Inherited or Not? 11 Things You Get from Parents and 11 You Don’t

Ever wondered why you’re a spitting image of your dad or why you can’t seem to escape your mom’s infamous stubborn streak? Genetics play a big role in who we are, but not everything about us is written in our DNA.

1. Genetic Traits – Inherited

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You inherit physical traits like eye color, hair color, and height from your parents. These are hardwired into your genes, so thank them (or blame them) for your striking blue eyes or curly locks.

2. Medical Conditions – Inherited

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Certain health risks, like a predisposition to heart disease, diabetes, or specific cancers, are passed down through families. Knowing your family history can help you take proactive steps in your health.

3. Personality Traits – Inherited

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Some aspects of your personality, such as introversion or extroversion, may be influenced by genetics. But remember, life experiences also shape who you become.

4. Blood Type – Inherited

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Your blood type is a direct inheritance from your parents. It’s a mix-and-match scenario that determines whether you’re an A, B, AB, or O.

5. Metabolic Rate – Inherited

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Your base metabolic rate, which affects how quickly you burn calories, has a genetic component. But lifestyle choices can significantly alter this rate.

6. Hair Texture – Inherited

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The texture and density of your hair are largely determined by your genetic makeup. Curly, straight, thick, or thin—your hair’s look is a family affair.

7. Eye Health – Inherited

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Inherited genes can predispose you to certain eye conditions like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Regular eye check-ups are your best defense.

8. Risk for Allergies – Inherited

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If your parents have allergies, there’s a higher chance you might too. Genetics play a role in your body’s reaction to allergens.

9. Sleep Patterns – Inherited

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Are you a night owl or an early bird? Your circadian rhythm, or internal clock, is partially inherited from your parents.

10. Natural Talents – Inherited

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Inclinations towards music, sports, or other talents can be influenced by genetics. Your natural abilities may be a gift from your parents.

11. Skin Tone – Inherited

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Your skin tone is inherited from your parents and is determined by genetic pigmentation. It’s part of the unique palette that makes you, you.

12. Financial Habits – In Your Control

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Your financial habits are not genetically inherited. You can learn to budget, save, and invest, no matter your family’s history with money.

13. Lifestyle Diseases – In Your Control

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You have the power to combat lifestyle diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise, even if you’re genetically predisposed.

14. Cultural Preferences – In Your Control

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Your taste in music, food, or art isn’t written in your DNA. Explore and develop your own preferences beyond your family’s traditions.

15. Career Path – In Your Control

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Just because your family has a line of doctors or artists doesn’t mean you have to follow in their footsteps. Your career is yours to choose and mold.

16. Emotional Responses – In Your Control

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How you handle stress, joy, or sadness isn’t solely based on genetics. Emotional intelligence and coping mechanisms can be learned and improved.

17. Language Skills – In Your Control

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You’re not bound to only speak the languages your parents know. Learning new languages is all about exposure and practice.

18. Relationship Patterns – In Your Control

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You don’t have to repeat the relationship patterns of your parents. Awareness and effort can lead to healthier, happier connections.

19. Political Views – In Your Control

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Your political views are yours to form, regardless of your parents’ beliefs. Engage, learn, and decide for yourself.

20. Personal Style – In Your Control

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Fashion is a personal expression. Break away from your family’s style to discover what makes you feel best.

21. Exercise Preferences – In Your Control

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Your preferred form of exercise isn’t inherited. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and fits your lifestyle.

22. Nutritional Choices – In Your Control

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You’re not doomed to inherit your family’s eating habits. Explore a balanced diet that suits your needs and preferences.

Gene Pool

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While we carry a bit of our parents with us in our genes, there’s a whole world of choices and experiences that allow us to forge our own paths. So, here’s to mixing the best of what we’ve inherited with the freedom to create our unique blend of life!

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