How Our Friend Made a DIY Chalkboard Table

For another one of our DIY posts, I recently spoke to a good friend of ours, Liz, mama of two sweet little girls.

I asked her to talk me through a DIY project of hers – to make a DIY Chalkboard Table.

How to Make a DIY Chalkboard Table

Step 1. Find an Old Table

Liz said that wanted a well made but used wood table for the two girls to play on.

The table needed to be durable but not be too pricey – it was ok if there were a few marks on it.

So, she found one on Ebay which obviously had been well-loved with plenty of marks on it.

Step 2. Sand Out the Imperfections

This was easy to solve – Liz took a handheld sander to gentley work off the tape, paint and reduce some of the big scratches on it.

She decided to use paint from Annie Sloan to paint the chairs and legs of the table.

Step 3. Paint

Liz said she decided to apply two costs, making sure the first layer was dry before the second.

The next step is optional but Liz decide to do it – after the second coat had dried, she went ahead and waxed them.

The clear wax does a great job in protecting the paintwork from kids’ greasy heands and gave a very nice silky smooth finish. Again, the wax was bought from Annie Sloan, choose the matte finish.

Final Step

The last step in the process was to paint the tabletop with black chalkboard. Home Depot is a good place to find this.

And then finish, super easy isn’t it?!

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, Liz!

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Featured image credit: Shutterstock.