15 Ways to Tell Your Mother-In-Law to Back Off

Navigating the tricky waters of relationships with in-laws can be challenging, especially when it comes to parenting. If you find yourself needing a little more breathing room from an overzealous mother-in-law, here are 15 tactful (and a few direct) strategies to help you set healthy boundaries, particularly when it relates to your children.

1. Share Expert Guidance

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“Actually, our pediatrician recommended we try this approach. It’s supposed to be really effective with the latest parenting methods.”

2. Compliment Sandwich

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“I really appreciate your advice! We’re trying a different method right now, but I’ll let you know if we need to switch things up. You always have such great insights!”

3. Establish Your Role

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“I know you mean well, but I feel it’s important for me to learn these parenting ropes and understand my child’s needs directly.”

4. Set Visitation Boundaries

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“We love your visits, but let’s schedule them ahead of time so we can plan our week and keep the kids on their routine.”

5. Be Firm on Decisions

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“We’ve decided to handle bedtime/schooling/feeding this way. It’s important for us to be consistent with the kids.”

6. Use the Partner Buffer

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“[Partner’s name] and I have agreed to try this method together. We really need to see how it works out with just us managing it for now.”

7. Reinforce Positive Behavior

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“It’s so helpful when you support our parenting choices. It makes things much easier for the kids to adjust.”

8. Offer Alternatives

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“If you’re eager to help, maybe you could read them a story or help with their homework instead. They would love that!”

9. Be Transparent About Concerns

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“I’ve noticed the kids get a bit confused when we do things differently. It might help if we stick to one approach, just so they can stay on track.”

10. Request Her Expertise Elsewhere

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“We have that under control, but could really use advice on [another topic]. What do you think?”

11. The Direct Approach

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“I need to handle this myself. It’s important for me to establish my own way of doing things with the kids.”

12. Set Physical Boundaries

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“For meal times and bedtimes, it’s important that I manage those routines to help establish good habits.”

13. Prioritize Parental Unity

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“It’s crucial that [partner’s name] and I present a united front to the children, so we need to stick to the plan we’ve set.”

14. Keep It Light

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“Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth, right? Let’s let one chef handle this for now!”

15. Affirm Your Appreciation

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“I really value your experience and the love you have for the kids. Let’s find a way to merge that with the system we’re building here.”


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By blending respect with firmness, you can effectively communicate your need for space in parenting matters. It’s important to maintain a good relationship, but also vital to establish and enforce boundaries that respect your role as a parent.

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