21 Little-Known Travel Apps That Save You Money and Hassle

Got your suitcase and sunglasses ready? Hold up, because I’ve got some top-secret intel for you. There are apps out there that can slash your travel costs and zap away travel stress, but they’re not the ones everybody’s already yammering about. Ready to get in on these secrets?

1. Skyscanner

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This gem lets you compare flights, hotels, and car rental prices all in one place. Users often find deals up to 40% cheaper during off-peak times. The best part? It shows you the cheapest dates to fly.

2. Hopper

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Hopper uses advanced data science to predict future flight and hotel prices with 95% accuracy up to one year in advance. It can save you up to 40% by letting you book at the perfect time.

3. Rome2rio

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Here’s your new travel bible. Rome2rio shows how to get from point A to point B the cheapest and easiest way possible, comparing plane, train, bus, ferry, and driving options worldwide.

4. GasBuddy

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Driving across the states? GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas near you. On a long road trip, users save an average of $200 annually on fuel.

5. BlaBlaCar

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Long-distance carpooling could cut your travel costs dramatically. BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride, often costing 50-70% less than a train ticket.

6. HotelTonight

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Last-minute travelers, rejoice! HotelTonight offers great deals on last-minute hotel bookings, often slashing prices by up to 50% to fill unbooked rooms.

7. Turo

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Skip the traditional rental car route. Turo allows you to rent cars directly from owners, typically 25-30% cheaper than rental agencies. Plus, you can find anything from a Honda to a Tesla.

8. Couchsurfing

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For the ultra-adventurous and budget-savvy, Couchsurfing lets you stay with locals for free. It’s not just about a free bed—it’s about making connections worldwide.

9. Trail Wallet

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Track every penny with Trail Wallet. It helps you manage your travel budget by organizing expenses by trip or by month, keeping you on track financially.

10. Splitwise

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Traveling with friends? Splitwise makes dividing costs a breeze, ensuring no one ends up overpaying. It tracks balances and organizes shared expenses, making financial disputes a thing of the past.

11. Wi-Fi Map

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Staying connected can add up, but not with Wi-Fi Map. This app shows you over 100 million free Wi-Fi spots worldwide, along with passwords posted by real users.

12. PackPoint

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PackPoint is like having a personal packing assistant. It generates a packing list based on your destination, travel duration, weather, and activities planned, making sure you never forget your essentials again.

13. XE Currency

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Avoid getting fleeced on exchange rates with XE Currency. This app provides live exchange rates and charts, and you can even use it offline.

14. Flush

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. Flush finds you public restrooms nearby, which is a lifesaver in cities where finding a free restroom can be a real hustle.

15. Citymapper

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Offered in about 40 cities worldwide, Citymapper gives you real-time transit updates and the best route options using all available transportation modes.

16. EatWith

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EatWith is like Airbnb for meals. It connects you with local hosts who cook you a meal at their home, often much cheaper than a restaurant in the city center and a lot more authentic.

17. AllTrails

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Hiking buffs, take note. AllTrails offers detailed, user-reviewed maps of hiking trails around the globe. It also suggests trails based on your fitness level.

18. HappyCow

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Vegans and vegetarians, no need to stress over food options. HappyCow points you to vegetarian-friendly restaurants worldwide, and you can also see reviews and photos from other users.

19. LoungeBuddy

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Airport lounges aren’t just for the elite. With LoungeBuddy, you purchase one-time access to lounges worldwide, starting at $25—a steal compared to business class tickets.

20. Cool Cousin

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Cool Cousin connects you with locals (the ‘cousins’) who provide personalized travel guides. It’s like having a friend in every city to show you the under-the-radar spots.

21. The Fork

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Foodies, get ready to save. The Fork offers discounts at over 30,000 restaurants across Europe. You can snag up to 50% off your meal just by booking through the app.

Passport to Smarter Travel

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Now that you’re armed with these undercover travel apps, you’re ready to embark on your next adventure with confidence. Say goodbye to overpriced flights, stressful planning, and wallet-draining expenses. So pack your bags, download these apps, and get ready to unlock a world of smarter, smoother travel experiences. Bon voyage!

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