Everything but the Candy – Easter Baskets for Little Girls

You mamas know that holidays are fun with you having the little ones around! They make holidays exciting and memorable. It is something no mom would ever trade for!

You know how busy it gets when Easter comes around with your little ones. Everyone wants amazing pictures of their little ones.

As a mama, every mom can be terrified to give their little ones too much candy. They avoid giving too much sugar because it’s not good for them.

Instead of filling their Easter baskets with candies, you can do something else! You can be creative and add fun items in the baskets. The best part is it is sugar-free!

This year, because of when Easter falls, she will be just over 14 months old. The last thing that I want to put into her basket is candy because, as her mama, I feel as though she is still too young for it.

Items you can put in your kids’ baskets:

  • Books – there are tons of cute or Easter-related books out there. Maybe Minnie Mouse or Sofia the First?
  • Socks/Slippers – You can never go wrong with socks/slippers. Who doesn’t love having comfy toes?
  • Outdoor items– anything like bubbles or chalk will do the trick! Something your kid can enjoy the sunshine!
  • Hair accessories – if you have a little lady, you know hair accessories are a must!
  • Summer Dress – depending on where you live, Easter can be pretty hot and a bright dress cal cool her temperature
  • Coloring books, crayons, stickers – your little ones can be creative so filled up your space with their art work.
  • Bath toys – kids love their bath toys. Everyone remembers those yellow rubber ducks, right?
  • Bathing suit – it’s almost summer so toss in those summer swimwear for your little ones to have for the next upcoming season.
  • Matching aprons – mother and daughter need to match in the kitchen when they are baking together. Isn’t it adorable to match your little girl?
  • Nail polish – depending on your girl’s age, you can add some fun nail polish in there. You can find ‘Piggy Paint’ on Amazon.com. A non-toxic, hypoallergenic polish that is perfect for her little ‘piggies.’
  • Plushies – little girls love cute plushies since they are soft and cute.

What is going into your little girl’s Easter Basket this year?

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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