20 Things NEVER to Say in a Job Interview

Acing a job interview is all about making a great impression, but sometimes it’s easier to slip up and say the wrong thing. To keep you on the right track, here’s a guide to 20 things you should avoid saying in a job interview—unless you’re not really into the whole “employment” thing.

1. “So, What Does Your Company Actually Do?”

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Nothing says ‘I did my homework’ like not knowing what the company does. Make sure you at least Google them first.

2. “Sorry I’m Late, I Overslept.”

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Unless you’re interviewing to be a mattress tester, this probably won’t score you any points.

3. “I Hate My Current Boss.”

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Badmouthing your current or previous employer is a huge red flag for potential new bosses. Keep the venting for your diary.

4. “I Don’t Have Any Weaknesses.”

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Oh, perfect you! But seriously, claiming you don’t have weaknesses just screams denial. It’s okay to be human.

5. “I Just Need a Job—Any Job!”

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Desperation is like cologne: a little might be intriguing, but lay it on too thick and it’s overpowering.

6. “How Soon Do You Promote Employees?”

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Ambition is great, but don’t make it look like you’ve got one foot out the door before you’re even hired.

7. “Can I Take This Call Real Quick?”

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Unless the call is from the President or Beyoncé, it can wait. Show the interviewer they have your undivided attention.

8. “No, I Don’t Have Any Questions for You.”

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Having no questions shows a lack of interest. Always have a few insightful questions prepared to demonstrate your engagement.

9. “How Much Vacation Time Do I Get?”

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First things first: let’s see if you get any time at all in this office before planning your escape to Hawaii.

10. “I Don’t Really Work Well With Others.”

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Not great to admit unless you’re applying to be a lighthouse keeper or a forest ranger. Even then, risky move.

11. “I Got Fired From My Last Job.”

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If it’s not relevant, maybe keep that little gem under your hat until you’ve at least passed probation.

12. “I Don’t Like Following Rules.”

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Rules, like speed limits and taxes, are more than just mild suggestions. This isn’t the best way to win over your interviewer.

13. “This Will Be a Great Stepping Stone to My Real Career.”

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Employers prefer not to feel like just another rung on your career ladder. Focus on what you can bring to them, not just what they can do for you.

14. “I Sued My Last Employer.”

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Legal history should probably not be your opener or even your closer. It’s barely a middle-of-the-conversation topic.

15. “I Don’t Handle Stress Very Well.”

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High-stress situations pop up in nearly every job. Admitting you crumble under pressure isn’t the best sell.

16. “My Last Job Was So Boring.”

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While honesty is appreciated, this might make you sound easily unimpressed or difficult to motivate.

17. “Do You Monitor Internet Usage?”

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This might give the impression that you’re planning to spend a significant amount of work time updating your social media or browsing memes.

18. “I Usually Don’t Get along With Other Women/Men.”

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Workplaces thrive on teamwork. Admitting you’re a lone wolf—or worse, discriminatory—can set off alarms.

19. “I Need to Leave Early Every Friday for My Poker Games.”

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Unless you’re interviewing for a job at the World Series of Poker, your gambling schedule won’t seem like a priority.

20. “You Look Just Like My Ex!”

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Personal observations can be sweet, but this could create an awkward vibe. Keep the focus professional, not personal.

Ace That Interview

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Remember, an interview is your opportunity to shine, so keep it professional, focused, and positive. Avoid these faux pas, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success—or at least not immediate rejection. Good luck!

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