Pro-Life Group Disapproves of Trump’s Midterms Message

Donald Trump has made it clear that he did not feel he was responsible for the Republicans’ many losses in November’s midterm elections. His party was quick to point fingers in his direction, but Trump had other ideas. He turned the tables and blamed the candidates themselves for their “too strict” stances on abortion. A … Read more

Mom Gets No Help With Chores From Her Husband, TikTokers Drag Him

A TikTok mom has shared what a day in her life looks like while she’s expecting her fifth child. Normally, a post like this would garner positive attention, but the lack of help from her husband while she was completing chores quickly became the focal point of people’s attention. Super Mom In the video, the … Read more

Drive-Thru Employee Refuses to Serve Mom With Screaming Toddler

When it comes to customer service, the phrase “the customer is always right” circulates constantly. However, in this instance, the customer may not have been right, according to social media users. Taking a Different Side A TikTok video has been circulating of a woman at a Panera drive-thru trying to place an order while her … Read more

Donald Trump Reveals His Republican Hitlist

Trump took to Truth Social to air his list of Republican lawmakers who he considers to be political opponents who either retired or are due to retire from office. My Way or No Way The point Trump seems to be making with his list is that Republican lawmakers who oppose or criticize him fall upon … Read more

Trump Blames Abortion Stance on Midterm Losses

After Republicans failed to secure a “red wave” in this year’s midterm elections, they began to blame Trump since many of his personally endorsed candidates were the ones who lost their races. Trump, however, has a different idea of who’s to blame and is doing finger-pointing of his own. Allies Turning on Allies Trump is … Read more