The Best Under-the-Radar Restaurants in Your State

Are you looking for a hidden gem to add to your ‘restaurants near me’ list? Here are the best under-the-radar restaurants from the top 25 most populated states that you need to try.

1. Alabama – The Hound, Auburn

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The Hound is a rustic-chic eatery known for its Southern comfort food with a twist. From their wild game meatloaf to the pecan-smoked bacon, every dish is a culinary adventure. Budget: $15-$30 per entrée.

2. Arizona – Cocina Madrigal, Phoenix

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Cocina Madrigal serves up authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern flair. Don’t miss their green chili pork enchiladas and the churros for dessert. Budget: $12-$25 per entrée.

3. California – Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles

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Osteria Mozza offers an exquisite Italian dining experience. Highlights include the burrata with bacon, marinated escarole, and caramelized shallots. Budget: $20-$40 per entrée.

4. Colorado – The Wolf’s Tailor, Denver

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The Wolf’s Tailor combines seasonal, local ingredients with Japanese and Italian influences. Try the house-made pasta and the wood-fired meats. Budget: $30-$50 per entrée.

5. Florida – Blue Collar, Miami

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Blue Collar is a cozy spot known for its comfort food with a gourmet touch. The short rib sandwich and the shrimp and grits are must-tries. Budget: $15-$25 per entrée.

6. Georgia – The General Muir, Atlanta

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This deli-inspired restaurant serves New York-style Jewish cuisine. Their pastrami sandwich and matzo ball soup are local favorites. Budget: $10-$20 per entrée.

7. Illinois – Lula Cafe, Chicago

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Lula Cafe offers a creative menu with farm-to-table ingredients. Don’t miss their famous roast chicken or the vegetable-focused brunch. Budget: $20-$35 per entrée.

8. Indiana – Bluebeard, Indianapolis

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Bluebeard features an eclectic menu with an emphasis on local ingredients. The pork chop and the charcuterie board are standout options. Budget: $20-$40 per entrée.

9. Kentucky – 610 Magnolia, Louisville

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This upscale restaurant is known for its contemporary American cuisine. The tasting menu changes seasonally but always features innovative dishes. Budget: $75-$100 per tasting menu.

10. Louisiana – Coquette, New Orleans

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Coquette serves modern Southern cuisine with a focus on local produce. The fried chicken and the tasting menu are both highly recommended. Budget: $20-$40 per entrée.

11. Maryland – Woodberry Kitchen, Baltimore

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Woodberry Kitchen highlights Chesapeake Bay cuisine with a farm-to-table approach. The duck breast and the crab dishes are particularly delicious. Budget: $25-$45 per entrée.

12. Massachusetts – Sarma, Somerville

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Sarma offers a Middle Eastern-inspired menu with a range of small plates. The lamb kofte sliders and the Brussels sprouts are popular choices. Budget: $10-$20 per small plate.

13. Michigan – The Root Restaurant & Bar, White Lake

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This suburban gem offers creative American cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. The burger and the seasonal risotto are must-tries. Budget: $15-$30 per entrée.

14. Minnesota – The Kenwood, Minneapolis

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The Kenwood is a neighborhood favorite for its refined yet comforting dishes. The duck confit hash and the house-made pastries are standout items. Budget: $15-$30 per entrée.

15. Missouri – Olive + Oak, St. Louis

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This modern American restaurant is known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious food. Try the roasted chicken or the caramelized scallops. Budget: $20-$35 per entrée.

16. New Jersey – James on Main, Hackettstown

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James on Main features farm-to-table American cuisine with a focus on wood-fired dishes. The steak and the seasonal vegetable dishes are highlights. Budget: $20-$40 per entrée.

17. New York – Claro, Brooklyn

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Claro offers Oaxacan-inspired dishes with handmade tortillas and mole. The octopus and the memelas are highly recommended. Budget: $20-$35 per entrée.

18. North Carolina – The Fig Tree Restaurant, Charlotte

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The Fig Tree offers fine dining in a historic setting. The elk chop and the seafood risotto are standout dishes. Budget: $25-$45 per entrée.

19. Ohio – The Refectory, Columbus

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The Refectory serves classic French cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. The duck a l’orange and the soufflé are must-tries. Budget: $30-$50 per entrée.

20. Pennsylvania – Suraya, Philadelphia

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Suraya is a Lebanese restaurant known for its vibrant flavors and beautiful setting. Try the lamb kebabs and the mezze platter. Budget: $15-$30 per entrée.

21. Tennessee – City House, Nashville

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City House offers a unique blend of Italian and Southern cuisine. The belly ham pizza and the catfish are standout items. Budget: $20-$35 per entrée.

22. Texas – Uchiko, Austin

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Uchiko serves contemporary Japanese cuisine with a focus on sushi and small plates. The hamachi crudo and the hot rock are must-tries. Budget: $20-$40 per entrée.

23. Virginia – The Shack, Staunton

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The Shack offers creative Southern dishes in a cozy setting. The fried chicken and the pork belly are highly recommended. Budget: $15-$30 per entrée.

24. Washington – The Walrus and the Carpenter, Seattle

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This oyster bar serves up fresh seafood with a casual vibe. The oysters and the grilled sardines are standout dishes. Budget: $15-$25 per entrée.

25. Wisconsin – Ardent, Milwaukee

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Ardent offers an intimate dining experience with a focus on seasonal ingredients. The tasting menu features innovative dishes that change regularly. Budget: $75-$100 per tasting menu.

Ready to Discover a New Favorite?

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Whether you’re looking for a hidden gem or an unforgettable meal, these under-the-radar restaurants are sure to impress. Which one will you try next?

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