Discover Your Color Season: A Fun Quiz to Unveil Your Perfect Palette!

Thanks to a rising popularity on social media, many people are trying to figure out their color season. If you’re looking to take a quiz and find out your main color season, then look no further. This quiz will take your most defining traits and tell you which season you are and which colors may look best on you!

Question 1: What Is Your Natural Hair Color?

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  1. Black, very dark brown, silvery gray or white
  2. Medium or chocolate brown, copper, or golden brown
  3. Light brown or blonde, chestnut or brown with gold
  4. Red or strawberry blonde, platinum or cool dark brown.

Question 2: What Is Your Eye Color?

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  1. Deep brown or black
  2. Hazel or green
  3. Light blue or gray
  4. Warm or dark brown

Question 3: How Does Your Skin React to the Sun?

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  1. Burns easily and rarely tans
  2. Tans slowly and sometimes burns
  3. Tans easily and rarely burns
  4. Burns initially and then tans

Question 4: Which Colors Make You Feel Confident?

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  1. Bold and cool colors (like royal blue or bright white)
  2. Warm and rich colors (like olive green or burnt orange)
  3. Light and warm colors (like coral or peach)
  4. Soft and cool colors (like lavender or powder blue)

Question 5: Which Jewelry Do You Usually Wear?

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  1. Silver or white gold
  2. Gold or copper
  3. Rose gold or brass
  4. Platinum or silver

Question 6: What Is Your Skin Undertone?

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  1. Cool, with pink or blue undertones
  2. Warm, with yellow or golden undertones
  3. Neutural, with a mix of cool and warm undertones
  4. Olive, with greenish undertones

Question 7: Which Colors Make You Look Washed Out?

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  1. Pastels and muted colors
  2. Bright and neon colors
  3. Cool and dark colors
  4. Warm and earth colors

Question 8: What is Your Favorite Season?

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  1. Winter
  2. Autumn
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

Question 9: How Would You Describe Your Appearance?

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  1. High contrast with dark hair and light skin
  2. Rich and warm with earth tones
  3. Bright and fresh with lighter features
  4. Soft and muted with blended features

Interpreting Your Results

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Now, go back through your answers and note how many times you answered A, B, C, and D. Look at the letter (or letters) you answered the most, and remember—this is all for fun!

Mostly A’s: Winter

Image Credit: Pexels / Alissa Nabiullina

If you’re a Winter, chances are you look best in cool, bold colors like black, white, navy, and ruby red. These jewel-tone colors enhance, rather than dull, your natural contrast and help you to look your best!

Mostly B’s: Autumn

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As an Autumn, you may consider seeking out warm, rich colors like olive and mustard yellow. You most likely have a warm skin tone and darker hair, making earth tones the perfect complement to your undertones.

Mostly C’s: Spring

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Spring is in season, so it may be time for a wardrobe update that highlights your bright, golden undertones and minimal contrast look. You may consider light colors like golden brown or orange-red.

Mostly D’s: Summer

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Summers with soft, delicate features may benefit from a wardrobe upgrade of neutrals or cool and light colors. Soft pink or light gray may be the change your clothing needs to make you feel more confident.

But Wait, There’s More

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While the quiz helped you identify your main season, each category is further divided into three groups. For instance, summer has a true, soft, and cool sub-season that can help you gain an even more in-depth understanding of your personal color wheel.

Using Technology to Find Your Color

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If you’re interested in seeing these colors on yourself, there are many different apps and filters that now allow you to see yourself next to each of the sub-season wheels. As color analysis continues expanding, so do the choices: you can now find your best jewelry metal, hair color, and make-up.

Origins of Color Analysis

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Beginning in the 1920s and 30s, color analysis was influenced by painter and teacher Johannes Itten’s theory of color. The theory has now been adapted to fashion and styling, eventually becoming the system used today.

Rising Trend

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Color analysis has become much more accessible and popular than before. The rise of TikTok and social media has brought it to the forefront. Many people are now taking tests and paying for professional sessions to determine if they should keep or swap their wardrobes.

Is Professional Color Analysis Worth It?

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Fevziie

Professional color analysis, typically costing between $100 and $400, can provide a more comprehensive assessment. If you want to better understand your coloring, consider investing in a session with a trained professional who uses draping and controlled lighting.

Color Analysis Benefits

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Although color analysis can be subjective, knowing your color season can help you pick a wardrobe and make-up routine. Generally, wearing colors that suit your natural features can make you look more vibrant.

You’ve Found Your Colors, Now What?

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Luckily, knowing your season doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your entire wardrobe. You might consider adding some new colors to your clothes and accessories, but there’s no need to discard all your existing clothing. Simple enhancements, like jewelry or a scarf, can help you feel more confident in the clothes you already own.

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