This Caused Her to Walk Out of Her In-Laws During Christmas Dinner but Would You Have Done the Same?

A disgruntled woman took to Reddit asking if she was in the wrong for walking out of her in-law’s house on Christmas because they didn’t make dinner accommodations for her.

The invitation to her fiancé’s family Christmas celebration was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

The first opportunity to share the holiday spirit with her future in-laws and bond over the warm and comforting traditions of the season. But for OP, it quickly devolved into a battle of wills and a test of her own convictions.

Difficulty Eating Certain Foods Since Childhood

OP had always been picky about her food, with a unique set of tastes and preferences that went beyond simple personal preference. OP says it was rooted in her childhood, her psychology, and her individual likes and dislikes. 

So, when she received the invitation, she knew she had to address the issue head-on. She reached out to her future mother-in-law and let her know of her dietary restrictions, offering a variety of alternative dishes to accommodate her needs.

A Monster-In-Law?

Instead of understanding and accommodating her requests, her future mother-in-law refused, demanding that she bring her own dish if she wished to attend the celebration. 

OP was taken aback by this response, feeling like her needs and preferences were being disregarded and that she was not welcome at the table.

She felt that her request was simple, and if her future mother-in-law truly wanted her there, she would have been willing to make the necessary adjustments.

Someone’s Missing Their Christmas Spirit

Despite the tension, OP and her fiancé arrived at the celebration, hoping to put the issue behind them and enjoy the holiday. But when she saw that no accommodations had been made, OP was forced to make a difficult choice. 

She gathered her things, stood up from the table, and walked out. It was a bold and dramatic move, but one that she felt was necessary to stand up for herself and her own needs.

Fiancé’s Disappointment 

As she made her way back home, she was bombarded with calls and texts from her fiancé and his family, shocked and confused by her sudden departure.

Her fiancé, in particular, was livid, accusing her of being selfish and spoiled for walking out over a dish and ruining their first Christmas with his family.

He accused her of disrespecting his mother and starting drama where there didn’t need to be any.

OP was sticking to her beliefs. How could she be responsible for feeding herself when she was a guest in someone else’s home? She stood her ground, telling her fiancé that she refused to compromise her principles just to appease his family. 

The argument escalated, with accusations and insults flying back and forth, until OP felt that she had no choice but to end the conversation and distance herself from the situation.

What Redditors Had to Say

Redditors seemed to take the side of OP’s fiancé and mother-in-law with this issue.

One Redditor said, “I went to a Christmas dinner with my mom’s family. There was nothing I wanted, so I just socialized and ate when I got home. Why should she have to make a whole new dish just for you? That is pretty entitled behavior.”

MaybeAWalrus wrote, “You DEMANDED some food was made to your liking, and when people told you “no”, instead of cooking food for yourself… you caused a scene?!”

Another simply put, “OP’s whole attitude reeks of entitlement.”

What do you think? Would you make a special dish for someone coming over for Christmas? 

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