What To Do With Leftover Egg Drop Soup?

Whether you make a little too much egg drop soup or just don’t have enough people to eat it all, here are some ideas on what to do with the leftover.

From turning it into a savory main dish to using it as a flavor enhancer in other recipes, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So why not give one of them a try?

Make a fried rice dish

To do this, cook up a batch of egg drop soup and add in some vegetables, meat, or seafood.

Then pour the mixture over fried rice that’s been made from cold rice that’s been cooked earlier.

You can also add soy sauce to give it a little extra oomph.

This makes an easy and delicious lunch any day of the week.

Make an egg roll dish

The next day, take the leftover and pour it into a wok.

Then stir-fry up some vegetables with it to add flavor and texture.

Add in some cooked ground meat or chicken if you want, then scoop out a spoonful of this mixture to wrap inside an egg roll wrapper.

After they’ve been fried, serve them with hot mustard sauce or sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

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Make an omelet

Next, break some eggs into a bowl and beat until they’re light and fluffy.

Pour the mixture of beaten eggs over some cooked vegetables in a frying pan to make an omelet.

Adding in some leftover soup to this mixture enhances flavor and has an interesting texture.

Make a pasta dish

The next day, take some of the leftover soup and mix it in with cooked pasta, along with some meat or vegetables if you want.

Then add in some grated cheese and a little bit of milk to finish off the mixture.

Bake this in the oven until it’s hot and bubbly, then serve with garlic bread for a really delicious meal.

Use it as a flavor enhancer for other dishes

Next, if you have any leftovers from your egg soup recipe, pour them into a small jar and stick them in the fridge.

It will keep for up to a week, so you can use it later to add flavor to other dishes that you cook up.

If you want, just toss a couple of spoonfuls into simmering vegetables or meat while they’re cooking.

Or substitute some of your stock with this liquid instead.

Make a sandwich

Pour the leftover soup into a saucepan along with other ingredients to make it more flavorful.

Then heat it up and pour over some bread slices that have been toasted or grilled.

Add cheese, if you have any, then serve this up for lunch tomorrow.

Turn it into a soup and bread dish

Take any leftover soup and pour it in a saucepan with some water.

Then add in some vegetables and cook until they’re tender.

Next, toast some bread slices, add cheese if you like, then serve alongside the broth and veggies to make a complete meal.

Make a quick stir-fry

Take some of the leftover egg drop soup and mix it in a bowl with cooked pasta and vegetables to make a delicious stir fry dish.

Not only is this super easy to make, but you can also adjust any seasonings or spices as you like to make this dish as spicy or flavorful as you want.

Make a cream-of-chicken soup

what to do with leftover egg drop soup

Mix together some milk and flour and add it to the leftover egg drop soup.

You can also use chicken broth, but this is even easier.

Add in some cooked vegetables or chicken, season with salt, pepper, and onion powder if you want, then serve this up for lunch.

Use it as a dipping sauce

Instead of serving your leftover egg-drop soup on the side, pour it in a bowl and add some hot oil until it reaches a paste-like consistency.

You can then mix in some soy sauce, water, and chili oil for a bit of spice.

Heat up the mixture until it’s hot again, then serve this alongside chicken wings, egg rolls, or spring rolls.

You can also use it as a dipping sauce on its own, without any additional ingredients.

Is egg drop soup healthy?

Yes, it is healthy.

It has very few calories and a lot of protein.

One bowl of soup has only 71 calories.

Why is my egg drop soup slimy?

The chicken stock and corn starch make the soup thick.

If it is too thin, add more flour, corn starch, or other thickeners. (source)

Which is better wonton or egg drop soup?

According to experts, both are good choices when you’re trying to eat healthily.

A cup of this dish has 65 calories and 1.5 grams of fat, while a cup of wonton soup has 71 calories but only 0.6 grams of fat. (source)

Does egg drop soup have raw eggs?

No, it shouldn’t contain raw eggs.

Pregnant women can eat this dish as long as the recipe doesn’t include any raw eggs.

If the eggs are in ribbons, that means they are cooked. (source)

Is egg drop soup good for your stomach?

Yes, it has many healing benefits and is a good option when you are feeling sick or have a cold.

The bone broth is also good for your gut health.

Can I reheat egg drop soup?

Yes, you can reheat it.

However, the eggs will not have the same texture as when they are fresh.

It is typically best eaten immediately, but it is still possible to reheat it if needed.

Just be aware that it will not taste as good as when it is fresh.

Does egg drop soup have meat?

No, it doesn’t have any meat in it.

The main ingredients are eggs, which give the soup its name, as well as vegetables and other seasonings.

How much is a serving of egg drop soup?

A serving of this dish typically weighs 14 ounces. (source)

Is egg drop soup good for sick people?

Yes, it is a good way to get nutrients when you feel sick.

It’s also important to drink fluids and keep your body temperature up, which chicken noodle soup can help with. (source)


There are many different ways to use leftover egg drop soup.

You can make a variety of meals, such as omelets, pasta dishes, soups and sandwiches with it.

Or you could simply use it as a dipping sauce.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your leftovers, I’m sure they’ll be delicious.

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