Outdoor Adventures in Seattle: Best Trails and Parks

Ready to explore the natural beauty around Seattle? Here are the top 21 spots for the best outdoor adventures in the city.

1. Discovery Park: Seattle’s Largest

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At 534 acres, Discovery Park offers everything from forest trails to sea cliffs and sandy beaches. It’s a perfect escape without leaving the city.

2. Washington Park Arboretum: A Botanical Journey

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This 230-acre park features a rich collection of trees and plants. Wander through the Japanese Garden or paddle around the wetlands.

3. Green Lake Park: Popular and Bustling

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Circle the lake on a 2.8-mile path buzzing with joggers and families. It’s a social hub with water activities and plenty of green space.

4. Alki Beach Trail: Views of the Sound

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Enjoy stunning views of Puget Sound as you walk, bike, or rollerblade along this scenic beachfront trail.

5. Burke-Gilman Trail: Urban Exploration

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Follow this trail as it winds through neighborhoods, parks, and along Lake Washington. It’s ideal for a leisurely bike ride or a long run.

6. Mount Si Trail: A Challenging Climb

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A popular hike among locals, Mount Si offers a strenuous 8-mile round trip with rewarding views of the Snoqualmie Valley.

7. Rattlesnake Ledge: Scenic Vistas

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For breathtaking views without a full-day commitment, hike the 4-mile round trip to Rattlesnake Ledge. The panorama of the Cascades is unforgettable.

8. Seward Park: Forest and Shoreline

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Explore old-growth forest and three miles of lakefront in this urban oasis. It’s a quieter spot ideal for family picnics and leisurely walks.

9. Tiger Mountain State Forest: Diverse Trails

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Choose from a range of trails in this extensive forest area. Whether it’s a gentle walk or a rigorous hike, Tiger Mountain has it all.

10. Carkeek Park: Beach and Trails

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With its beaches, creeks, and trails, Carkeek is a great spot for both tide pooling and trail running.

11. Schmitz Preserve Park: Old Growth Forest

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Walk among some of Seattle’s oldest trees in Schmitz Preserve. It’s a peaceful, lesser-known park perfect for a quiet hike.

12. Golden Gardens Park: Sunset Beach Walks

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Catch stunning sunsets over the Olympic Mountains from this beautiful beach park, known for its sandy stretches and balmy evenings.

13. Lincoln Park: West Seattle Gem

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Enjoy miles of walking paths, a heated saltwater pool, and a beach along Puget Sound in one of West Seattle’s largest parks.

14. Mercer Slough Nature Park: Wetland Wonders

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Canoe through the sloughs or walk the trails in this wetland park. It’s a unique ecosystem teeming with wildlife, right in the city’s heart.

15. Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park: Extensive Trail Network

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Explore over 35 miles of trails in this park that offers everything from waterfalls to sweeping views of Lake Sammamish.

16. Elliott Bay Trail: Waterfront Riding

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Perfect for cyclists, this trail offers spectacular views of the Seattle skyline and a smooth ride along the waterfront.

17. Hoh River Trail: Into the Rainforest

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Though a bit of a drive, this trail in the Olympic National Park is worth it for its stunning rainforest scenery and tranquil atmosphere.

18. Snoqualmie Falls: Iconic Views

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Not just for viewing the famous falls, the area around Snoqualmie Falls offers several walking paths and spectacular photo opportunities.

19. Interlaken Park: Hidden Trails

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Nestled in one of the quieter neighborhoods, Interlaken Park is a great place for a serene walk on its mossy, wooded trails.

20. Twin Falls Trail: Family-Friendly Hike

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This easy hike is great for families, offering scenic views of waterfalls and a not-too-challenging path.

21. Myrtle Edwards Park: City Skyline Views

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With its prime location along Elliott Bay, this park is perfect for a relaxing walk with views of the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle skyline.

Natural Delights

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Seattle’s outdoors offers more than you can imagine, from serene forest walks to challenging mountain hikes. Grab your gear and start exploring these natural treasures!

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