8 Industry Secrets That Will Shock You

Redditors came out in droves recently when a user asked Reddit: “What’s an industry secret in the field you work in?” Read on to discover some shocking secrets that may change your lifestyle!

The responses came from many career sectors, but TheoLuminati gave the top-rated comment, receiving a massive 35,400 upvotes.

Insurance Secret That May Save You Money

They explained they were an Automobile insurance agent and went on to give this golden nugget of advice “Please, for the love of god, don’t tell auto insurance agents more than you have to. They ask you a question, just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and answer the question as straight as you can. If you go on and on about your life story, you will probably end up saying something you don’t have to and making your rate higher, or getting yourself declined.”

They went on to say, “We WANT to get you that policy as cheap as possible, only tell us what we need to know and don’t say anything else.” TheoLuminati also made sure to point out that “Fraud sucks and is dumb, don’t lie with your answers, I will reiterate to be upfront and honest when answering the questions they ask you. Just don’t go off on tangents and say unrelated ****.”

Need Help Transcribing Audio?

AMW204 gave the second most highly rated comment, with a whopping 33,000 upvotes. They work as a reporter and revealed a nifty secret that helps them work faster.

They said, “In Microsoft office, word specifically, you can upload recorded interviews and it will transcribe it and ever have speaker one and speaker two, three and four! Basically, eliminating a huge annoying part of the job.”

They explained that to do this: “you DO need to be subscribed to office. Then when in word, there is a dictate button, if you click it ‘dictate and transcribe’ should pop up. Click transcribe.”

Grocery Store Secrets

Mmmmpisghetti’s comment garnered 31,200 upvotes. Her secret might alarm some, but it is something a lot of people often neglect to do: “The fruits and veggies you buy at the grocery store…wash them.”

Mjarf88 agreed to this, adding something they’ve learned from their experience of working in a grocery store “I highly recommend NOT putting something you intend to eat directly on the conveyor belt at the register, that thing is not necessarily sanitary. People put money and sneeze on it all the time.”

An IT Guy Reveals His Tricks

This next gem comes from bluebirdgm, with over 30,000 upvotes.

They work in IT and offered this tidbit: “Knowing how to research the answer to a question is at least as or even more useful than knowing the answer to begin with. I made a living in IT for a decade with that mindset.”

Redditor Shaysdays replied, adding that “Being able to translate “The whole system has gone kaflooey” to steps like, “Are there any error messages?” and what were you doing when this happened?” is a pretty needed skill.”

Dentist Reveals an Industry Secret

Next up was therock21, with over 29,000 upvotes. They’re a dentist and gave us the lowdown on toothpaste.

They said, “As long as it has fluoride they are all basically the same. When I was in dental school the Colgate lady came by and said that everything that says Colgate Total on it is all exactly the same, the only difference is the packaging. So whether it says whitening, or gum protection, or whatever else it is all exactly the same.”

They added that “The exception is sensitivity toothpaste typically does have an extra active ingredient. KNO3, which helps with sensitivity.”

Job Seekers Should Know This!

TwoPeseta’s industry secret might offer hope to those currently searching for work.

They explained they “Used to screen resumes for small companies. Job ‘requirements’ are more of a wish-list situation. Never let some unchecked boxes deter you from applying – you have no idea what the applicant pool is like. The biggest boon, especially at small companies, is someone who legitimately cares.”

Confidential Chef Tricks Revealed!

BackslashR gave an insight into the restaurant industry, learned through his 13 years as a chef.

They said, “There is way more butter than you think in almost every dish you eat at fancy restaurants, and that is usually the reason you won’t see the amount of calories in each dish.”

Mihir_lavande supported his comment, adding, “I’m a chef in a French restaurant and the only thing dairy free is one salad and the drinks.”

Goodwill Worker Tells Us The Truth

89Oldsmobile works at Goodwill and revealed a secret about their donation items. They explained that “at goodwill 50% of what you donate ends up in the trash bc we don’t have the space for it or we just deem it too ugly.”

Some of these revelations shocked Redditors, but did they surprise you? Have these industry secrets changed your outlook at all?

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