His Tough Decision: In-Laws or Happiness? He Chose Happiness, Refusing to Support His In-Laws When They Needed It Most

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Traditionalist Brother-In-Law Insists Women Should Cook Dinner: Wake-up Call After Nightmare ER Shift Challenges Gender Norms

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An Erosion of Women’s Rights: Women’s Health Writer Censored for Mentioning “Women,” “Girls,” and “Females” In Article About Period Products!

In a controversial move that has sparked a fierce debate on gender, language, and inclusivity, Always, a massive sanitary pad manufacturer, is facing backlash for allegedly censoring a women’s health writer’s use of the words “woman,” “girls,” and “females.” Critics argue it may infringe upon the biological realities of women’s health. Always Faces Backlash for … Read more

Trump Stuns the Nation: Ditches GOP Debate for Striking Detroit Autoworkers – A Pivotal Move for Michigan

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has announced his decision to skip the upcoming Republican primary debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California. Instead, Trump has opted to head to Detroit, where he will meet with striking autoworkers and deliver a prime-time address that coincides with the debate. Trump’s Surprising Decision … Read more

Putin Shocks the World: Throws Weight Behind Trump and Slams America’s ‘Rotten’ Political System

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Gender Acceptance Lessons for Fifth-Graders? The Georgia School Board Says No and Terminates Teacher Over Reading Book on Gender Identity

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Former Trump Advisor Accuses Holocaust Victims of Voluntarily Surrendering Their Children to Nazis, Ignoring Widespread Persecution

Retired general and former Trump advisor Michael Flynn is once again the focal point of controversy, this time for his remarks insinuating that the Jewish victims of the Holocaust were responsible for their tragic fate at the hands of the Nazis.  Flynn’s Controversial Holocaust Claims Speaking to a group of religious leaders, Flynn blamed Jewish … Read more

“Landlords Get No Happy Hour” – Berkeley ‘Fall Social Mixer’ Turns Violent as Landlords Celebrate End of Eviction Ban

In an explosive collision, Berkeley’s Freehouse taproom, located conveniently adjacent to the UC Berkeley campus, became ground zero for violent confrontations between landlords and protestors this past week. Here’s why. A Controversial Celebration by BPOA The controversy, however, wasn’t spurred by any ordinary gathering. The Berkeley Property Owners Association (BPOA) had decided to host a … Read more