Charm Pads Mama Cloth Review and Giveaway!

When I first contacted Rumpkinz about doing a review for their embroidered cloth diaper, I had never even heard of “mama cloth”.

When Jeanette from Rumpkinz asked if I would be interested in trying out one of their cloth pads, known as Charm Pads, I hesitantly agreed.

She graciously allowed me to pick my fabric out of the variety of adorable fabrics they offer, and my absorbency. I requested one for “heavy flow” assuming there was no way anything less would work for me.

It arrived very quickly, and was packaged with a little wrap with their logo on it. The fabric was soft, and very cute! I was taken back a little by how thin the pad was.

Was it really going to do the job? I don’t know of any lady who wants to worry about their pad leaking and trying to “hide” the evidence after a leak.

I proceeded with caution, assuming this would be a flop. I should know by now though, I should NEVER assume anything!

When I first put the pad on my panties, I was really worried it would slide around. I’ve been using this pad for a couple of months during my cycle and it’s never slipped, or bunched up on me (phew!).

As far as comfort goes, it’s by far more comfortable than a disposable pad. The fabric topper is definitely a treat compared to using the old stand by.

I’ve always been a bit sensitive, and many times would break out from disposables.

This pad converted me and I’m now in the process of swapping out to cloth for myself. I’ve had no troubles with breaking out since the switch.

I had read online that the chemicals in disposable pads can actually lengthen your period and cause heavier cramping and bleeding.

From my personal experience, I can attest that has been true. My periods have shortened by one to two days per month. I’ve also noticed a big change with cramping as I have almost none once my flow begins.

There have been zero leaks and in the future I could probably switch to a lighter flow pad for days and the heavy flow pad for overnights.

You might be wondering about what to do once you’ve used your Charm Pad. I use a small wet bag in my bathroom and when I change out, I simply fold the pad in onto itself, snap it closed, and then toss it into the wet bag.

When I wash them, I use cloth diaper friendly detergent and open them as I throw them in the washing machine. They also can be tossed in the dryer and I happily haven’t had issues with staining or smells.

I would definitely recommend at least trying this as I was completely amazed by my results! 

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