-me, and I love it!! When we got our matching tulle skirts from C’est Ça New York, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were. We opted for the champagne color, so we had more options regarding leggings worn underneath, which is most definitely true to the pictures shown.

Little makes me happier in terms of fashion than a tulle skirt, and these are phenomenally made (while also making ME look and feel great!) And, of course, my daughter was in heaven, running about the room squealing about being a princess. In fact, she was running around so fast it was hard to grab a picture, but we’ll be posting some soon on my Instagram, so don’t forget to follow us!

Wiggles Workout

Okay, so now that we’ve had some food, hot chocolate, and a makeover, why not burn off any remaining energy with some workout fun? Maybe you’re not quite as big of a fan as I am when it comes to The Wiggles, but there are many other kids’ shows that have dancing about in them – pick one and get up and dance! I opt for The Wiggles because they’re always so high energy but easy to follow. Seriously, this is a great way to not only get your child burning off some excess sillies, but if you struggle to get a workout in during the day, this is a great way to bond with your child AND live a healthier life.

Mommy/Daughter Date Time

Regardless of how you spend time with your child (volunteering with your child is also a great way to go!), the fact that you’re taking time out to spend some 1:1 time with your child will do wonders for both of you. Your children don’t care about how much money you’re making, and they certainly can’t wrap their little minds around the everyday stress we battle as parents, but giving them an hour or two of JUST you and your attention? That’s truly priceless to them.

So why not make it a goal this year to schedule at least a couple hours each month to do nothing but enjoy the light you brought into this world? Goodness knows they won’t stay little forever…

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