Why Book Lovers Live Better: The Surprising Perks of Reading

Reading is an enriching experience. There can be many benefits ranging from personal growth and development to comfort and escapism. If you’re looking for your next read, this list provides a summary of different genres and their potential benefits.


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While some may assume that fiction does not stimulate the mind, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fiction novels can increase creativity, introduce new vocabulary, provide an escape from reality, and offer readers new perspectives and views.

Classic Literature

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If you’re looking to read something that boosts your critical thinking skills and contains a timeless message, you may consider the classics. These books tend to be slower, more complex reads that give insight into the time period when they were written.

Mystery Novels

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For the problem-solvers, mystery novels can provide an exciting challenge. These books contain suspense and excitement while challenging the reader to solve the mystery. Do you think you can figure out who the killer is before they’re revealed? Read a mystery novel and find out.


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Fantasy novels tend to have creative world-building that could spark the imagination of any reader. For a true escape and sense of wonder, fantasy novels provide new and inspiring settings that will have you wondering whether life would be better with dragons.

Science Fiction

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For an imaginative scenario about the future, science fiction may be the way to go. Combining concepts of science and technology, these novels can challenge the way you think of the world in an imaginative and interesting way.

Historical Fiction

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Historical fiction may be good for the history buffs. A combination of fiction and historical facts, these books can teach you about different time periods, combining education with storytelling.


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For the romantics, romance novels often explore relationships and emotions in comforting and engaging ways. These books tend to focus on the themes of love, growth, and hope for the future while introducing new settings and complex characters and stories.


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Thrillers will keep you on the edge of your seat. These books tend to focus on psychological characteristics and situations. Because of their nature, these books can enhance a reader’s critical and quick thinking skills, while occasionally discussing mental health and trauma.


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For a scare, you may consider horror novels. These books tend to explore themes surrounding the dark side of human nature. While fear can be an adrenaline rush, horror novels also offer a comforting edge that allows readers to overcome their fears.

Young Adult

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These novels explore issues faced by teenagers, which can be a welcome relief during a difficult time in life. Young Adult novels tend to provide age-appropriate material that explores a wide range of situations. In addition, those who read early tend to stick with reading into their adult years.

International Fiction

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The beauty of reading fiction is that it can take you to worlds beyond your own. By exploring international fiction, readers can mentally cross seas and borders and learn about other cultures and styles of writing without having to leave the couch.

Multicultural Fiction

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Multicultural fiction can be a good tool for a deeper look into different cultures. Because culture itself is integral in this category, these books are important for introducing readers to other groups of people and experiences they may not have ever explored.


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Although not a genre on their own, audiobooks can be useful for readers with limited free time. One can listen while walking, working, or cleaning the house. This medium allows readers to absorb new stories while leading busy lives.


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Readers looking to expand their knowledge of different subjects may be interested in reading non-fiction. These books tend to be more direct in their presentation of information, but readers can learn a lot of new facts and context about a chosen topic.

Biography / Autobiography

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For those interested in understanding the experiences of specific people, biographies and autobiographies may be the answer. These books can be challenging and inspirational, but at their core, they often give the reader a deeper view into a person and their lives.


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A genre on the rise, self-help books have been all the rage in recent years. These books focus on personal development. They can create positive behavioral and mental changes in readers and offer practice advice that can be applied to different aspects of life.


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Poetry may be the form for language lovers. Poems tend to focus on intentional language in shorter forms, which can give readers a better appreciation for the art form and evoke a range of emotions and reflections.


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Memoirs highlight the memories of a person and their life. These books focus on themes and occurrences during a person’s life and usually highlight experiences of personal growth and strength. These books can stimulate feelings of empathy and understanding in readers.

There’s No Right Book

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Every book genre offers a different experience for readers. From learners to comfort seekers, there’s a book for each person. Books are an important part of personal well-being, emotional development, and intellectual growth.

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