Chalupa vs Gordita: What Are the Differences?

Mexican street cuisine, such as chalupas, tacos, gorditas, and tamales, occupies a particular place in our hearts because of its delicious carb and salsa content. Although chalupas and gorditas are two different dishes, they share many similar components, which can confuse a tourist when ordering food from a street stand. Without further ado, let’s look … Read more

Are Chicken Fajitas Fattening? (Myths Busted)

You know what? Despite being considered one of the healthiest food options amongst many greasy Mexican dishes, many Mexican food addicts are not convinced that chicken fajitas are healthy to eat daily. Today’s post will play an active role in debunking some myths about just how healthy chicken fajitas are. If you are an ardent … Read more

Pambazo vs Torta: Can You Spot These Differences?

Pambazo Vs Torta

Since both the pambazo and the torta come from Mexican cuisine, many people believe that they are identical. Yet, these two differ in several aspects. Check out our article to identify the critical differences between pambazos and tortas!  Quick Facts Pambazo Bread: Pan basso Filling: Basic potato with chorizo filling Taste: Spicy, crispy, meaty  Torta … Read more

Chalupa vs Tostada: Can You Name These Differences?

Mexico is known for its wonderful recipes and delicacies, which have won the hearts of millions throughout the world. Among them, chalupas and tostadas deserve to rank first in terms of uniqueness and convenience. Due to their similarity, international tourists sometimes mistakenly believe that chalupas and tostadas are the same thing, even though each has … Read more

Picaditas vs Sopes: Can You Spot These Differences?

picaditas vs sopes

Picaditas and sopes are two classic Mexican breakfast dishes. However, many individuals find that it is challenging to discern between these two dishes. This article provides similarities and four main differences between picaditas and sopes.  Quick Facts Picaditas Origin: Somewhere in the center of Mexico Cooking ingredients: Masa harina, pork Manteca, salsa, onion, queso fresco … Read more

Jicama vs Turnip: Can You Spot Their Differences?

jicama vs turnip

If you are trying to eat Jicama Shrimp Salad, but your refrigerator is out of the main ingredient, is it possible to use turnip instead? The following article will mention the similarities and differences between the jicama and the turnip to help you determine whether one can replace one with the other. Quick Facts Jicama … Read more