Summer 2024 Style Trends That Will Turn Heads

With Memorial Day behind us, summer in the U.S. has begun. This season, mix timeless classics from your closet with the latest trends to create your perfect wardrobe. Whether you’re exploring new cities or hitting the beach, there’s a look for every occasion.

Surviving the Summer

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Summer is usually hot, even in the northernmost states. To stay cool, opt for outfits that are breathable, less restrictive, and minimize sweat stains.

Light & Airy

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Summer clothing is generally lighter in material and color, offering more air circulation. Wearing a sweater in the heat of summer sounds like a nightmare.

The Evolution of Summer Fashion

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Over the decades, styles have come and gone, often making a comeback every 20 years. Summer fashion, in particular, has had its share of iconic moments.

Birth of the Bikini

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The bikini made its debut in 1946. By the 1950s, it gained popularity and quickly became a summer beach essential.

Bohemian Style

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The bohemian style trend first emerged in the 1970s, characterized by flowing long dresses, flared jeans, and relaxed looks—think Stevie Nicks. This fashion saw a resurgence in the 2010s, spurred by the growing popularity of music festivals like Coachella.

Grunge vs. Minimalism

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Fashion isn’t a uniform, a concept well-represented by the 1990s. During this era, grunge and minimalism battled for dominance. Grunge, with its ripped jeans and combat boots, was influenced by bands like Nirvana, while minimalism, characterized by neutral tones and simple styles, was also on the rise.

Summer Dresses

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One enduring staple in fashion is the lightweight, breezy dress. Usually made from cotton or linen, these dresses keep us cool while giving the impression of a carefully curated outfit.

Don’t Throw Out Your Denim

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Denim has experienced waves of popularity, yet even at its lowest, it remains a wardrobe staple. These versatile pieces pair well with almost any top, offering a timeless appeal whether they extend to your ankles or thighs.


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From aviator and bug-eye to oversized and techno, sunglasses remain timeless. They offer essential sun protection and are a must-have summer accessory. This summer, the classic cat-eye style appears to be making a comeback.

Work Chic

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If you’ve always looked forward to picking out clothes for the office, this may be your season. Blazers and trousers are making a comeback. These versatile pieces let you look classy for a nice dinner or dress down for a night out on the town.

Aye, Aye, Captain

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Nautical fashion is back for another round, offering a chance to dress like a sailor. Whether you prefer classic navy stripes or rope jewelry, this style balances casual with a touch of elegance.

Bring Your Trusty Linen

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Linen is a classic summer material, perfect for those seeking a more conservative look. It offers coverage and cooling properties. Linen pants, shirts, and dresses provide stylish, comfortable, and sustainable options for summer.

Return of the Wide Leg

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After years of skinny jeans, wide-leg pants seem to be here to stay. Available in styles like linen, denim, and trousers, the baggy look keeps pants off your skin, offering a more comfortable and flattering fit.

Best Friends: U.S.A. & Athleisure

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The U.S. is known for its love of athleisure, a trend still debated in many European countries. Fortunately, hoodies, sweat sets, and bike shorts remain popular summer choices here.

Denim on Denim on Denim

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The classic debate may be ending: Can you wear denim-on-denim? This season, those in favor are winning, with denim jackets and denim pants trending.

Mini Maxi Skirt

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Step aside, mini skirt. The maxi skirt is now all the rage, offering airflow and flexibility while looking sleek and fashionable. However, whispers of a micro mini skirt comeback are circulating, so stay alert.

All in the Details

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For ventilation, consider a cutout design. Shirts and dresses with intentional slashes and cuts are trending. With slits on the hip, shoulder, back, and even stomach, this bold style might be the summer trend you’re looking for.

Layering Your Jewelry

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Simple jewelry is out, and layered jewelry is in. To add sparkle to your look, consider layered necklaces and bracelets. Stacked earrings are also trending, with many opting for different styles and colors to fill their ears.

Crochet Yourself a Shirt

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If you’re eyeing a return to the boho-chic look, you may already have what you need. Many have spent time away from retail stores, opting to DIY crochet shirts, bags, and bottoms at home.


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Many companies are striving to meet the sustainability demands of customers. Regardless of your style preference, eco-friendly options like sustainable fabrics and organic cotton never go out of style.

Owning Your Style

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The key to fashion this summer, as always, is confidence. Trends come and go, but your comfort and confidence are always your best accessories.

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